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Dream of me~ Hello, we are Dreamcatcher!
(내꿈꿔~ 안녕하세요, 드림캐쳐입니다!)


Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) is a seven-member girl group under Dreamcatcher Company. They debuted on January 13, 2017 with the single "Nightmare".


2014–2016: MINX[]

MINX Love Shake group photo

MINX promoting Love Shake

On August 9, 2014, Happyface Entertainment teased the debut of a new five-member girl group at the Oak Valley Summertime Festival.[1] On September 15, Happyface officially announced the new girl group, titled MINX.[2] Three days later, on September 18, MINX debuted with the digital single "Why Did You Come To My Home?".

On July 2, 2015, MINX released their first mini album, Love Shake, and its title track of the same name.

Over a year since MINX's last release, on November 29, 2016, Happyface Entertainment announced that the group would re-debut under the name Dreamcatcher with MINX members JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami as well as two new members.[3] The two new members, Handong and Gahyeon, were revealed on December 1 and December 5 respectively.[4][5]

2017: Re-debut as Dreamcatcher, first comeback, Prequel, first world tour[]

Dreamcatcher Nightmare promotional photo Dark Ver.

Concept photo for "Nightmare"

On January 13, 2017, Dreamcatcher officially debuted with their first single album "Nightmare" and its title track "Chase Me". With the single album's release, the group kicked off their Nightmare Series.

On March 17, a mysterious teaser photo posted on the group's social media accounts hinted at a possible first comeback on April 5.[6] Individual teasers of all seven members posted on March 19 confirmed plans for a first comeback.[7] Dreamcatcher made their first comeback on April 5 with their second single album "Nightmare · Fall Asleep In The Mirror" and its title track "Good Night".

On July 7, a teaser scheduler posted on the group's social media accounts announced the release of their first mini album, Prequel.[8] The mini album, along with its title track "Fly High", was released on July 27.

On August 1, Happyface Entertainment announced that following the conclusion of promotions for Prequel, Dreamcatcher would embark on their very first world tour, visiting cities in Japan, South America, and Europe.[9] The world tour, titled Dreamcatcher 1st Tour "Fly High", lasted from September 30, 2017 to February 25, 2018.

2018: Escape the Era, Alone In The City, Japanese debut[]

On January 4, 2018, Happyface Entertainment announced Dreamcatcher would be releasing a special digital single in celebration of their first anniversary since their debut.[10] The digital single, titled "Full Moon", was released on January 12 alongside a promotional music video. The next day, January 13, held a first anniversary fan-meeting at Mary Hall Grand Theatre at Sogang University, where they performed "Full Moon" for the first time. Tickets for the fan-meeting sold out within one-minute of being put on sale.[10]

At the end of the promotional music video for "Full Moon", a message reading "Comeback in March" can be seen.[11] However, on March 25, it was announced their comeback would be pushed back until May to improve the overall quality of the album.[12]

Dreamcatcher Nightmare · Escape the ERA group promo photo Inside ver 2

Concept photo for Nightmare · Escape the ERA

On March 10, the group posted a video announcing their official fandom name to be "InSomnia". The name is derived from the Latin word 'Somnium' and its plural form 'Somnia', which means "dream" or "fantasy". The name represents how Dreamcatcher and their fans will be together forever, making lots of happy memories even when dreaming.[13]

On April 24, a mysterious teaser image posted on the group's Instagram page hinted at the group's comeback album finally being released.[14] A release scheduler posted on April 27 revealed that the group's second mini album, Nightmare · Escape the ERA, would be released on May 10.[15] On this day, the mini album, along with its title track "You and I", was released. With the mini album's release, Dreamcatcher concluded their Nightmare Series.[16]

From July 27 to August 5, Dreamcatcher embarked on their second world tour: Welcome To The Dream World. The tour featured 8 shows, including one in Taipei and seven throughout Latin America.

On September 2, a mysterious teaser image posted on the group's Instagram page hinted at an upcoming comeback. A release scheduler posted on September 6 announced that the group's third mini album, Alone In The City, was set to be released on September 20.[17] On this day, the mini-album, along with its title track "What", was released.

The group made their Japanese debut on November 21 with their first single "What -Japanese ver.-".

