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Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga (걸스플래닛999: 소녀대전), simply referred to as Girls Planet 999 (걸스플래닛999) was a survival show that broadcasted on Mnet.

The show's first episode broadcasted on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 8:20 PM (KST) and ran every Friday with 12 episodes in total.[2]

The final episode aired on October 22, 2021 where the final top 9 contestants were announced.


Girls Planet 999 was based on the themes and aesthetics of space where each of the three groups (Korea, China, Japan) represent a 'Planet'. In addition to the three 'Planets', there was a 'Master Council' made up of the two 'K-pop Masters' whose roles were to mentor the 99 girls, four 'Vocal/Dance Masters' who trained the contestants' vocal, rap, and dance skills, and the 'Planet Master' who was the MC with the role of connecting the viewers with the show. Outside of the 'Master Council' were the fans and audience, also known as the 'Planet Guardians', who had the role of determining the ranks of each contestant and ultimately the outcome of Girls Planet 999.[3] The mobile app and web platform 'UNIVERSE' had the purpose of connecting the contestants and the 'Planet Guardians' through voting and other forms of media (such as video clips and photos featuring the contestants).


On January 11, 2021, a teaser was dropped for Mnet's new survival show, Girls Planet 999. The show consisted of female contestants from Korea, China, and Japan who shared the same dream of debuting in a girl group. The voting was done through NCSOFT's new platform, UNIVERSE. Auditions for potential contestants were held throughout February 2021.[4]

On May 25, 2021, it was announced that the show would start broadcasting in August of 2021.[5] On July 6, 2021, it was revealed that Girls Planet 999 would finally air on August 6 at 8:20 PM KST.[2]

Ahead of the premier episode, the show's theme song, "O.O.O" was released digitally across music platforms on July 12, 2021.[6][7] In the same week, official performance videos were released featuring each group performing the theme song, and individual profiles of the K-Group contestants were also revealed.[8][9][10]


Planet Master (MC)

K-pop Masters (mentors)[11]

Vocal/Dance Masters (trainers)[12]

  • Baek Kooyoung (dance)
  • Jang Juhee (dance)
  • Lim Hanbyul (vocals)
  • Jo Ayoung (vocals)


