Dahyun (다현) is a South Korean singer under JYP Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group TWICE and is the group's lead rapper. She was also one of the co-hosts of Weekly Idol's "Idols Are The Best" corner.


Variety shows

Music video appearances


  • Dahyun gained attention when a video of her dancing in church became viral in 2011, earning her the moniker "Eagle Dance Church Sister."
  • In middle school, she performed a solo in a youth dance festival and was scouted by JYP Entertainment. She passed the audition on July 7, 2012, and officially became a trainee.
  • Dahyun had been a trainee under JYP for over 3 years, but she was initially trained as an actress, just like Jihyo.
  • Dahyun is afraid of heights and rollercoasters.
  • Dahyun is scared of animals (cats, dogs, etc.).
  • Dahyun loves chocolate.
  • Dahyun is the longest to take shower, usually 1-2 hours. However, after she finished joining the military while filming Real Men, she has drastically decreased her time in the bathroom, much to other members' surprise.
  • Dahyun was voted as #1 for "Charm that once you fall, you can’t escape" among female idols.
  • Dahyun's nickname "dubu/tofu" is not just because of her white porcelain skin but also because of her flexibility just like tofu.
  • Dahyun is a close friend of GFRIEND's SinB because they were co-hosts in variety show "Weekly Idol" .
  • Dahyun was chosen by GOT7's Jackson as one of the most beautiful girls in JYP together with Miss A's Suzy.
  • She was the only member not to appear in JYP's Fire MV w/ Conan O Brian and Steven Yeun.




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