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Waiting for you! Hello, we are Girls in the Park.


GWSN (Korean: 공원소녀; Japanese: 公園少女; Chinese: 公园少女; also known as Girls in the Park) is a seven-member multinational girl group under The Wave Music. They debuted on September 5, 2018 with the mini-album The Park In The Night Part One.

The group was set to hold numerous events to increase their popularity pre-debut until the final group debut.



On June 14, the subsidiary of Kiwi Media Group, Kiwi Pop, announced their first girl group, with their first teaser image and their social medias opened. On the same day, their debut date was set to June 18.[1] Following this, from June 19 to 23, the seven members were revealed, being Minju, Lena, Anne, Soso,Seoryoung, Miya and Seokyoung respectively.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

2018–2019: Debut and The Park in the Night trilogy

2020: Soso's hiatus and The Keys

On April 3, it was revealed that Soso would not be participating in the group's comeback due to health issues related to a prior ankle injury and anxiety. It was also announced that the group would be making their comeback at the end of April through Kiwi Media Group's new affiliated label, MILES.[9]

On April 13, the group released their first teaser for their fourth mini album, The Keys, which was released on April 28.[10]

2021: The Other Side of the Moon, Soso's return

On April 29, media outlet OSEN reported the group would be making their first comeback in over a year with their fifth mini album on May 20. It was also reported that GWSN would return as a full group with Soso returning from her hiatus.[11]

On May 15, the group released the timeline guide for their fifth mini album The Other Side of the Moon, set to be released on May 26.[12]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Miya (미야) Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist 2018–present
Seokyoung (서경) Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper 2018–present
Seoryoung (서령) Leader, Main Vocalist 2018–present
Anne (앤) Main Rapper, Vocalist 2018–present
Minju (민주) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual 2018–present
Soso (소소) Lead Dancer, Vocalist 2018–present
Lena (레나) Main Vocalist, Center, Maknae 2018–present


Mini albums


  • "Clean with Passion for Now OST Part.2" ("Oh Lady Go Lady") (2018)
  • "Mother of Mine OST Part.4" ("I'm in Love") (2019)


Television shows

  • GOT YA! GWSN (Mnet, 2018)

Reality shows

  • Good Girl (Mnet, 2020) - guest (Episodes 6-7)


  • GWSN is intended to be a multinational girl group with members from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
  • Seokyoung was a contestant on Produce 101, as a individual trainee.
  • Their group name is created from the romanization of the hangul that spells out their name. In other words, Gong-won So-nyeo is taken from 공원소녀, which then is shortened to "GWSN". Their name literally means "Park Girls".[13] Additionally, their group name contains multiple meanings:
    • The meaning of "girl in the park" (公園少女) is that of a girl who wants to create music to bring happiness to everyone.
    • Their initials (GWSN) refers to the three directions on a compass: "north, west and south", while G stands for "ground". The implied meaning is that people all over the world will want to listen to GWSN's music and become their friends.
    • In Korean, "park" (공원) can be written with the numeric figures "01". From Korean, "0" can also be read as "yeong" (영), while from English, "1" can be read as "won" (원). The kanji used to write "eternity" in Japanese are 永遠, which also correspond to the hanja "yeong-won" (영원). This pun carries the meaning "when our girls in the park are united, they will be one (a group) for eternity".

Awards and nominations

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