List of K-Group contestants (South Korea)
Agency Name Age Notes
Individual Trainees
(개인 연습생)
Han Dana
19 N/A
Jeong Jiyoon
20 Former Polaris Entertainment trainee.
Kim Hyerim
22 Former member of Limesoda and AQUA;
Former Kpop Star 6: The Last Chance contestant.
Kim Sein
16 N/A
Kim Yubin
22 Model;
former A+ Entertainment trainee.
Lee Yeongyung
18 Former JYP Entertainment trainee.
143 Entertainment Kang Yeseo
15–16[lower-alpha 1] Former member of Busters and CutieL.
BEATMEDIA Entertainment
Lee Hyewon
16 N/A
Biscuit Entertainment Seo Youngeun
16 N/A
(블록베리 크리에티브)
Choi Yeyoung
21 Former The Black Label trainee;
Former member of Polaris Junior.
Joung Min
17 Former member of Polaris Junior.
Ryu Sion
20 Former MYSTIC Story trainee;
Former member of Polaris Junior.
Cube Entertainment
Choi Yujin
24-25[lower-alpha 1] Former member of CLC.
Lee Yunji
19 N/A
Evermore Music
(에버모어 뮤직)
Lee Sunwoo
18 Pre-debut member of EVERMORE MUSE.
Fantagio Music
Kim Yeeun
17 N/A
Kim Doah
17 Member of FANATICS;
Former Produce 48 contestant.
Lee Rayeon
19 Member of FANATICS.
FNC Entertainment Huh Jiwon
20–21[lower-alpha 1] Member of Cherry Bullet;
Former Kpop Star 1 contestant.
Kim Bora
22 Member of Cherry Bullet.
Lee Chaeyun
15 Teen actress.
Highline Entertainment
You Dayeon
23 Former member of LIPBUBBLE and SHOW ME THE MONEY 9 participant.
Jellyfish Entertainment
Kim Dayeon
18 Former Stardium trainee;
Former Produce 48 contestant.
MNH Entertainment Choi Hyerin
18 N/A
Sim Seungeun
20 Member of BVNDIT.
Kim Suyeon
18 Former A team Entertainment trainee.
Play M Entertainment
Huening Bahiyyih
17 Younger sister of former VIVA member Lea and TXT member Hueningkai.
TOP Media
An Jeongmin
17 Former SM Entertainment trainee;
Former Kpop Star 6: The Last Chance contestant.
Guinn Myah
15 N/A
Cho Haeun
16–17[lower-alpha 1] N/A
Kim Chaehyun
19 Former SM Entertainment trainee.
Suh Jimin
16 Former Cube Entertainment trainee.
YES IM Entertainment
Yoon Jia
17 N/A
List of C-Group contestants (China)
Agency Name Age Notes
Individual Trainees
(개인 연습생)
Ho Szeching
17 N/A
Leung Cheukying
23 N/A
Li Yiman
24 Former member of trainee group White Day Project.
Wu Tammy
18–19[lower-alpha 1] N/A
Xia Yan
20 Former Youth With You 2 contestant.
Echo Entertainment Poon Wingchi
19 N/A
EMT Skies
(ETM 스키즈)
Su Ruiqi
20-21[lower-alpha 1] Former Produce 101 China and CHUANG 2020 contestant.
Debuted as a soloist on August 27, 2019.
21 Member of FANATICS.
Filmko Films Lin Chenhan
15 Teen actress.
FNC Entertainment Hsu Nientzu
18 N/A
GNZ48[13] Liang Jiao
17 Member of GNZ48's Team G.
Twin sister of Liang Qiao.
Liang Qiao
17 Member of GNZ48's Team Z.
Twin sister of Liang Jiao.
Gramarie Entertainment Fu Yaning
24 Former Youth With You 2 contestant.
Zhang Luofei
20 Former Youth With You 2 contestant.
Image Music Cai Bing
25 Member of KSGIRLS.
Jaywalk Newjoy
(제이워크 뉴조이)
Cui Wenmeixiu
21 Former CHUANG 2020 contestant.
Former JYP Entertainment trainee.
Liu Shiqi
22 N/A
Liu Yuhan
16 N/A
Wang Yale
22-23[lower-alpha 1] Former Youth With You 2 contestant.
M-IDOL Entertainment Lin Shuyun
20 N/A
Origin Music International Huang Xingqiao
21 Soloist singer who debuted on November 3, 2017.
former The Coming One 3 contestant.
SNH48[14] Ma Yuling
21 Member of SNH48's Team SII.
former CHUANG 2020 contestant.
Wang Qiuru
17 Member of SNH48's Team SII.
Star Master Entertainment
(스타 마스터)
Wen Zhe
23–24[lower-alpha 1] Member of Hickey.
Former Youth With You 2 contestant.
T Entertainment Xu Ziyin
25 Actress and former Youth With You 2 and The Next Top Bang contestant.
Debuted as a soloist on February 19, 2021.
TOP CLASS Entertainment Gu Yizhou
18 N/A
Shen Xiaoting
21 Former CHUANG 2020 contestant.
Yue Hua Entertainment
Chang Ching
19 Former TPE48 trainee.
Chen Hsinwei
20 Member of DAYLIGHT.
Former Youth With You 2 contestant.
Chien Tzuling
19 N/A
Xu Ruowei
20 N/A
Yang Zige
19 N/A
Zhou Xinyu
19 Former SM Entertainment trainee.
List of J-Group contestants (Japan)
Agency Name Age Notes
Individual Trainees
Inaba Vivienne
(이나바 비비안)
22 Model.
Ito Miyu
(이토 미유)
18 Former tarento.
Kamikura Rei
(카미쿠라 레이)
17 N/A
Kamimoto Kotone
(카미모토 코토네)
17 N/A
Kanno Miyu
(칸노 미유)
19 N/A
Kitajima Yuna
(키타지마 유나)
18 N/A
Kubo Reina
(쿠보 레이나)
21 Former member of Prizmmy☆.
Former student of EXPG Lab.
Nakamura Kyara
(나카무라 캬라)
19 N/A
Okazaki Momoko
(오카자키 모모코)
18 Tarento.
Former member of Sakura Gakuin.
Former touring member of BABYMETAL as a part of 'BABYMETAL Avengers'.
Sakurai Miu
(사쿠라이 미우)
19 Former Nizi Project contestant.
Shima Moka
(시마 모카)
20 N/A
143 Entertainment Sakamoto Mashiro
(사카모토 마시로)
21 Former JYP Entertainment trainee.
Avex Artist Academy Ando Rinka
(안도 린카)
16-17[lower-alpha 1] Former member of CoCoPoP.
Ezaki Hikaru
(에자키 히카루)
17 Former member of +GANG.
Avex Management Aratake Rinka
(아라타케 린카)
17 Influencer and editor-in-chief and mascot girl of teens magazine GAKUSAI SUMMIT.
Biscuit Entertainment Arai Risako
(아라이 리사코)
24 N/A
Murakami Yume
(무라카미 유메)
20 N/A
BRIDGE JAPAN Inc. Hayashi Fuko
(하야시 후코)
16–17[lower-alpha 1] N/A
Oki Fuka
(오키 후카)
19–20[lower-alpha 1] N/A
CAT'S EYE Okinawa Okuma Sumomo[15]
(오쿠마 스모모)
20 Beauty queen.
Okinawa Prefecture's finalist in Miss Earth Japan 2020.
FC ENM Hayase Hana[16]
(하야세 하나)
21 Former member of Orange Latte.
Kishida Ririka[17]
(키시다 리리카)
19 Former member of Orange Latte.
Former Nizi Project contestant.
FNC Entertainment May
16 Member of Cherry Bullet.
Jellyfish Entertainment Sakamoto Shihona
(사카모토 시호나)
19 N/A
KISS Entertainment Ikema Ruan
(이케마 루안)
17 Former child actress.
Terasaki Hina
(테라사키 히나)
17 N/A
MLD Entertainment Nonaka Shana[18]
(노나카 샤나)
18 Former member of SO.ON Project FUKUOKA.

