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Move the crowd! Hello, we are DKB!
(Move the crowd! 안녕하세요, DKB입니다!)


DKB (다크비) is an eight-member boy group under Brave Entertainment. Originally as nine, they debuted on February 3, 2020 with the mini album Youth.

Their name is short for "Dark Brown Eyes."


2019: Pre-debut[]

On September 30, 2019, a group twitter account for Brave Entertainment was launched along with a teaser image.[1]

On October 25, a promotional film titled "Move the Crowd" was released.[1] Individual films were released periodically in the following order from October 28 to November 26: E-Chan,[2] D1,[3] Lune,[4] Heechan,[5] GK,[6] Junseo,[7] Teo,[8] Yuku,[9] and Harry-June.[10] The second promotional film "Keep Your Head Up" was released on November 28.[11]

On December 3, individual film behind photos were released for E-Chan,[12] D1,[13] and Lune.[14] The next day, individual film behind photos were released for Heechan,[15] GK,[16] and Junseo.[17] The remaining photos for Teo,[18] Yuku,[19] and Harry-June[20] were released on December 5.

Footage of the members in the studio and practice room were uploaded on December 10 and December 13, respectively.[21][22] On December 17, footage of them at the study room was released.[23] On December 19, 24, 27, and 31, a four part footage video titled "Overnight" was released.[24][25][26][27]

2020: Debut with Youth, Love, Japanese debut, Growth[]

They continued to upload footage clips and dance videos on their YouTube channel.

On January 15, 2020, the first teaser photo for their debut mini album Youth was released.[28] A scheduler was released the next day with the track list being released the day after that.[29][30] Their fan cafe was opened on January 18.[31] The member's individual teaser photos were released in sets of three each day from January 19 to January: E-Chan,[32] D1,[33] and Lune,[34] GK, Heechan, and Harry-June,[35] and Teo, Junseo, and Yuku.[36] Three group concept photos were released on January 22.[37] Individual concept films for Lune, D1, and GK were released on January 27 for their title track "Sorry Mama".[38] The next day, individual concept films for E-Chan, Harry-June, and Heechan were released.[39] On January 29, the final individual concept films were released for Teo, Junseo, and Yuku.[40] The music video teaser for "Sorry Mama" was released on January 30 with the highlight medley for the album being released the next day.[41][42] The group finally made their debut on February 3 with the release of their mini album Youth. On the same day, the music video for "Sorry Mama" was released.[43]

On May 7, a teaser photo was released of the group announcing their first comeback set for May 25.[44] On May 10, a group teaser photo was released, also announcing that the second mini album will be titled Love.[45] A scheduler was released on May 11.[46] From May 12 to May 20, individual teaser photos were released everyday in the following order: E-Chan, D1, GK, Lune, Yuku, Harry-June, Heechan, Teo, and Junseo. A choreography spoiler clip was also released on May 16.[47] Another group teaser photo was released on May 20 with the track list being released the next day.[48][49]

On May 25, the same day as the album's release, the group announced their official fandom name to be "BB".[50]

Their first Japanese mini album, Youth, which includes all 5-track of their debut album plus the Japanese version of "Sorry Mama", was released on July 29, 2020.

On October 11, a teaser photo was released of the group announcing their comeback.[51] Their third mini album, Growth, was released on October 26, 2020.[52]

2021: The Dice is Cast, "Rollercoaster"[]

On March 11, 2021, the group teased their upcoming comeback.[53] Their first studio album, The Dice is Cast, was released on March 30.

On June 15, DKB was revealed to be a part of the line up for the 2021 Dream Concert. The online concert then occurred on June 26.[54]

On October 15, the group released a teaser for their first single album, "Rollercoaster", which was released on October 28.[55]

2022: Rebel, Autumn[]

On April 15, the group released a teaser for their fourth mini album, Rebel, which was released on April 28.[56]

On August 12, the group released a teaser for their fifth mini album, Autumn, which was released on August 25.[57]

2023: Peak Time, Japanese comeback with Rebel, I Need Love, We Love You, "The Wave", Teo's departure, Hip[]

On January 21, it was confirmed that DKB will partake in JTBC's Peak Time. Their silhouette was revealed through a performance of "The Real" (Heung ver.)" by ATEEZ.[58]

On February 20, the group announced their plans to release their second Japanese mini album, Rebel, which was released on April 11.[59]

On the last Peak Time episode that aired on April 19, DKB finished in fourth place of the show.[60]

On May 24, Brave Entertainment announced that DKB is preparing for a new album, aiming for a comeback sometime in June.[61] A few days later, the group released a teaser for their sixth mini album, I Need Love, which was released on June 14.[62]

On August 1, the group released a teaser for the repackage of their sixth mini album, We Love You, which was released on August 14.[63]

DKB released their first digital single, "The Wave", on September 21, as the theme song for Korea's 104th National Sports Festival and the 43rd National Sports Festival for the Disabled.

On October 23, 2023, Brave Entertainment announced that DKB were preparing a new album, with the aim of releasing it sometime in November.[64]

On November 6, Brave Entertainment announced that Teo would be leaving the group after getting caught by the police for DUI on October 30 and getting his license revoked. This resulted in reorganizing DKB with the new lineup of the remaining eight members, however, the new album would still be released as previously scheduled.[65] On November 12, the group dropped a coming soon teaser for their seventh mini album Hip, set for release on November 30.[66]

2024: Urban Ride[]

On July 2, 2024, Brave Entertainment announced that DKB will be making a comeback with their eighth mini album in mid-July.[67] On July 8, the group released a promotion scheduler for their eighth mini album, Urban Ride, which was released on July 17.[68]


Name Position(s) Years active
E-Chan (이찬) Co-Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper 2019–present
D1 (디원) Co-Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Acrobatic 2019–present
GK (지케이) Main Rapper 2019–present
Heechan (희찬) Main Dancer, Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist 2019–present
Lune (룬) Lead Vocalist, Visual, Center 2019–present
Junseo (준서) Main Dancer, Main Vocalist, Sub Rapper, DJ 2019–present
Yuku (유쿠) Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, DJ 2019–present
Harry-June (해리준) Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Maknae 2019–present
Teo (테오) Main Vocalist, Acrobatic 2019–2023[65]



Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

Single albums[]

Digital singles[]

Participation releases[]

Other releases[]

  • "Bestie" (2022)


Mini albums[]

Digital singles[]


U.S. tours[]

North/South American tours[]

World tours[]

Concerts participation[]

  • KCON 2022 Japan (2022)[72]
  • Ikonyx Concert 2024 (2024)[73]


Reality shows[]

  • DKB United (Mnet, 2022)
  • Peak Time (JTBC, 2023)

Awards and nominations[]

Year Recipient Award Won
Asia Music Awards
2021 DKB AAA Focus (Singer) Won[74]
Soribada Best K-Music Awards
2020 DKB Next Artist Award Won[75]


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  1. Only E-Chan and GK are featured in the song.
  2. Only Teo and Lune are featured in the song.


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