Collection is the first full-length Japanese album by 2NE1. The album was released on March 28, 2012, along with BIGBANG's Alive and the corresponding single "Scream".

The first single from the album was "Go Away", released November 16, 2011, and the second, "Scream", was released on the same day as the album release.

Development and background

The album was announced on February 3, 2012. The majority of the album's songs are Japanese versions of previous Korean releases. "Go Away" was released as a single album, Go Away, the previous year in November. Two of the songs, "Ugly" and "I am the Best" were released on the Japanese mini-album release Nolza previously.

Music and lyrics

Collection is mostly classified as pop and dance music. There are also strong elements of R&B and hip hop. The album continues 2NE1's themes of female independence. Much of the music is from 2NE1's earlier releases through the form of Japanese remakes.


Collection contains the songs from two earlier released single albums. The first, Go Away, was released on November 16, 2011. It contained the songs "Go Away" and "It Hurts". Both songs became included on Collection. The physical single sold 18,000 copies and ranked as high as number fourteen on the Oricon charts.

The next single album included in Collection is Scream. Scream was released on the same day as Collection, and contained the songs "Scream" and "Fire".

Chart performance

On the first day of release, Collection charted at number four on the Oricon charts. The set sold around 8,500 copies on the first day of release. The set charted at number five for its debut week and sold 22,224 copies in the first week of release.


The album was first announced on the official Japanese website on February 3, 2012. The album was set for the release date of late February, but it was pushed back to coincide with the release of Big Bang's album Alive. 2NE1 made several appearances on music shows in order to promote Collection, in addition to making the album available for sale at Springroove Music Festival.

Track list

No. Title Lyrics Composed Arranged Length
1 "Fire" Teddy, Sunny Boy Teddy Teddy 3:45
2 "Scream" Teddy, Verbal Teddy, Dee.P Teddy, Dee.P 3:42
3 "Go Away" Teddy, Shoko Fujibayashi, Sunny Boy Teddy Teddy 3:39
4 "날 따라해봐요 (Follow Me)" Teddy, Kenn Kato Teddy Teddy 3:08
5 "I Don't Care" Teddy, e.knock, Rina Moon, Sunny Boy Teddy, e.knock Teddy, e.knock 4:00
6 "내가 제일 나가 (I Am the Best)" Teddy, 17J Teddy Teddy 3:31
7 "아파 (Slow) (It Hurts)" e.knock, Tatsuji Ueda e.knock, Sunwoo Jungah Sunwoo Jungah 4:16
8 "박수 쳐 (Clap Your Hands)" e.knock, Sunny Boy e.knock e.knock 3:42
9 "사랑은 아야야 (Love is Ouch)" Masta Wu, Ritsuko Tanifuji, Sunny Boy Choice37, Big Tone Choice37 3:53
10 "Ugly" Teddy, Kenn Kato Teddy, Lydia Paek Teddy 4:09
11 "She's So (Outta Control)" (BFM remix)
12 "Like a Virgin" (bonus track) Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 4:14

Charts and certifications

Chart Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly
Japan – Oricon Albums Chart 4 5 22

Release history

Country Date Label Format
Japan March 28, 2012 YGEX CD, CD+DVD
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