Member of LAPILLUS.

ND-STUDIO Nagai Manami
(나가이 마나미)
18 Former member of drum band Nowadaiko.
NiD Academy
Fujimoto Ayaka[19]
(후지모토 아야카)
19–20[lower-alpha 1] Former Tarento and model.
Hiyajo Nagomi[19]
(히야조 나고미)
19 N/A
Kuwahara Ayana[19]
(쿠와하라 아야나)
14 Acting student.
Yamauchi Moana[19]
(야마우치 모아나)
19 Tarento.
Oscar Promotion
(오스카 프로모션)
Kawaguchi Yurina
(카와구치 유리나)
22 Tarento.
Former member of X21.


Episode 1: Contact (Time For Our Dreams To Connect) (August 6, 2021)

Girls Planet 999 begins with MC "Planet Master" Yeo Jingoo introducing the concept of the show. Next, the 99 contestants are slowly unveiled as they enter the main stage and are seated in pairs of 3, each from a different Group (K, C, J). It is revealed that each individual pair of 3 is referred to as a 'Cell', the smallest unit of Girls Planet 999, and each Cell may survive or be eliminated together by the votes of Planet Guardians. However, they may form new Cells with new people to guarantee survival if they earn a 'TOP9 Candidate' pass from the K-pop Masters and Vocal/Dance Masters, with selection priority given to the final 'TOP9' out of all 'TOP9 Candidates'. With this, the first half of the stage performance begins, named 'Planet Demo Stage'.

Episode 2: Contact (Wanna Know Your World) (August 13, 2021)

The second half of the Planet Demo Stage performances continues and concludes. The panel members have selected the TOP9 contestants, who are announced to be [in order], Ezaki Hikaru, Kang Yeseo, Shen Xiaoting, Su Ruiqi, Jeong Jiyoon, Seo Youngeun, Yujin, Cai Bing and Kuwahara Ayana. The TOP9 in order of priority select new Cells members, while the remaining contestants chose to either reorganize or remain in their current Cell. With the new Cell arrangements, the contestants end the day and rest in their dorms.

The next morning, the contestants waken to a 'Morning Mission' challenge in which Cell members separately attempt to find one another's baby portraits laid out on a table; the first Cell to complete the challenge earned 1st place, with the last Cell in 33rd place.

Later, the contestants gather in front of Planet Master Yeo Jingoo who introduces the next performance stage, named the 'Connect Mission', where 3 Cells will perform one song as a team. The pre-selected songs for performance are revealed to be: "How You Like That", "Fiesta", "The Fifth Season", "Yes or Yes", and boy group songs "The Eve", "Mic Drop", and "Pretty U". Two teams will perform one song in a battle, with the winning team receiving doubled votes, however, three teams will perform from the boy group song list with the winning team receiving triple votes. In a twist, it's also revealed that the best team out of all five winning teams will earn a chance to perform live on M Countdown. And so, teams are selected with priority given according to Cells rankings from the previous 'Morning Mission'.

