HOTSHOT (핫샷) is a six-member boy group under Star Crew Entertainment (formerly K.O Sound, later Ardor & Able). They debuted on October 29, 2014 with their first single "Take A Shot".

In March 2017, Kid Monster and Sungwoon entered the idol survival show Produce 101 Season 2 as contestants, the latter qualified to become a member of Wanna One. In October 2017, other members Timoteo and Hojung, entered idol rebooting survival show The Unit as contestants, the latter qualified to become a member of UNB. Both Sungwoon and Hojung promoted with their temporary groups until January 2019. 


Name Position(s)
Choi Junhyuk (최준혁) Leader, Main Vocalist
Kim Timoteo (김티모테오) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Face of the Group
Roh Taehyun (노태현; formerly Kid Monster) Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Rapper
Yoon San (윤산) Main Rapper, Vocalist
Ko Hojung (고호정) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Maknae, Visual
On hiatus
Ha Sungwoon (하성운) Main Vocalist



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