cignature (시그니처) is a seven-member girl group under J9 Entertainment. They debuted on February 4, 2020 with the digital single "Nun Nu Nan Na".



From November 10 to November 16, 2019, the seven members of the group were revealed across social media, starting with Jee won, followed by Semi, Chaesol, Sunn, Belle, Ye Ah, and Seline respectively.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

2020: Debut, "Assa", Listen and Speak

On January 14, C9 Entertainment released the group's official name, as well as the new logo.[8] Later that day, it was revealed that C9 established a new subsidiary, called J9 Entertainment, which would focus on girl groups. Thus, cignature would be transferred to this label.[9]

On January 22, the official debut schedule for their debut lead single A "Nun Nu Nan Na" was released. The group's promotional photos were released from January 27 to 28th, with the MV teaser being released on January 30 and the dance practice on 31st. On February 3, the official music video of their first digital single "Nun Nu Nan Na" was released. Lastly, the single was released on February 4th at 6PM KST on various music sites and their debut showcase, "Cignature Move", was held that same day.[10][11]

On March 26, the group announced that they would be releasing their debut lead single B on April 7. The following day, the scheduler was released and revealed the single's title to be "Assa".[12]

On September 8, the group revealed a teaser trailer for their first EP Listen and Speak, set to be released on September 22.[13]


Name Position(s) Years active
Chaesol (채솔) Vocalist, Visual 2020–present
Jee won (지원) Lead Vocalist, Center, Face of the Group 2020–present
Ye Ah (예아) Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2020–present
Sunn (선) Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist 2020–present
Seline (셀린) Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper 2020–present
Belle (벨) Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer 2020–present
Semi (세미) Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae 2020–present



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