DMZA (디엠지에이) is a sixteen-member pre-debut girl group under U S Media Group. The group will be divided into two units: DMZα and DMZβ.[1]

They are currently in the process of revealing all the members one by one.


2018: U S Media Group Idol Project D.O.V

In 2018, U S media announced their plans to create and debut a fifteen-member girl group called Delta of Venus (D.O.V for short). This group would consist of two subunits: Venus Bolero, the nine-member sub-unit, and Delta Baila, the six-member sub-unit.[2]

2019: Forming DMZA

In January 2019, D.O.V uploaded their first dance cover as DMZA on their company's Youtube channel, revealing the name change.[3]

On August 16, DMZA officially introduced their first member: Minju.[4] Two other members were already now to the public however without official introduction. The group account follows the personal accounts of two other members: Russian member Senia and Japanese member Hime (they have since turned those accounts into DMZA's Japanese and Russian group accounts).[5]

On September 2, the second official member introduction took place. This time, they revealed Joonee through a solo vocal cover.[6]

On September 11, Ayeon was introduced[7], followed by Chinese member Ginny on September 28.[8]

On November 30, Lasha was introduced, but her profile was deleted within the same day. Her performance video on their YouTube remained, however.[9]


Members are still being introduced

Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Minju (민주) Dancer 2019–present
Senia (세니아) N/A 2019–present
Hime (히메) N/A 2019–present
Joonee (주니) Vocalist 2019-present
Ayeon (아연) Dancer 2019-present
Ginny (우지니) Dancer 2019-present
Ruby (루비) N/A 2019-present
Soohyun (수현) N/A 2019-present
Gayoung (가영) N/A 2019-present
Yeongchae (영채) N/A 2019-present
Hayan (하얀) N/A 2019-present
Taeeun (태은) N/A 2019-present
Lasha (라샤) Dancer 2019-present


  • DMZA's concept will be girl crush[10]
  • DMZA's Japanese and Russian Instagram accounts were Hime's and Senia's old accounts[11][12]





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