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Golden Child (골든차일드) is a 10-member boy group under Woollim Entertainment. Originally with 11 members, they debuted on August 28, 2017 with their first mini album Gol-Cha!.



Six of the members were introduced through Woollim's W PROJECT which showcased their trainees through a series of releases. Joo Chan and trainee So Yoon released a collaboration single titled "No One Like You" on January 20, 2017. The following month, Jang Jun and Young Taek released the single "Drought". In March, Dae Yeol, Jae Seok, and Dong Hyun were introduced as a performance unit.

2017: Debut with Gol-Cha!

On May 14, Woollim announced the name of their upcoming boy group to be "Golden Child".[1] The group officially debuted on August 28 with the release of their first mini album Gol-Cha! with "DamDaDi" as the title track.

2018: Jae Seok's departure, Miracle, "Goldenness", and Wish

On January 7, Woollim released a statement, announcing that member Jaeseok would leave the group due to health issues.[2]

Later that month, the group had their first comeback with the release of their second mini album Miracle on January 28 with "It's U" as the title track.

2019: "Spring Again", Re-boot

Golden Child released their first special single, "Spring Again", on May 2.

On November 18, the group returned with their first full-length album Re-boot with "Wannabe" as the title track.

2020: First solo concert, Without You, Road to Kingdom, Take a Leap, Now, and "Pump It Up"

The group held their first solo concert, Future and Past, on January 18 and 19 at the Blue Square IMarket Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.[3] At midnight on January 20, a comeback trailer was released for their first album repackage titled Without You, which was released on the 29th.[4]

On March 20, Mnet confirmed the 7 boy groups participating in Road to Kingdom with Golden Child being one of them. The premiere date was then set to be on April 30.[5] During the 90 seconds performances, they danced to "Beginning" to introduce themself and ranked fourth.[6] During the first round, which was to perform a "king's melody", they had covered "T.O.P" by SHINHWA and ranked fifth during the second round.[7][8] During the second round, which was to perform your own song, they performed "Wannabe" with a violin performance by Joo Chan in between.[9] They had ranked seventh during the second round, which was determined 30% by the contestants and 70% through votes of an online audience. Unfortunately, through a cumulative score of the first and second round, Golden Child had placed seventh and was eliminated in the fifth episode.[10]

On June 8, a comeback trailer was released teasing their fourth mini album Take a Leap. The track list was revealed on June 13 and the album was released on June 23.[11]

Golden Child held their first online concert, Golden Child Ontact Concert - Now, on September 13. A teaser video was played during the concert, revealing the group would be making a comeback on October 7.[12][13] On September 23, a promotion schedule was released for their second single album "Pump It Up".

2021: Yes., Game Changer, and Ddara

On January 1, a comeback trailer was revealed for their fifth mini album, Yes., which was released on January 25.[14]

On July 18, a comeback trailer was revealed for their second full-length album, Game Changer, which was released on August 2.[15]

On September 16, it was confirmed that the group will make a speedy comeback with a repackaged edition of their previously released studio album titled Ddara, later revealed to be released on October 5.[16]

2022: Japanese debut with "A Woo!!", "Rata-Tat-Tat", first U.S tour

On December 20, 2021, the group's Japanese Twitter announced that the group will make their Japanese debut with the single, "A Woo!!", which was released on January 26, 2022.[17]

On April 19, 2022, the group's Japanese Twitter announced their second Japanese single, "Rata-Tat-Tat", which will be released on May 11.[18]

On May 5, the group announced their first U.S. tour, Golden Child Meet & Live Tour in USA, starting in San Jose on June 24 to Philadelphia on July 11, visiting a total of 10 cities.[19]


Name Position(s) Years active
Y (와이) Main Vocalist, Visual 2017–present
Jang Jun (장준) Main Rapper, Vocalist 2017–present
TAG (태그) Main Rapper, Vocalist 2017–present
Seung Min (승민) Lead Vocalist 2017–present
Jae Hyun (재현) Vocalist, Visual 2017–present
Ji Beom (지범) Lead Vocalist, Visual 2017–present
Dong Hyun (동현) Main Dancer, Vocalist 2017–present
Joo Chan (주찬) Main Vocalist 2017–present
Bo Min (보민) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual,
Face of The Group, Maknae
Inactive (military service)
Dae Yeol (대열) Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist 2017–present
Jae Seok (재석) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual 2017–2018



Studio albums

Mini albums

Single albums

Special singles





  • "A Woo!!" (2022)
  • "Rata-Tat-Tat" (2022)


Reality shows


  • Future and Past (2020)
  • Golden Child Ontact Concert - Now (2020)
  • 2022 Golden Child Concert - Play (2022)

U.S. tours

  • Golden Child Meet & Live Tour in USA (2022)



  1. Sung by Joo Chan and Ji Beom


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