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Crush (크러쉬) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and producer under P NATION.[3] He is a member of the project hip hop group FANXY CHILD and former one half of the duo Masterpiece.

He officially debuted as a soloist on April 1, 2014 with the single "Sometimes". Prior to his debut, he released two other singles, "Red Dress" and "Crush On You".

Personal life

Military service

On October 19, 2020, Crush announced on his fan cafe that he would be enlisting on November 12.[4] His scheduled discharge date will be on August 11, 2022.


On August 23, 2021, Sports Chosun reported that Joy of Red Velvet and Crush were dating. Both agencies confirmed that the two began dating recently an hour later.[2]


Studio albums

Mini albums


Digital singles


  • "Where Do You Wanna Go?" (with C-Luv & Gary) (2015)
  • "Young" (with Zion.T) (2015)
  • "Highfive" (with Dynamic Duo, Primary, B.Boi) (2016)
  • "Skip" (with Hang Sang Won) (2016)
  • "Last Festival" (with Band Wonderlust) (2017)
  • "Finding Heros: Geek Tour Special" (with Band Wonderlust) (2018)
  • "0-100" (with BewhY) (2018)
  • "I Wanna Be Yours" (with Pink Sweat$) (2019)



Other releases

  • "JTBC Begin Again Korea Episode 1" ("Departure" with Hareem) (2020)
  • "JTBC Begin Again Korea Episode 10" ("End of a day", "You In My Arms") (2020)

Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[5]


