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Flourishing is the fourth mini album by Chung Ha. It was released on June 24, 2019 with "Snapping" as the album's title track.[1] "Chica" was also used during her promotions.

Track list

  1. "Chica" - 3:12
  2. "Young In Love (우리가 즐거워)" - 3:18
  3. "Call It Love" - 4:01
  4. "Flourishing" - 3:15
  5. "Snapping" - 3:33



A pop-up store selling exclusive Flourishing merchandise was held at Lotte Young Plaza department store in Seoul, from June 26 to July 7, 2019. 9 original items were available.[2]


  • "Flourishing" is entirely in English. During her comeback showcase, she explained it was a gift to her international fans.


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