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Gstory (걸스토리), also stylized as G.story, was a four-member kids girl group under Antzstar Company. They debuted on December 28, 2010 with the digital single "Pinky Pinky". They disbanded in either late 2011 or late 2012.



Gstory was formed as a kids girl group sometime in 2010 by Antzstar Company with members Chaeyoung, Yuri, Hyein and maknae Yoonjung. They made an official debut on December 28, 2010 with the release of their first and only digital single, "Pinky Pinky".

However, their debut was largely unsuccessful as even prior to their debut, there were anti-fan cafes created and numerous news articles were published which criticized the group for having children too young to be idols. At the time, the members were all in elementary school and their average age was around 10 years old and many were concerned about the children becoming harmed working in an adult industry.[1][2][3][4] These concerns elevated to the point that Antzstar Company's CEO, Jung Hyunok, disclosed to the media that Gstory was not debuted to create a financially profitable girl group for the company, but merely because the members themselves dreamt of becoming idols and thus the agency wished to make the children's dreams come true.[5] Additionally, Gstory had difficulties in appearing in broadcasts and television shows, as in 2010 issues were raised to the Korean National Assembly to restrict children under 10 from being on broadcasts; this was further further expanded upon in 2014.[6][7][citation needed]

Eventually, Gstory became inactive by later 2011, and thus is presumed to have disbanded that same year or in early 2012. Their agency, Antzstar Company, had also become bankrupt around this time.


Following their disbandment, the members continued their jobs are child actresses, with the exception of Chaeyoung whos circumstances are unknown:

  • Yuri worked as a child actress until 2013, at which point she went to focus on her studies. It is known that she is a graduate of the School of Performing Arts Seoul and is currently either a student at or a graduate of Soongsil University.
  • Hyein continued to work as a recurrent television personality on the children's program, Let's Go Show. She occassionally shows up as a television personality on other networks. She also works as a model.[8]
  • Yoonjung continued to work as an actress. Her last known appearance was in the 2017 television drama, Sweet Revenge. Her current activities are unknown.


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Chaeyoung (채영) Main rapper, main dancer 2010–2011
Yuri (유리) Main vocalist 2010–2011
Hyein (혜인) Sub-vocalist, lead dancer 2010–2011
Yoonjung (윤정) Sub-vocalist, maknae 2010–2011


Digital singles[]

  • "Pinky Pinky" (2010)


  • All the members had been active in the commercial and film industry prior to their debut in Gstory. Majority of them had 5-6 years of broadcasting experience, putting the beginnings of their careers at 3 to 5 years old.[5]