Episode 3: Connect (You Too Are Attracted To My Universe) (August 20, 2021)

The current cell rankings are shown at the start of the episode. The contestants start to prepare for the first mission, the Connect Mission.

Before the performances, a dance battle is held to determine the order of the performances. The dance masters judge and give feedback, and the girls continue to practice.

Then, the performances begin with "Yes or Yes" Team 1 and "How You Like That" Team 1 winning out against the other teams. At the end of the episode, "The Eve" is ready to perform.

Episode 4: Connect (More Definitely My Sign) (August 27, 2021)

The group performances continue. The "Fiesta" Team 1 wins, followed by "The Fifth Season" Team 1. The boy group song performances are then shown, with the "Pretty U" team securing the most points out of the three and winning.

After the completion of the performances, the winning team that will get to perform on M Countdown is revealed to be "Yes or Yes" Team 1.

During the end credits, it is revealed that only 54 contestants will survive in the following episode, meaning that 45 contestants will be eliminated.

Episode 5: It's Me! (September 3, 2021)

The first ranking announcement begins. The top 16 cells are first announced, with the cell of Choi Yujin, Cai Bing and May securing first place with 2,929,629 points.

During occasional breaks in between announcements, other activities that the girls did together leading up to the day of the announcement were shown.

In the last surviving cell, it was Yoon Jia, Zhou Xinyu, and Shima Moka versus Kim Sein, Wen Zhe, and Okazaki Momoko. The former cell remains in the competition as the surviving cell.

Then, the results of the Planet Pass is announced; the Planet Pass is a vote between the mentors in which one eliminated contestant from each of the 3 racial groups will be saved to remain in the competition. K-Group's Kim Hyerim, C-Group's Wen Zhe and J-Group's Ikema Ruan are announced to be receiving the Planet Pass, allowing them to remain in the competition.

Following this, the new Planet Top 9 are then announced, with J-Group contestant Kawaguchi Yurina obtaining first place with 4,446,387 points.

Following the ranking announcement, the eliminated girls bid their farewell to the surviving contestants and leave their dormitories.

During the preview of the next episode, it is revealed that the next mission dubbed as the "Combination Mission" will begin in the following episode.

Episode 6: Combination (More Definitely My Sign) (September 10, 2021)

The episode begins with the 54 girls entering a room. Host Yeo Jin-goo then enters the room, explaining that the next mission would be the Combination Mission.

Yeo also reveals that cells will be disbanded and cell votes will be phased out, meaning that rankings are all now individual.

He then moves on to explain the Combination Mission, stating that the 54 girls will be split into either 3-member, 6-member or 9-member teams for the mission. There are a total of 6 songs for 3-member teams, 3 songs for 6-member teams and 2 songs for 9-member teams.

To determine their teams, the girls enter doors labeled "3", "6" and "9" which will lead to respective 3-member, 6-member and 9-member team songs where they will have to pick which song they want to perform.

After forming their teams, the girls then proceed to prepare for their group performances. The girls are first evaluated by the mentors through an interim check before the actual performance.

The performances begin, with the team of Kim Bora, Nagai Manami and Wen Zhe performing rap song "We Are" by Woo Won-jae first.

The episode ends with the team of Kang Yeseo, May, Shen Xiaoting, Su Ruiqi, Yamauchi Moana and Choi Yujin about to perform "Fate" by Lee Sun-hee.

The four songs created for the next mission, dubbed as the "Creation Mission" is also revealed. Viewers were told to vote who they wanted to perform which song through Universe.

Episode 7: You and I Dream The Same Dream (September 17, 2021)

The Combination Mission group performances continue. After all of the performances finish performing, the winners of the Combination Mission are announced.

For the 3-person teams, the team of Huh Jiwon, Fu Yaning and Sakamoto Mashiro wins, securing 90,000 points each.

For the 6-person teams, the team of Kang Yeseo, May, Shen Xiaoting, Su Ruiqi, Yamauchi Moana and Choi Yujin wins, securing 45,000 points each.

For the 9-person teams, the team of Cai Bing, Zhang Luofei, Chiayi, Yoon Jia, Kim Hyerim, Arai Risako, Kim Doah, Hayase Hana and Shima Moka wins, securing 30,000 points each.

