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FIFTY FIFTY (피프티피프티) is a five-member girl group under ATTRAKT. Originally as four, they made their debut on November 18, 2022 with their first EP The Fifty.

Their group name 'FIFTY FIFTY' means '50 vs 50', referring to a '50:50' probability of 'ideal' and 'reality' respectively.[1]



On November 10, 2022, ATTRAKT revealed their new girl group name, FIFTY FIFTY, and posted their first teaser indicating that they are ready to debut.[2]

2022: Debut with The Fifty

On November 12, 2022, it was announced that they will make their debut on November 18 with the EP The Fifty with lead track "Higher".[3]

On November 14, FIFTY FIFTY released a music video for the track "Lovin' Me" as a pre-release for their upcoming first EP, followed by a dance performance video for the track "Log In" on November 15. [4][5] Also on November 15, each of the four members were individually revealed.[6][7][8][9]

At the end of January 2023, FIFTY FIFTY gained recognition for being a formidable new girl group after they were chosen by the Grammys as one of the ten girl groups to watch out for in 2023 as girl groups that " will take over and define how K-pop will sound and look in 2023 and beyond". In the article, their debut EP, The Fifty, was applauded as a brilliant album: "Throughout its four dazzling tracks, the quartet displays various colors and a vocal maturity that is both hard to find and crucial to have".[10] Later that month, music critic magazine IZM gave FIFTY FIFTY's debut EP a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, which at the moment is the highest rating IZM has ever given a girl group, and complimented the girl group with: "Fifty Fifty is a great example of what happens when a great song meets a good singer. Thanks to them, South Korea has one more good girl group."[11][12]

2023: First comeback with "The Beginning: Cupid", fandom name, signing with Warner Records, lawsuit against ATTRAKT, "Cupid – Twin Ver. (ft. Sabrina Carpenter)", The Beginning, Saena, Sio and Aran's departure

On January 25, 2023, FIFTY FIFTY revealed that they are currently preparing for their first comeback.[13] The comeback album was later revealed to be a single album titled, "The Beginning: Cupid", set to be released on February 24.[14][15]

On February 23, FIFTY FIFTY announced HUNNIES as the official name of their fan club.[16]

On April 25, it was announced that ATTRAKT had established a strategic partnership with Warner Records to promote FIFTY FIFTY in the United States.[17]

As of May 19, FIFTY FIFTY reached a new peak of 34,816,579 monthly listeners on Spotify, making FIFTY FIFTY the group with the highest number of monthly listeners among K-pop girl group of the platform.[18]

On May 25, it was announced that FIFTY FIFTY will partake in the Barbie movie soundtrack with a new song titled "Barbie Dreams" featuring American rapper Kali.[19][20]

On June 28, 2023, FIFTY FIFTY's legal representative, Barun Law Firm, announced that the members and their parents have filed a lawsuit against ATTRAKT to suspend their exclusive contracts, citing violation of contract and the members' reputation being damaged through recent media reports.[21] Previously, it was announced by ATTRAKT that they are in the midst of a legal battle against third parties that allegedly approached their artists to sign with them and encourage them to ignore their current valid exclusive contracts. Sometime after, ATTRAKT, the members of FIFTY FIFTY and their parents, began mediation to find a resolution; however two months later, it was reported that the mediations have fallen through and that both parties will return to the trial process.[22] By August 17, 2023, Barun Law Firm announced that the members of FIFTY FIFTY filed a criminal complaint against ATTRAKT CEO Jeon Hong Joon for "violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (breach of trust)."[23] Additionally, the members stated that they believe the truth will be uncovered through trial.[24] On August 28, 2023 the Seoul Central District Court rejected FIFTY FIFTY's request for an injunction to suspend their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT due to insufficient evidence.[25] Two days later, the members appealed the court's decision, thus their case will once again be opened and examined.[26] By October, it was revealed that Keena has made the decision to change her legal representative from Barun Law Firm to Shinwon Law Firm, and so, she withdrew her request to suspend her contract.[27][28] Subsequently, Keena return to ATTRAKT as a member of FIFTY FIFTY, whilst Saena, Sio and Aran will move forward with their lawsuit with Barun Law Firm.[29][30] A week later, it was disclosed that the Seoul High Court rejected Saena, Sio and Aran's appeal, however, ATTRAKT announced that they have made the decision to terminate their exclusive contracts by themselves.[31][32]

While their lawsuit was in process, on August 11, ATTRAKT announced that FIFTY FIFTY will be releasing their first compilation (marketed as "mini") album The Beginning on September 22.[33] Later on, August 16, it was announced that the group will be releasing their first digital single, "Cupid – Twin Ver. (ft. Sabrina Carpenter)", on August 18.[34]

On October 29, 2023, ATTRAKT announced that Keena would be attending the 2023 Billboard Music Awards. ATTRAKT disclosed in early November that they plan to reorganize FIFTY FIFTY and that they would be continuing FIFTY FIFTY with Keena and three trainees who will join the group as new members to once again make it a four-member girl group.[35][36]

2024: New members, upcoming comeback

On February 8, 2024, ATTRAKT announced that they began the reorganization of the group centering around Keena. Their identities are set be revealed in April and the group would make a comeback in June.[37]

On June 14, ATTRAKT announced that FIFTY FIFTY would be making a comeback in September as a five-member group, consisting of Keena and four other trainees whose identities are yet to be revealed.[38]


Name Position(s)[39] Year(s) active
Keena (키나) Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Center[37] 2022–present
TBA TBA 2024–present
TBA TBA 2024–present
TBA TBA 2024–present
TBA TBA 2024–present
Saena (새나) Leader, Main Dancer, Sub-Rapper 2022–2023
Sio (시오) Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2022–2023
Aran (아란) Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae (2022–2023) 2022–2023



Compilation albums


Single albums


Digital singles



Concert participation







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