Flight Log: Arrival is the sixth mini album by GOT7. It was released on March 13, 2017 with "Never Ever" serving as the album's title track. It is the last release of their 'Flight Log' trilogy.

The physical release comes in two versions: Never and Ever.

Track list

  1. "Never Ever" - 3:14
  2. "Shopping Mall" - 3:39
  3. "Paradise" - 3:31
  4. "Sign" - 3:24
  5. "Go Higher" - 3:37
  6. "Q" - 3:20
  7. "Don't Care (양심 없이)" - 2:51
  8. "Out" - 3:18
DVD (Thailand edition only)
  1. "Never Ever" music video
  2. "Never Ever" music video (Choreography ver.)
  3. Flight Log: Arrival trailer
  4. "Never Ever" teaser
  5. "Never Ever" dance practice
  6. "Never Ever" dance practice (Unlock ver.)
  7. "Never Ever" music video making video



A limited-edition monograph, detailing some of the album production process, was released on November 29, 2017. It contains a 152-pages photobook and a 60-minutes DVD, both featuring behind-the-scenes pictures and footage from the album photoshoot and the "Never Ever" music video shooting; and 7 member photocards.


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