During the previews for the next episode, the girls are introduced to the Creation Mission songs which were previously shown to the audience in the previous episode. 27 girls will be eliminated next episode. The planet pass will still be implemented next elimination.

Episode 8: Survivor Announcement Ceremony (Hold My Hand) (September 24, 2021)

The episode begins with the 54 girls being split into four different groups for the four Creation Mission songs, having been arranged through the voting of viewers. In each song, the girls are split into two proxy teams, resulting in two contestants being assigned as the killing parts of the song for their respective team. The girls begin trying out for the various positions in the song.

In the midst of preparing, the second elimination round results are announced to the girls. The top 7 contestants in each group was announced, followed by the 8th-ranking contestant of each group.

Following this, the new Planet Top 9 is announced. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting achieves first place with 5,517,873 points.

Once the Top 9 had been announced, the Planet Pass recipients were announced. They were announced to be K-Group's Kim Suyeon, C-Group's Zhou Xinyu, and J-Group's Kamimoto Kotone.

At the end of the episode, it is also revealed that Xu Ziyin, who placed 8th in C-Group, had left the show due to health issues.

Episode 9: Creation #1 (sinsog) (I'm gonna be your star) (October 1, 2021)

The Creation Mission continues with the 26 girls rearranging parts and changing lineups for their Creation Mission songs. The "Shoot!" team became the only team without any lineup changes nor part rearrangements since half of the original members were eliminated in the previous episode and had their same parts as the remaining ones. After changing lineups and rearranging parts for their Creation Mission songs, all teams continue practicing until when they leave their dorms for a special mission called the Planet Teamwork Mission.

In the Planet Teamwork Mission, all teams must perform their Creation Mission songs no matter where they go using teamwork.

The "Shoot!" team goes to Kim Dayeon's apartment, where they meet Dayeon's mom and write letters to Dayeon in her bedroom. They later perform their song in front of Dayeon's mom and eat sushi for lunch at Dayeon’s dad’s sushi restaurant.

The "Snake" team goes to a rural town, where they harvest sweet potatoes and chili peppers for lunch and meet the "Shoot!" team in a video call. They later perform their song in front of the town's residents at the town hall along with two trot songs.

The "U+Me=Love" team goes to Lotte World Tower, where they receive a massage and eat dinner at a luxurious restaurant in the tower. They later meet the "Snake" team in a video call while eating dinner and perform their song in 118th floor.

The "Utopia" team hikes and paraglides, but two of its members were left behind due to the direction of the wind that made the paraglides hard to fly. The other three members meet the two members who couldn't fly by the direction of the wind and reunite as a team.

All teams return to their dorms in the night and sleep in their bedrooms.

6 days after the Planet Teamwork Mission, all teams start rehearsing for their songs, but the rehearsal was interrupted when the second interim results were announced to the girls. The top 18 contestants were announced in ascending order, followed by the temporary Planet Top 9. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting remains in first place while the original centers of the show's theme song returned to first place in their respective groups.

After the second interim results, a scene from a month earlier showed 54 girls from the Combination Mission return for field day. On field day, the 54 girls from each group form a team and compete in a series of games. The winning team receives fleece jackets while the runner-up team receives cosmetics sets. J-Group won with a total of 720 points, followed by C-Group with 450 points and K-Group with 300 points. The episode ends with K-Group receiving towels as a prize for finishing 3rd.

Episode 10: Step By Step A Little Closer (October 8, 2021)

The episode begins with the girls attending a fan meeting with some viewers of the show. They perform several of their past performances from the Planet Demo Stage and the previous two missions. After the fan meeting, the girls give presents to the audience.

The episode then begins to the commencement of the Creation Mission performances. The "Shoot!" team performs first, followed by the "Utopia" team. The "U+Me=LOVE" team then performs, followed by the "Snake" team. After the performances, the winner is announced to be the "U+Me=LOVE" team, scoring 94.17 out of 100 points.

Then, it is revealed that the real final mission is named the O.O.O Mission which will take place during the finale episode. Further details are revealed; the girls will be first organized into 3 different groups that will perform a debut group version of the show's theme song, "O.O.O (Over&Over&Over)". The teams were voted for by the viewers through Universe.

Episode 11: Survivor Announcement Ceremony (Answer Me Over) (October 15, 2021)

The episode begins with the O.O.O Mission. The girls are grouped into three different teams; two containing nine members and third containing eight. The girls arrange their parts and practice their performance. After practice, they perform their performances to the mentors. In between performances, the girls are shown video messages and performances by viewers of the show from around the world.

