Cupid (큐피트) was a girl group under Narda Entertainment. They officially debuted on April 29, 2015, with the song "I Feel Good" under IN Entertainment, moving to Narda Entertainment in mid-2016. Cupid have also collaborated on singles with Rion Five and Chic Angel.


2015–2016: Debut with "I Feel Good"

On April 29, 2015, IN Entertainment debuted their first girl group, Cupid, consisting of Bona, their leader, their rappers Nanayuri and Jenna and Sarang. In an interview, Bona revealed she named the group herself. Cupid debuted with their first single "I Feel Good", receiving moderate promotion and some attention.

2016: Lineup changes, new agency & "Merry Christmas"

In early 2016, Sarang left Cupid to pursue an acting career and a new member, Yera, was announced however, Yera didn't join Cupid and Amin was instead revealed as the new member. Nanayuri also left a few months later and Pureum joined.

Shortly after Pureum's addition, Cupid left IN Entertainment, resulting in Jenna, Amin and Pureum's departures with Amin remaining in IN and joining Fantastie while Cupid moved to Narda Entertainment. Nanayuri rejoined Cupid after their move and Cupid made their first comeback with a collaboration single called "Summer Time" featuring Rion Five. Near the end of 2016, new members Seolyi and Dohee joined Cupid and the group released a holiday single, "Merry Christmas", featuring classic Christmas song covers.

2017–2018: MIXNINE & "Sea"

Seolyi silently left Cupid in early 2017 and, around April, Cupid revealed their new member, Hyemi (then revealed as Sopia and later called SaetByeol) and filmed a new music video for "Summer Time" with Rion Five.

Around August, Nanayuri also silently left the group for a second time and Cupid continued as a trio, making an appearance around October with a fancam of Bona dancing to Sunmi's "Gashina" briefly going viral in South Korea. Cupid entered MIXNINE without success though photos of the group's audition was posted along with a clip of Dohee's interview making it onto the show. In December 2017, Dohee revealed her departure in comments when a fan asked if she had left Cupid.

Cupid resumed activities as a duo in 2018 and released their first new song in nearly two years "Sea" which is a collaboration with Chic Angel. Cupid also opened an official YouTube account when the music video was released.

2019: Disbandment

In early 2019, Hyemi removed all references to Cupid from her Instagram. Later that summer, Bona replied to a fan in her Instagram story saying "Thank you for remembering Cupid" which led fans to ask about Cupid's status and she confirmed Cupid had disbanded.[citation needed]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Bona (보나) Leader, Vocalist 2015–2019
Nanayuri (나나유리) Rapper, Vocalist 2015–2016
Jenna (제나) Rapper, Maknae 2015–2016
Sarang (사랑) Vocalist 2015–2016
Amin (아민) Vocalist 2016
Pureum (푸름) Vocalist 2016
Seolyi (설이) Vocalist 2016–2017
Dohee (도희) Vocalist 2016–2017
Hyemi (혜미) Vocalist, Maknae 2017–2019
Yera (예라) Vocalist N/A


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