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Come and get it, GOT7! What's up, we are GOT7!
(Come and get it, GOT7! 안녕하세요, GOT7입니다!)


GOT7 (갓세븐) is a seven-member boy group under Warner Music Korea. Formed by JYP Entertainment, they debuted on January 16, 2014 with their first mini album Got It?.

They are multinational with members from South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States.



Prior to their debut in GOT7, members JB and Jinyoung (formerly Junior) had debuted as a duo, named JJ Project. Members Jackson, Mark, Bambam and Yugyeom also briefly appeared in the reality survival program WIN: Who Is Next.[1]

2014: Debut with "Girls Girls Girls", Got It?, Got Love, Japanese debut with "Around The World", Identify[]

GOT7 Girls Girls Girls group photo

Concept photo for Got It?

From the beginning, GOT7 was a group that JYP Entertainment aimed to promote internationally, with members from Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States.[2] They officially debuted in January 2014 with lead single "Girls Girls Girls". The track’s music video amassed more than a million views in two days, and its choreography featured acrobatic, martial arts-inspired moves.[3] The song’s mini album, Got It?, was released a few days later.[2] It hit number 1 of the Billboard World Albums Chart.[4]

In April, GOT7 had two debut showcases in Japan.[5] JYP Entertainment announced in May 2014 that GOT7 would have their first comeback in June.[6] Individual member teasers were released one after the other before the mini-album Got Love was released on June 23 with the music video of its title track, "A".[7]

GOT7 kicked off their first Japan Tour in October, a few weeks before they made their Japanese debut on October 22 with the single "Around the World".[8] Less than a month later, GOT7 came back with their first full-length album, Identify, which was released on November 18.[9] "Stop Stop It", the title track, was described as a hip-hop song with heavy bass and an addictive beat.[10]

2015: "Love Train", Just Right, "Laugh Laugh Laugh", Mad, Mad Winter Edition[]

GOT7 Just Right group photo

Concept photo for Just Right

In January 2015, GOT7 had their first fanmeeting for the anniversary of their debut. The event, called "365+", was held at Olympic Park in Seoul.[11] Shortly after, they held an Asia Showcase Tour with stops in Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong.[12]

They released their second Japanese single "Love Train" on June 10 and came back a month later with mini album Just Right. The title track of the same name has lyrics that are "an ode to their female fans that assures them their looks and weight are perfect whatever they are".[13]

GOT7 Mad group photo

Concept photo for Mad

They attended KCON in Los Angeles in the summer.[14]

GOT7 released a third Japanese single titled "Laugh Laugh Laugh" on September 23 before releasing, on September 29, the mini album Mad. It was their second album to hit number 1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart[15] and they got their first ever music show win with its title track, "If You Do".[16] The album’s repackage, Mad Winter Edition, was released on November 23 and featured three new tracks along with a remastered version of "If You Do".

2016: Moriagatteyo, Flight Log: Departure, 1st World Tour, Flight Log: Turbulence, Hey Yah[]

The group released their first full-length Japanese album Moriagatteyo on February 3. The tracklist featured songs from their previously released singles, Japanese versions of previous Korean title tracks as well as new tracks.

GOT7 Flight Log Departure group photo

Concept photo for Flight Log: Departure

They announced their next album, Flight Log: Departure, at the end of February, and it was released on March 21.[17] For the first time, the members contributed to writing and composing many of the tracks.[18] "Fly", the title track, earned nine music show wins.[19] The group revealed their official light stick, in the shape of a transparent bird with a green light inside,[20] and then, a few days later, they kicked off their first world tour on April 28, in Seoul. Leader JB suffered a spinal disk injury and, additionally to being pulled out of the last music shows performances, he could not participate in the first few concerts, that were held in Seoul. A full refund was offered to fans should they wish not to attend the concert because of JB’s absence, but reports showed an attendance of ten thousand people. As it was rated as an attendance rate of 100 percent, it is possible that no one refunded their tickets.[19][21] Shows were sold out around the world.[22]

GOT7 came back on September 27 with Flight Log: Turbulence, the second part of the trilogy started with Flight Log: Departure. They continued developing their potential as songwriters and composers as they participated in the creation of all but two of the tracks on the album.[23]

Their first Japanese mini album, Hey Yah, was released on November 16.

2017: Flight Log: Arrival, "My Swagger", 7 for 7, Jackson's hiatus, Turn Up[]

The 'Flight Log' trilogy was completed on March 13, 2017, with the release of mini album Flight Log: Arrival.

"My Swagger", their fourth Japanese single, was released on May 24.

The sub-unit JJ Project made a comeback on July 31 with mini album Verse 2.