The winners of the O.O.O Mission were determined by the viewers of the show; the contestant of each team that accumulated the most number of YouTube likes on their respective video within 24 hours would obtain a benefit of 90,000 (nine-member) or 80,000 points (eight-member).

The episode then proceeds to the third ranking elimination. C-Group contestant Shen Xiaoting maintains her first place ranking with 4,161,699 points. After the seventeen survivors are announced, the Planet Pass recipient is then revealed to be K-Group contestant Guinn Myah.

The episode ends with the preview of the final episode's mission.

Episode 12: Episode 12 (October 22, 2021)

The episode begins with the 18 finalists performing the show's theme song. Due to COVID-19 safety measures, the only live audience was the mentors along with some of the eliminated contestants who were still in Korea at the time. There was also a live Zoom audience who was occasionally shown.

After the theme song performance, the show's host, Yeo Jin-goo, announces the opening of the final voting round, in which all live votes will be doubled. Following this, the audition and highlights videos of the 18 girls are shown. Voiceovers by the girls during the videos also explain why they are pursuing such a career, expressing their desire to debut. Yeo then explains the live voting process, stating that the final votes will include the first round votes from the week added with the final second round live votes. He also revealed that 4,300,524 votes had been cast in the first round from 172 countries. A segment then takes place where Yeo interacts with members from the live Zoom audience. He then introduces the mentors as well as the live audience consisting of some eliminated contestants. The current 9th place candidates are then announced, revealing them to be C-Group's Shen Xiaoting and J-Group's Hikaru Ezaki.

The episode then cuts to a few weeks before the finale; the 18 girls are introduced to the Completion Mission song "Shine". They learn that two teams of nine will be formed, with both teams performing the same song. The lowest ranking contestant, K-Group's Guinn Myah, goes first to pick which team they want to join, followed by the rest of the contestants in ascending rank order. The girls then settle their parts and prepare for the finale. Yeo then announces the debuting girl group's name, revealing to be Kep1er, pronounced as Kepler. Afterwards, the 18 girls then perform "Shine".

After the performance, the episode cuts to a week prior where the girls watch their audition videos. They also watch videos aimed to their future selves that they filmed when the show began, as well as similar videos filmed by some of the eliminated contestants. The girls then perform "Another Dream", a pop ballad song. Afterwards, Yeo interacts with another member of the live Zoom audience, as well as eliminated K-Group contestant Choi Yeyoung.

The episode then cuts to the days leading up to the finale. The girls are treated to a party where they reviewed artworks they created for one another as well as receive a lavish dinner. Afterwards, they also view polaroids that serve as memories of their time participating in the show. They then settle in front of a projector and watch video messages by some of their parents.

Yeo then begins to announce the debut lineup of Kep1er. J-Group's Mashiro Sakamoto places 8th, followed by J-Group's Hikaru Ezaki in 7th. K-Group's Kang Yeseo, Seo Youngeun, Kim Dayeon, Choi Yujin, Huening Bahiyyih and Kim Chaehyun place subsequently in ascending rank order. For the 9th place candidates, they are announced to be C-Group's Shen Xiaoting and K-Group's Kim Suyeon and Guinn Myah. Guinn Myah is announced to be 11th. Then, the final 9th ranker and last contestant to enter Kep1er is announced to be C-Group's Shen Xiaoting, scoring around 50,000 more points than Kim Suyeon.

The episode comes to a close with the debuting and eliminated girls coming together, congratulating each other and exchanging hugs.