Artist Song Album Type
Masterpiece "Rollercoaster" Rhythm Genius Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Top of The World (Female ver.)"
"Like That"
"Top of The World (Male ver.)"
Crush "Red Dress"
Loco "No More" Composing, Arranging
Crush "Crush On You" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zion.T "Two Melodies (뻔한 멜로디)"
Money Maker$ "What You Gonna Do" Fly High Composing, Arranging
Supreme Team "You Can Stay (그대로 있어도 돼)" "Thanks 4 The Wait"
Gray "깜빡 Remix" Writing, Composing
MBLAQ "Smoky Girl (스모키걸)" Sexy Beat Writing
Dynamic Duo "Life is Good (거품 안 넘치게 따라줘)" Luckynumbers Writing, Composing
C-luv, Gray, Crush "Where Do You Wanna Go? (어디 갈래)"
Gray "Dream Chaser (꿈이 뭐야)" Call Me Gray Writing
Dok2 "No More (G-Mix)" Ruthless, The Album Writing, Composing
Hyolyn "O.M.G" Love & Hate
Double K "Hotpants (Extended ver.)" Guy
Gary "Shower Later (조금 이따 샤워해)" Mr.Gae Composing
Rhythm Power "Stupid Love" Wolmido Dogs Writing, Composing, Arranging
Loco "Hold Me Tight (감아)" Writing, Composing
Crush "Sometimes (가끔)"
"I Fancy You (눈이 마주친 순간)" Crush On You Writing, Composing, Arranging
"A Little Bit"
"Hey Baby"
"Whatever You Do"
"I'm Fine (밥맛이야)" Writing, Composing
"Lovely (아름다운 그대)"
"I Want You (원해)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Hug Me"
"Give it to Me" Writing, Composing
"Friday Ya (Friday야)"
"Sofa" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Toy "U & I" Da Capo Writing
Kim Bum Soo "Ocean" Him Writing, Composing
Pinodyne "Shall We Dance" Her
Loco "Hands Up (손바닥을 보여줘)" Locomotive
Crush "A Night Like This (오늘 같은 밤)" "SBS Radio 'Jang Ye Won's A Night Like This' Logo Song" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Zion.T withCrush "Just (그냥)" "Young" Writing, Composing
Planet Shiver "Rainbow" "Planet Shiver" Writing
"Rainbow (Som Serious Remix)"
Crush "You & I" "Oasis" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Junggigo "247 (일주일)" Composing
Jay Park "Mommae (몸매)" Worldwide Writing, Composing
Dynamic Duo "Baby Don't Go (있어줘)" Grand Carnival Writing, Composing, Arranging
Crush "Don't Forget (잊어버리지마)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
DEAN "What2Do" 130 Mood: TRBL Composing
nov "추워" Composing, Arranging
Sam Kim "No Sense (No눈치)" I Am Sam Writing
Crush "In The Air Interlude Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Woo Ah (우아해)"
"9 to 5"
"Castaway" Composing, Arranging
"Dust (먼지)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Jonghyun "She is (좋아)" She is Composing
C Jamm "Let It Be (재방송)" Show Me The Money 5 Episode 5 Writing, Composing
Dynamic Duo, Primary, Boi B, Crush "Highfive"
Penomeco "For You"
Han Sang Won with Crush "Skip" Writing
Punchnello "Corona" "Lime" Writing, Composing
Crush "Wanderlust" Wonderlust Writing, Composing, Arranging
"2411" Writing, Composing
"Nostalgia (향수)"
"Fall (어떻게 지내)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Like My Father (아빠처럼)" Writing, Composing
Loco "Still"
Zico "Bermuda Triangle"
DPR LIVE "Laputa" Coming To You Live Writing, Composing
Junggigo "Fantasy" Across The Universe Composing
Sik-K "Party (Shut Down)" H.A.L.F (Have.A.Little.Fun) Writing, Composing
Crush "Summer Love" "Outside" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Don't Be Shy"
Millic "Igloo" Vida Writing, Composing
Zico "Fanxy Child" Television
Crush with Band Wonderlust "Last Festival (마지막 축제)" Arranging
PEEJAY "Stranger" Walkin' Vol.2 Writing, Composing
Suran "Love Story (러브스토리)" Writing
Swings "Clock Out (퇴근)" Composing
Rhythm Power "Dongseong-ro (동성로)" Dongseong-ro Writing, Composing
SAAY "Sweaty"
nov "Last Appearance (마지막 뒷모습)"
Crush "Be By My Side (내 편이 돼줘)"
Justhis with Paloalto "The Key" 4 The Youth Writing, Composing
Colde "Your Dog Loves You"
Crush "Bittersweet (잊을만하면)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Crush with Bewhy "0-100" "The Call Project 3"
Crush "Chill" Wonderlost Writing, Composing
"Close Your Eyes (뭐가 보여)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Ryo" Writing
Giriboy "Peace (평화)" Hightechnology Writing, Composing
Somdef "Slip N Slide (미끌미끌)" Some Definition of Love
Crush "None (넌)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
nov "Contradictory (모순)" Farewell Arranging
Hoody "Sunshine" Writing, Composing
Sam Kim "Make Up" Sun And Moon Part.1
Kim Jo Han "Still in Love (아직은)" Composing, Arranging
Penomeco "No.5" Garden Writing, Composing
Punchnello "Blue Hawaii" Ordinary. Writing, Composing
Sik-K "Vanessa" FL1P
"1000 (미안해)"
Cifika "Now or Never (지금이 아니면)"
1THE9 "Domino" XIX Writing, Composing, Arranging
Jay Park "Yummy" Nothing Matters Writing, Composing
Bewhy "I Did It (아들이)" The Movie Star
Simon Dominic "Make Her Dance"
Crush "Nappa (나빠)" "Nappa"
"Lookin 4"
Heize "Late Autumn (만추)" Late Autumn
Crush with various artists "What do You do When You Play? (놀면뭐해?)" Yooplash
Pink Sweat$ with Crush "I Wanna Be Yours
Crush "From Midnight To Sunrise" From Midnight To Sunrise
"Wake Up" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Wonderlust" Composing, Arranging
"With You" Writing, Composing
"Tiki-Taka (티격태격)"
"Sunset" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Sleep No More" Writing, Composing
"Nighty Night (잘자)"
BoA "Starry Night" Starry Night


Artist Song Album Type
Crush "Digital Lover" Writing, Composing
Jessi "Digital Lover (Jessi ver.)"
Gray "Digital Lover (Gray ver.)"
Kang Min Kyung "Digital Lover (Kang Min Kyung ver.)"
Crush "Mayday (자나깨나)" "Homemade 1" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Sik-K "Darling (달링)" Headliner Writing, Composing
Crush "Ohio" "Ohio" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Paul Blanco "Believe (믿어)" "Mine" Writing, Composing
nov "부재중" Writing, Composing, Arranging
Amoeba Culture "Fall (어떻게 지내)" Then to Now Writing, Composing
DAWN "Still (가마니)" Dawndididawn
"Ordinary Night (평소와 똑같은 밤)" Composing
Crush "Let Me Go (놓아줘)" with HER Writing, Composing
"Tip Toe"
"Love Encore (춤)" Writing, Composing, Arranging
"Step By Step"
"She Said"
DPR LIVE "Jam & Butterfly" Writing, Composing
Lee Hi "For You" Arranging
PSY "Happier" PSY 9th Writing, Composing


Reality shows

Awards and nominations

Year Event Category Result
2018 Soribada Best K-Music Awards R&B Artist Award[6] Won



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