Jackson made his solo debut on August 26 with the single "Papillon".

GOT7 7 for 7 promotional photo 2

Concept photo for 7 for 7

On October 10, 7 for 7 was released. The title track was called "You Are" and JB participated in its songwriting and composition. He explained that the lyrics are about someone that becomes the reason for one’s existence, and can be interpreted in multiple ways: it could be GOT7 and their fans, about family, or about two people in a relationship.[24] BamBam also produced a lyric video for the track.[25]

Because he founded his own label, Team Wang, and started promoting solo, Jackson had an extremely busy schedule.[26] In order to "maintain his health condition",[27] he decided to withdraw from all future Japanese promotions. GOT7's second Japanese mini album, Turn Up, was released on November 15 and it was the first Japanese release Jackson was not a part of.[27]

2018: "One And Only You", Eyes On You, 2nd World Tour, Present : You, Present : You & Me Edition[]

GOT7 Eyes On You group promo photo

Concept photo for Eyes On You

"One And Only You", a pre-release track featuring Hyolyn for their upcoming album Eyes On You, was released on February 28. The album was released on March 12 with the title track "Look". Their second world tour was kicked off on May 4, in Seoul. Their last stop was on August 24, in Hong Kong.[28] With concerts held in between dates of their world tour, they also had a Japanese tour, during which they released the single "The New Era".[29]

GOT7 Present You group promo photo

Concept photo for Present : You

Present : You, their second full-length album, was released on September 17. The album features versions of its title track in four different languages, Korean, English, Mandarin and Spanish. It also features a solo song by each of the members. Each member participated to the creation of his own track. Additionally to the music video of the title track, "Lullaby", seven other music videos were released, one for each of the solo tracks.[30]

Present: You’s repackage, Present : You & Me Edition, was released on December 3.

2019: I Won't Let You Go, Spinning Top : Between Security & Insecurity, 3rd world tour, Love Loop, Call My Name, "Sing for U", Love Loop ~Sing for U Special Edition~[]

GOT7’s third Japanese mini album, I Won't Let You Go, was released on January 30.

On March 5, the group’s second sub-unit, Jus2, debuted with mini album Focus.

GOT7 Spinning Top Between Security & Insecurity promotional photo 1

Concept photo for Spinning Top : Between Security & Insecurity

Spinning Top : Between Security & Insecurity was released on May 20 and was followed by GOT7’s third world tour, called "Keep Spinning", starting on June 15, in Seoul.[31] Like during their previous world tour, they kicked off a Japanese tour in between the "Keep Spinning" world tour, releasing the Japanese mini album Love Loop on July 31.[32] Because of safety concerns, world tour concerts in Hong Kong, originally scheduled on August 31 and September 1, were postponed.[33]

They released mini album Call My Name on November 4. Described by Yugyeom as a sorrowful and sexy concept, its title track has a sound more simple and minimal than usual, according to JB.[34]

Love Loop ~Sing for U Special Edition~, a repackage of Love Loop, was released on December 18, with the track "Sing for U" having been released on October 21 as a pre-release track.

2020: Dye, Breath of Love : Last Piece[]

Mark made his solo debut on January 11 with the digital single "Outta My Head".

GOT7 Dye promotional photo

Concept photo for Dye

Amid coronavirus concerns, remaining concerts of the "Keep Spinning" world tour were postponed.[35]

A cinema trailer for GOT7’s eleventh mini album was released on April 5,[36] followed by teasers in the form of cinema scripts, regular individual and unit teaser photos and lyrics teasers. The narration in the cinema trailer and the quotes in the cinema scripts come from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet[37] and the album has a "medieval ballad concept".[38] "Including the lead single, the album's 10 tracks come as a sequence of love stories as if reading a classical romance novel, according to Yugyeom."[38] Four of the ten tracks are exclusive to the CD version[39] and are solo or sub-unit songs that were already showcased during the world tour.[38]

The release of the album Breath of Love : Last Piece and its pre-release, "Breath", was first announced on November 8. "Breath" was released on November 23, and the album on November 30.

