E:U (이유) is South Korean rapper under Yue Hua Entertainment. She is the leader of the girl group EVERGLOW.


2019: Debut with EVERGLOW

On February 24, a teaser video was posted on Stone Music Entertainment's channel on YouTube, revealing E:U as a member of the girl group EVERGLOW,[1] which debuted in March 18, 2019 with the single album "Arrival of EVERGLOW".


  • She was the fifth member to be revealed.
  • Her Chinese Zodiac Sign is Tiger.
  • Her Zodiac Sign is Taurus.
  • Her unique points are her small hands, her passion and her husky voice.
  • Her role model is Lee Hyori.
  • She hates peppers and raisins.
  • She likes fried food.
  • In her free time, she likes watching mukbang videos, Running Man and Law of The Jungle.
  • Her favourite American TV show is 13 Reasons Why.
  • Her stage name means 'Especially for U'.
  • She posted some vlogs on Yuehua's YouTube Channel predebut.
  • Fans say she looks like a mix of CLC's Elkie and Sorn.
  • She was a model for the brand STARE Shoes.



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