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Hello, we are DRIPPIN!
(안녕하세요, 드리핀입니다!)


DRIPPIN (드리핀) is a six-member boy group under Woollim Entertainment. Originally as seven, they debuted on October 28, 2020 with the mini album Boyager.


2020: Debut[]

On September 4, 2020, it was reported that Woollim would be debuting a new boy group in the fall and would include former X1 member Cha Jun Ho. Later that same day, the agency confirmed the news and revealed the group would be called DRIPPIN and will debut in October.[2] Then on September 6, a teaser scheduler was released which revealed that the group would consist of seven members, including Junho and six other trainees: five of them who are former Produce X 101 contestants and one additional trainee whose identity is yet to be revealed.

On September 7, Junho was revealed as DRIPPIN's first member.[3] The next day, Dongyun was revealed as the group's second member.[4] Then on September 9, the group's third member, Minseo, was officially revealed.[5] The fourth member of the group, Hyeop, was revealed on September 10.[6] On September 11, Alex was introduced and revealed as the group's fifth member.[7] On September 12, Changuk was revealed as the group's sixth member.[8] Finally, on September 13, Yunseong was revealed as the group's seventh and final member.[9]

DRIPPIN Boyager group concept photo 3

Concept photo for Boyager

On October 14, 2020, a debut spoiler video was released, confirming their debut date to be October 28.[10] On October 15, the scheduler was released, revealing that they will debut with a mini album, titled Boyager.

2021: A Better Tomorrow, fandom name, "Free Pass"[]

On March 4, 2021, Woollim revealed that DRIPPIN would be releasing their second mini album A Better Tomorrow on March 16. The mini album will have the song "Young Blood" as the title track.[11]

On April 18, Woollim Entertainment revealed the name of DRIPPIN's official fan club is "DREAMIN", which means that their fans "dream together with them and go with them to achieve their dreams."[12]

DRIPPIN Free Pass group concept photo

Concept photo for "Free Pass"

On May 10, it was confirmed that DRIPPIN would be joining the platform UNIVERSE with their planet opening on May 24.[13]

On June 15, it was revealed that DRIPPIN would be a part of the lineup for the 27th Dream Concert, which was to occur on June 26.[14]

On the midnight of June 18, DRIPPIN announced they would be releasing their first single album, "Free Pass", on June 29.[15]

On November 11, DRIPPIN released their first digital single "Vertigo", which was the 13th release of the UNIVERSE Music project.

2022: Villain series and Japanese debut[]

On December 27, 2021, DRIPPIN dropped a teaser video for their upcoming comeback scheduled for January 17, 2022. The next day, they announced their third mini album Villain, the group have a remvamped into a villian concept.[16]

On March 10, 2022, the group's Japanese Twitter announced that the group would make their Japanese debut with the single, "So Good", which was released on May 18.[17]

On May 24, DRIPPIN announced they would be releasing their second single album, "Villain : Zero", on June 15.[18]

DRIPPIN Villain - The End group concept photo 3

Concept photo for Villain : The End

On October 17, the group announced they would be releasing their first full-length album, Villain : The End, on November 1.[19][20] However, it was postponed to November 15 out of respect for the victims in the Itaewon Halloween crowd crush incident on October 29.[21][22]

2023: "Hello Goodbye", "Seven Sins", Alex's hiatus and departure[]

On December 21, 2022, the group's Japanese Twitter announced their second Japanese single, "Hello Goodbye", which was released on March 15, 2023.[23]

On January 26, 2023, Woollim Entertainment announced that group member Alex would be taking a break from activities due to health concerns.[24]

On March 23, Woollim Entertainment released a concept teaser, hinting at an upcoming comeback in April.[25] On April 5, it was announced that their third single album, "Seven Sins", will be released on April 19.[26]

On July 28, Woollim Entertainment announced that Alex, who had been on hiatus from all activities since January, would officially be leaving DRIPPIN and terminating his exclusive contract with the agency after a long, careful discussion and the group would continue their activities with the remaining six members.[27][28]

2024: "Beautiful Maze", Changuk’s hiatus and return, "Weekend"[]

On March 4, the group released a coming soon teaser photo which revealed that they would make a comeback in the near future.[29] On March 20, it was announced that their fourth single album, "Beautiful Maze", will be released on April 3.[30]

On March 28, Woollim Entertainment released a statement that member Changuk recently experienced symptoms of poor physical condition and a respiratory disease while in preparations for the then upcoming comeback, and was subsequently told take sufficient rest and treatment. This led to the conclusion that he would suspend his individual and group activities for the time being until further notice.[31] The group's fourth single album "Beautiful Maze" was then released on April 3, with Changuk to not participate in the promotions.

On April 21, Woollim Entertainment announced that Changuk will be resuming his activities with the group.[32]

On July 8, a coming soon image for their fifth single album, "Weekend", was released on their official SNS.[33] On July 10, pre-orders opened, revealing the release date to be August 19.[34]


Name Position(s) Signature Emoji Years active
English Korean Japanese
Lee Hyeop 이협 イ・ヒョプ Main Vocalist
Hwang Yun Seong 황윤성 ファン・ユンソン Leader, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist
Joo Chang Uk 주창욱 チュ・チャンウク Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
Kim Dong Yun 김동윤 キム・ドンユン Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
Kim Min Seo 김민서 キム・ミンソ Sub Vocalist
Cha Jun Ho 차준호 チャ・ジュンホ Lead Vocalist, Visual, Center, Maknae (2023–present)
Alex 알렉스 アレックス Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae (2020–2023)
2020–2023[Notes 1][27]



Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Single albums[]

Digital singles[]

Participation releases[]

  • Listen-Up Ep.8 ("Looking For A Love (Rooftop)") (2022)




Fan concerts[]

Concert participation[]

  • 2022 UNI-KON[36] (2022)
  • K.One Festa Qatar 2023 (2023)[37]
  • 29th Dream Concert (2023)[38]
  • KCON LA 2024 (2024)[39]


Japan fanmeetings[]

Awards and nominations[]

Year Recipient Award Won
Asia Artist Awards
2021 DRIPPIN Popularity Award - Male Idol Group Nominated[41]
Golden Disc Awards
2021 DRIPPIN Rookie Artist of the Year Nominated[42]
Mnet Asian Music Awards
2021 DRIPPIN Best New Male Artist Nominated[43]
Seoul Music Awards
2021 DRIPPIN K-Wave Award Nominated[44]
Popularity Award Nominated[44]
Rookie of the Year Nominated[44]



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  1. Hiatus since January 2023 before officially leaving the group in July 2023.


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