2021: Departure from JYP Entertainment, "Encore"[]

GOT7 Encore promotional photo

Concept photo for "Encore"

On January 10, it was reported by Dispatch that all members of the group would be leaving JYP Entertainment after 7 years of contract, with the 35th Golden Disc Awards being their last activity as a group.[40] On January 11, JYP Entertainment officially announced that the members will be leaving the agency as their contract expires on January 19.[41]

On February 20 at midnight KST, the MV teaser for "Encore" was released on the group's new YouTube channel. The single, which was released at 6PM KST on the same day, was their first release since leaving JYP Entertainment.[42] The song is about their love for their fans and their desire to keep singing for them.[43] It was also their first release since the leader JB changed his stage name to JAY B.[44]

2022: GOT7[]

GOT7 GOT7 group concept photo 1

Concept photo for GOT7

On April 22, JoyNews24 reported that GOT7 would be making a full-group comeback this May and were in the final stage of preparations, with music production being almost done.[45] On May 6, they opened new SNS accounts, and it was revealed that GOT7 had signed with Warner Music Korea.[46] Three days later, a teaser was revealed for their new self-titled EP, GOT7, set to be released on May 23.[47] The album, of which all the songs were created by the members, reflects the identity and color of GOT7 as a group, which is why that title was chosen.[48]

On May 10, they announced their Seoul's fancon, Homecoming with I GOT 7, happening on May 21 and 22.[49]

2023: Enlistments, new light stick[]

In the beginning of February, JAY B started his military service, becoming the first member of the group to do so.[50] Jinyoung enlisted three months later, on May 8.[51]

On September 4, the group announced the new version of their light stick through their social media.[52]


Name Nationality Position(s) Years active
Mark (마크) Taiwanese-American Main Rapper, Visual 2014–present
Jackson (잭슨) Hong Kong Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group 2014–present
Youngjae (영재) Korean Main Vocalist 2014–present
BamBam (뱀뱀) Thai Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper 2014–present
Yugyeom (유겸) Korean Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Maknae 2014–present
JAY B Korean Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2014-present
Jinyoung (진영) Korean Lead Vocalist, Visual 2014–present
Hyunwoo (현우) Korean N/A N/A




Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]


Digital singles[]


Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]


Digital singles[]


Digital singles[]




Reality shows[]

  • Real GOT7 (VLive, 2014–2017)
  • GOT7: GOT2DAY (VLive, 2015–2019)
  • GOT7ing (Youtube, 2016)
  • GOT7's Hard Carry (Mnet, 2016–present)
  • GOT7's Real Thai (XtvN, 2019)



  • Asia Tour Showcase 2015 (2015)
  • 1st Fanmeeting Tour 2015 (2015)
  • Flight Log: Turbulence Fanmeet Tour 2016-2017 (2016–2017)
  • Global Fanmeeting 2017 (2017)
  • Anniversary Fanmeetings (2015–present)

World tours[]

  • "Fly" 2016 1st World Tour (2016)
  • "Eyes On You" 2018 World Tour (2018)
  • "Keep Spinning" 2019-2020 World Tour (2019–2020)


  • 1st Showcase 2014 "Impact in Japan" (2014)
  • 1st Japan Tour 2014 "Around the World" (2014)
  • Japan Tour 2016 "Moriagatteyo" (2016)
  • Japan Showcase Tour 2017 "Meet Me" (2017)
  • Japan Arena Special 2017 "My Swagger" (2017)
  • Japan Tour 2017 "Turn Up" (2017)
  • Japan Connecting Hall Tour 2018 "The New Era" (2018)
  • Japan Arena Special Tour 2018-2019 "Road 2 U" (2018–2019)
  • Japan Tour 2019 "Our Loop" (2019)


  • Thailand Tour "Nestival" 2017 (2017)
  • Thailand Tour "Nestival" 2018 (2018)
  • Fanfest "Seven Secrets" (2019)


  • Homecoming with I GOT 7 (2022)

Awards and nominations[]

Main article: List of awards and nominations received by GOT7


  • Black Yak Walk Fit shoes (2014)
  • Nàtuur POP (2014)
  • J.Estina (2014)
  • K-milk (2014)
  • SMART School Uniform (2014–2015)
  • Hanjin Travel (2015)
  • NBA Style (Korea & China) (2016)
  • Bausch & Lomb (Thailand) (2016)
  • CGV Youth Brand Festival (2016)
  • Est Cola (Thailand) (2016–2017)
  • It’s Skin (Korea & Thailand) (2016–2017)
  • G+ Star Zone Season 7 (2017)
  • Celuscan (China) (2017)
  • Tao Kae Noi (Thailand) (2017)
  • Aida Sekkei (Japan) (2017)
  • FWD (Thailand) (2017)
  • Adidas Originals (2018)
  • National Fire Department (2018)
  • Naver - S.A.V.E Campaign (2018)
  • Tik Tok (2018)
  • Shinsegae Duty Free (2018–2019)
  • The Face Shop (2018–present)


  1. Over time, an unofficial but widely accepted nickname for IGOT7 was formed: Ahgase (아가새) meaning "baby bird" in Korean.


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