Overall rankings by episode

  • Ranks are taken from their individual profile page on the Girls Planet 999 website.
Name Individual
Rankings by Episode
Ep.5 Ep.8 Ep.11
An Jeongmin K30 K17 Eliminated (K13)
Cho Haeun K31 Eliminated (K32)
Choi Hyerin K15 Eliminated (K27)
Choi Yeyoung K02 K13 Eliminated (K17)
Choi Yujin K06 K01 K01 K02
Guinn Myah K27 K09 K06 K09
Han Dana K16 Eliminated (K33)
Huening Bahiyyih K26 K06 K08 K06
Huh Jiwon K11 K11 Eliminated (K16)
Jeong Jiyoon K05 K15 Eliminated (K12)
Joung Min K25 Eliminated (K30)
Kang Yeseo K13 K02 K04 K05
Kim Bora K03 K12 K07 K07
Kim Chaehyun K23 K03 K02 K04
Kim Dayeon K01 K07 K03 K01
Kim Doah K09 K05 Eliminated (K09)
Kim Hyerim K04 K20 Eliminated (K15)
Kim Sein K24 Eliminated (K19)
Kim Suyeon K19 K08 K10 K08
Kim Yeeun K32 Eliminated (K25)
Kim Yubin K29 Eliminated (K31)
Lee Chaeyun K17 K16 Eliminated (K18)
Lee Hyewon K08 K18 Eliminated (K14)
Lee Rayeon K18 Eliminated (K23)
Lee Sunwoo K12 Eliminated (K24)
Lee Yeongyung K33 Eliminated (K22)
Lee Yunji K07 Eliminated (K26)
Ryu Sion K21 Eliminated (K28)
Seo Youngeun K10 K04 K05 K03
Sim Seungeun K14 Eliminated (K21)
Suh Jimin K28 Eliminated (K29)
Yoon Jia K22 K10 Eliminated (K11)
You Dayeon K20 Eliminated (K14)
Cai Bing C28 C03 C04 Eliminated (C08)
Chang Ching C06 Eliminated (C22)
Chen Hsinwei C33 C05 C06 Eliminated (C06)
Chiayi C12 C12 Eliminated (C16)
Chien Tzuling C16 Eliminated (C27)
Cui Wenmeixiu C25 Eliminated (C26)
Fu Yaning C07 C07 C07 C02
Gu Yizhou C21 Eliminated (C20)
Ho Szeching C22 Eliminated (C28)
Hsu Nientzu C08 C16 Eliminated (C15)
Huang Xingqiao C26 C04 C03 C05
Leung Cheukying C03 C21 Eliminated (C18)
Li Yiman C11 C09 Eliminated (C10)
Liang Jiao C31 C10 Eliminated (C09)
Liang Qiao C32 Eliminated (C15)
Lin Chenhan C30 Eliminated (C25)
Lin Shuyun C29 Eliminated (C30)
Liu Shiqi C17 Eliminated (C31)
Liu Yuhan C18 Eliminated (C33)
Ma Yuling C27 Eliminated (C24)
Poon Wingchi C20 Eliminated (C29)
Shen Xiaoting C01 C01 C01 C01
Su Ruiqi C02 C02 C02 C03
Wang Qiuru C19 Eliminated (C32)
Wang Yale C13 C13 Eliminated (C12)
Wen Zhe C05 C11 C05 C04
Wu Tammy C04 C23 Eliminated (C17)
Xia Yan C10 Eliminated (C08)
Xu Ruowei C24 Eliminated (C19)
Xu Ziyin C09 C06 C08 (Withdrew)
Yang Zige C15 C17 Eliminated (C11)
Zhang Luofei C14 C18 Eliminated (C14)
Zhou Xinyu C23 C14 C13 Eliminated (C07)
Ando Rinka J13 Eliminated (J19)
Arai Risako J07 J16 Eliminated (J15)
Aratake Rinka J30 Eliminated (J20)
Ezaki Hikaru J01 J02 J03 J02
Fujimoto Ayaka J33 J24 Eliminated (J17)
Hayase Hana J28 J27 Eliminated (J18)
Hayashi Fuko J08 Eliminated (J15)
Hiyajo Nagomi J17 Eliminated (J17)
Ikema Ruan J29 J14 J07 Eliminated (J05)
Inaba Vivienne J27 Eliminated (J22)
Ito Miyu J31 Eliminated (J12)
Kamikura Rei J16 Eliminated (J25)
Kamimoto Kotone J10 J13 J09 Eliminated (J09)
Kanno Miyu J26 Eliminated (J31)
Kawaguchi Yurina J09 J01 J01 J03
Kishida Ririka J14 J05 J06 Eliminated (J07)
Kitajima Yuna J24 Eliminated (J32)
Kubo Reina J05 J10 Eliminated (J10)
Kuwahara Ayana J11 J09 Eliminated (J12)
May J12 J04 J08 Eliminated (J08)
Murakami Yume J04 Eliminated (J23)
Nagai Manami J22 J07 J05 Eliminated (J06)
Nakamura Kyara J32 Eliminated (J33)
Nonaka Shana J06 J06 J04 J04
Okazaki Momoko J18 Eliminated (J21)
Oki Fuka J23 Eliminated (J30)
Okuma Sumomo J19 Eliminated (J29)
Sakamoto Mashiro J02 J03 J02 J01
Sakamoto Shihona J21 J11 Eliminated (J14)
Sakurai Miu J15 J08 Eliminated (J11)
Shima Moka J25 J26 Eliminated (J16)
Terasaki Hina J20 Eliminated (J28)
Yamauchi Moana J03 J18 Eliminated (J13)

