Duble Sidekick (이단옆차기), also known as Duble Kick[1], is a South Korean producer duo currently comprised of Park Jang Geun and Ham Jun Seok.


Park Jang Geun and Kim Jung Seung started their composing careers in 2010 before teaming up.[1] In 2012, they founded Duble Kick Entertainment.



Production discography

Year Artist Song Album Credit
2011 DMTN "그 남자는 반대"
"Really Really" (feat. Sohyun)
"Home Run"
Koyote Good Good Time GoodGood Han Koyote Co-writer
B1A4 "Beautiful Target"
"My Love"
It B1A4
Starship Planet "Pink Romance" "Starship Planet"
Star Empire "Shooting Star" "Star Empire"
2014 Girl's Day "G.D.P Intro"
"Show You"
Everyday 3 Co-writer, co-composer
Apink "Good Morning Baby" "Good Morning Baby" Writer, co-composer
LYn "유리 심장" (feat. Yong Junhyung of BEAST)
"이 노래 좋아요"
"오늘 밤 (feat. Baechigi)
Le Grand Bleu
Girl's Day "Summer Party (Intro)" (feat. David Kim)
"Look At Me"
Everyday 4
Boys Republic "Dress Up (예쁘게 입고 나와)" "Dress Up"
SISTAR "나쁜손" (feat. Verbal Jint) Touch N Move
BESTie "Hot Baby"
"Roller Girl"
Hot Baby Writer, composer, arranger
2015 JJCC "Fire" "Fire"
BESTie "Excuse Me" Love Emotion Co-writer, co-composer
CLC "Lucky" Question Co-writer, co-composer
Girl's Day "With Me" Love Co-writer, co-composer
Ailee 너나 잘해 Vivid Co-writer, co-composer
2016 MOMOLAND "Welcome to Momoland" Welcome to Momoland Co-writer
"JJan! Koong! Kwang!"
"Lovesick" Co-writer, co-composer
"A Fuss"
SISTAR "이불 덮고 들어" Insane Love Co-writer
MC Mong "꽃" (feat. Kim Tae Woo) U.F.O
2018 GFRIEND "Sunny Summer" Sunny Summer Writer, composer, arranger


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