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Chic Angel (시크엔젤) is a four-member girl group under Liz Entertainment. They debuted on February 16, 2017 with the digital single "Is Love".



Prior to the group's debut they promoted on events with a cover of the song "Again" by Honey Girls, their older sister group.

2017: Debut with "Is Love" & "Chic Summer"

Chic Angel officially debuted on February 16, 2017, with the digital single "Is Love".the group's original line-up consisted of: U Hee, Laeun, Bomi, and Sha Sha.

The group made their first comeback on July 5 with the single "Chic Summer". Sometime after this release, Bomi and Sha Sha decided to leave the group.

2018: "Good Day" & "Sea"

On January 15, U Hee and Laeun collaborated with Rion Five's Taewoo for "Good Day" and promoted together following the single's release.[2]

On July 25, the group collaborated with Cupid and released a cover of UP's 1997 hit song "Sea".[3] This was also the first release to include new members Sia and Dayeon.

On December 14, U Hee made her solo debut with the single "Stay". She was the first member of the group to release a solo song.

2019: "Like It", "Last Festival" & "Wish You A Merry Christmas"

On April 12, the group announced that they will comeback on May 21, with the digital single "Like It".[4]

On October 18, Dayeon made her solo debut with the song "Re BORN". Soon after, on October 28, the group released a special single "Last Festival".

On December 18, Chic Angel collaborated with their label mates ICU to release the special digital single "Wish You A Merry Christmas".


On March 9, Sia made her solo debut with the track "Breath".

In June, U Hee, Laeun, and Dayeon were revealed as members of Liz Entertainment's upcoming project group CHIC&IDLE. The group debuted on July 20 with the digital single "3! 4!".


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
U Hee (유희) Leader, Main Vocalist 2017–present
Laeun (라은) Vocalist, Rapper 2017–present
Sia (시아) Sub-Vocalist 2017–present
Dayeon (다연) Sub-Vocalist 2017–present
Bomi (봄이) Vocalist 2017
Sha Sha (샤샤) Vocalist 2017
Ireum (이름) N/A 2015
Eunsu (은수) N/A 2015
Suwon (수원) N/A 2015
Yeojung (여정) N/A 2015
Sora (소라) N/A 2015


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