TOP9 by episode

No. Ep.2 Ep.5 Ep.8 Ep.9 Ep.11 Special Live
1 Ezaki Hikaru Kawaguchi Yurina 🡱 Shen Xiaoting 🡱 Shen Xiaoting Shen Xiaoting Kim Chaehyun 🡱
2 Kang Yeseo Shen Xiaoting 🡱 Kawaguchi Yurina 🡳 Kim Dayeon 🡱 Kim Dayeon Choi Yujin 🡱
3 Shen Xiaoting Ezaki Hikaru 🡳 Sakamoto Mashiro 🡱 Ezaki Hikaru 🡱 Sakamoto Mashiro 🡱 Kim Dayeon 🡳
4 Su Ruiqi Choi Yujin 🡱 Ezaki Hikaru 🡳 Sakamoto Mashiro 🡳 Ezaki Hikaru 🡳 Seo Youngeun 🡱
5 Jeong Jiyoon Sakamoto Mashiro 🡱 Choi Yujin 🡳 Kawaguchi Yurina 🡳 Choi Yujin 🡱 Huening Bahiyyih 🡱
6 Seo Youngeun Su Ruiqi 🡳 Su Ruiqi Choi Yujin 🡳 Kawaguchi Yurina 🡳 Kang Yeseo 🡱
7 Choi Yujin Cai Bing 🡱 Huang Xingqiao 🡱 Su Ruiqi 🡳 Nonaka Shana 🡱 Kim Suyeon 🡱
8 Cai Bing Kang Yeseo 🡳 Cai Bing 🡳 Kim Chaehyun 🡱 Fu Yaning 🡱 Guinn Myah 🡱
9 Kuwahara Ayana Kim Chaehyun 🡱 Kim Chaehyun Nonaka Shana 🡱 Seo Youngeun 🡱 Su Ruiqi 🡱

Final results

# Name Agency Votes
1 Kim Chaehyun WAKEONE 1,081,182
2 Huening Bahiyyih Play M Entertainment 923,567
3 Choi Yujin Cube Entertainment 915,722
4 Kim Da Yeon Jellyfish Entertainment 885,286
5 Seo Youngeun Biscuit Entertainment 781,657
6 Kang Yeseo 143 Entertainment 770,561
7 Ezaki Hikaru Avex Artist Academy 713,322
8 Sakamoto Mashiro 143 Entertainment 708,149
9 Shen Xiaoting TOP CLASS Entertainment 700,663
10 Kim Suyeon MYSTIC Story 650,790
11 Guinn Myah TOP Media 625,722
12 Fu Yaning Gramarie Entertainment 560,606
13 Su Ruiqi ETM Skies 552,878
14 Kawaguchi Yurina Oscar Promotion 525,051
15 Kim Bora FNC W 503,773
16 Nonaka Shana MLD Entertainment 343,370
17 Wen Zhe Star Master Entertainment 88,673
18 Huang Xingqiao Origin Music International 56,600


  • The final nine officially debuted as Kep1er on January 3, 2022.

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  • In China, the show is also known as 少女星球999:少女們的盛典, while in Japan, it is also known as ガールズプラネット999:少女祭典. Both roughly translate to 'Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga,' albeit rather than 'saga' (대전), it is translated as 'grand ceremony' (盛典) in Chinese and 'festival' (祭典) in Japanese. Additionally, in Japan, the show is better known by its abbreviations ガルプラ999 (Garupura999) and ガルプラ (Garupura).
  • The three categories do not necessarily correspond to nationality; being in the K-Group does not require one to be a Korean citizen, but merely to have some form of connection to Korea, which may be through nationality, spoken language, ethnic identity, residency or being signed with an agency based in Korea. Likewise, the same goes for the C-Group and the J-group.[22]
  • Contestants from the C-Group will include contestants from the Greater China region which encompasses Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • It was revealed through an article that Girls Planet 999 received approximately 13,000 contestant applicants.[23]


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