2019: The End of Nightmare, first Japanese album, Raid of Dream[]

Dreamcatcher The End of Nightmare group promo photo

Concept photo for The End of Nightmare

On January 8, 2019, Happyface Entertainment announced that likewise to the group's first debut anniversary, Dreamcatcher would be releasing a special digital single to celebrate their second anniversary since debut.[18] The digital single, titled "Over the Sky", was released on January 16.

Dreamcatcher released their fourth mini album, titled The End of Nightmare, on February 13 with "PIRI" serving as the album's title track. During the album's showcase on the same day, member JiU revealed that Happyface Entertainment had changed its name to Dreamcatcher Company to show support for the group.[19]

On March 23, the group released their second Japanese single "Piri~Fue wo fuke~ -Japanese ver.-".

From March 20 to December 15, the group embarked on their third world tour, titled Dreamcatcher Concert "Invitation From Nightmare City". The tour visited cities in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States. Member Handong was unable to participate in the tour's European and American legs due to scheduling conflicts.[20]

Dreamcatcher Raid of Dream group teaser photo

Concept photo for Raid of Dream

On June 30, Dreamcatcher revealed their official colors: Pantone Black 6 C, Pantone 7623 C, and Pantone P 10-6 C.[21]

The group's first Japanese digital single, "You and I -Japanese ver.-" was released on August 30. The single acted as a pre-release track for their first full-length Japanese album The Beginning Of The End, which was released on September 11.

Dreamcatcher released their first special album, Raid of Dream, on September 18. The album was made in collaboration with the mobile game King's Raid; it's title track "Deja Vu" was used as the game's theme song.[22]

2020: Handong's absence, first Korean album, Dystopia : Lose Myself, "No More"[]

Dreamcatcher Dystopia group concept photo (3)

Concept photo for Dystopia : The Tree of Language

On February 1, 2020, a mysterious teaser image posted onto the group's social media accounts hinted at a upcoming comeback.[23] A teaser scheduler posted two days later announced the release of Dreamcatcher's first full-length Korean album.[24] The next day, a notice posted on the group's official fancafe announced that Handong would be unable to participate in the album's promotions due to her schedules in China.[25]

On February 18, Dreamcatcher's first full-length Korean album, Dystopia : The Tree of Language, was released. With the album's release, the group announced their new Dystopia storyline.[26]

The group released their third Japanese single, "Endless Night", on March 11.

On May 1, Dreamcatcher collaborated with boy group IN2IT and soloist AleXa for the song "Be the Future". Produced in partnership with Millenasia Project and Varkey Foundation, the song conveys the message of how important education and safety are during the COVID-19 pandemic.[27]

Dreamcatcher Dystopia Lose Myself concept photo (3)

Concept photo for Dystopia : Lose Myself

Dreamcatcher's second video game OST, "R.o.S.e Blue" was released on July 15. The song was used as the title track for the mobile game Girl Cafe Gun.

On July 30, the group released the teaser scheduler for their fifth mini album, titled Dystopia : Lose Myself.[28] The mini album, along with its title track "BOCA", was released on August 17.

After a year of being absent from group promotions, Handong officially returned to the group on October 16 at the Korean Music Drive-In. The event marked the first time the songs "Scream" and "BOCA" were performed with seven members.[29][30]

On November 20, the group's second Japanese digital single, "No More", was released.

2021: Dystopia : Road to Utopia, "Eclipse", Summer Holiday[]

Dreamcatcher Dystopia Road to Utopia concept photo (1)

Concept photo for Dystopia : Road to Utopia

On January 8, 2021, the group released a mysterious teaser image on their Instagram page, hinting at a comeback later in the month.[31] A scheduler posted on the group's social accounts on January 11 confirmed the group will comeback with their sixth mini album, Dystopia : Road to Utopia, on January 26.[32] On this day, the mini album, as well as its title track "Odd Eye", was released.

