Choi Ye Na (Korean: 최예나; Japanese: チェイェナ; or simply Yena) is a South Korean singer and rapper currently under Yue Hua Entertainment and Off The Record Entertainment. She is the main rapper of the project girl group IZ*ONE.


2018: Produce 48 and IZ*ONE

On May 11, 2018, she was revealed to be a contestant on Produce 48 as a trainee representing Yue Hua Entertainment. On August 30, she finished the competition in fourth place, thus becoming a member of IZ*ONE.[2] The group officially debuted on October 29, 2018 with the mini album Color*IZ and its title track, "La Vie En Rose".


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  • Prior to debuting with IZ*ONE, she trained for 3 years and 5 months.[1]
  • Her hobby is games and watching movies alone.[1]
  • Her specialty is her lip's personal use (?).[1]
  • Her Produce 48 motto was "Yena; now born as a person of many talents", while her catchphrase was "I shall become a person like you've never seen before."[1]
  • Ye Na is a cancer survivor. She had childhood lymphoma. Her illness was so severe that doctors told her parents to give up. Due to her family's financial situation and medical costs, her parents never got the chance to have a honeymoon and went out every morning to sell gimbap. Due to this, she has an old tracheal tube scar visible on the lower front of her neck.[3]



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