Dreamcatcher's fifth Japanese single, "Eclipse", was released on March 24.[33]

On July 30, the group released their second special album Summer Holiday.[34]

On August 31, the group's contract with their Japanese management company Pony Canyon had ended.[35]

2022: Apocalypse : Save Us, first music show win, Apocalypse : Follow Us, contract renewal[]

Dreamcatcher first music show win (April 20, 2022)

First music show win with "Maison" on Show Champion

On February 22, 2022, it was announced that Dreamcatcher would return with their second full-length album in April.[36] On March 25, a comeback scheduler was posted which revealed that the group will be releasing their second full length album, Apocalypse : Save Us, on April 12.[37] On April 20, the group earned their first music show win of their career with "Maison" on MBC M's Show Champion.[38]

On April 26th, Dreamcatcher earned their second music show win with "Maison" on SBS MTV's The Show.[39]

On September 1, it was announced that Dreamcatcher would make a comeback in October.[40] The group dropped their first teaser on September 21.[41] On September 26, a comeback scheduler was posted which revealed that the group will be releasing their seventh mini album, Apocalypse : Follow Us, on October 11.[42]

On November 16, the members of Dreamcatcher renewed their contracts with the company 2 years before it ended.[43]

2023: "Reason", Apocalypse : From Us, Villains[]

Dreamcatcher Apocalypse From Us group teaser photo (2)

Concept photo for Apocalypse : From Us

On January 9, 2023, Dreamcatcher posted a special mystery code teaser, hinting at an upcoming release.[44] On January 11, it was confirmed the group would be releasing a special digital single, "Reason", on the 13th.[45]

On March 31, it was announced that Dreamcatcher will be releasing the final installment of their "Apocalypse" trilogy in May.[46] On May 1, Dreamcatcher unveiled their first Mystery Code teaser.[47] On May 3, a comeback scheduler was posted which revealed that the group will be releasing their eighth mini album, Apocalypse : From Us, on May 24.[48]

On October 21, the group unveiled a mystery code hinting at their upcoming comeback.[49] On October 22, it was announced that the group will be releasing their ninth mini album.[50] On October 31, the name of the mini album was later revealed to be Villains, set for release on November 22.[51]

2024: "Luck Inside 7 Doors", Virtuous[]

On March 8, 2024, the group released the special digital single "[Luck Inside 7 Doors]".[52]

On June 17, it was reported that Dreamcatcher will be making their comeback in July.[53] On June 21, the group dropped a mystery code teaser announcing their comeback in July with their 10th mini album.[54] On June 24, they released a comeback scheduler for Virtuous, set for release on July 10.[55]


Name Position(s) Nightmare/Fear* Years active
English Korean Japanese
JiU 지유 ジユ Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual Being chased by someone unknown 2017–present
SuA 수아 スア Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper Being tied up 2017–present
Handong 한동 ハンドン Sub Vocalist Being watched 2017–present
Yoohyeon 유현 ユヒョン Lead Vocalist Being lost in an unknown place 2017–present
Dami 다미 ダミ Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist Being hurt 2017–present
Gahyeon 가현 ガヒョン Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae Falling from high places 2017–present
Siyeon 시연 シヨン Main Vocalist Being trapped in a small space 2017–present

* During the Nightmare series, each member represented a specific nightmare or fear.[56]



Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Special albums[]

Video albums[]

Single albums[]

Special digital singles[]




Studio albums[]


Digital singles[]


Special digital singles[]


Solo concerts[]

World tours[]

Concert participation[]

  • Primavera Sound 2022 (2022)
  • Kpop.Flex 2022 (2022)
  • We Bridge Music Festival & Expo (2023)[58]
  • 2023 Gangnam Music Festival G-KPOP Concert (2023)[59]
  • 29th Dream Concert (2023)[60]
  • KPOP LUX x SBS Super Concert in London (2023) (canceled)[61][62]
  • KCON Saudi Arabia 2023 (2023)[63]
  • M Countdown In France (2023)[64]
  • KCON Germany 2024 (2024)[65]


  • Dreamcatcher Concept Book (2022)


Variety shows[]

Radio shows[]

  • Lunch Attack[66] (Naver NOW., 2022) - guest (ep. 697)
  • Studio Moon Night[67] (Naver NOW., 2022) - guest (ep. 177)

Awards and nominations[]

Year Recipient Award Won
KY Star Awards
2018 Dreamcatcher Promising Idol Won[68]
Ten Asia Top Ten Awards
2020 Dreamcatcher Best Artist - Taiwan Won[69]
K Global Heart Dream Awards
2022 Dreamcatcher K Global Best Music Video Award Won[70]
Forbes Korea K-Entertainer Awards
2022 Dreamcatcher Best Idol (Female Category) Won[71]
Hanteo Music Awards
2022 Dreamcatcher Global Artist in North America Won[72]


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