Cherry Bullet (Korean: 체리블렛; Japanese: チェリーバレット) is a ten-member girl group under FNC Entertainment. They debuted on January 21, 2019 with the single album "Let's Play Cherry Bullet".



On August 20, 2017, FNC Entertainment revealed a teaser for a new eleven-member girl group that is to be revealed on August 22.[1] On August 21, the first member Yuju was revealed with the date "2017.08.23 00AM" in the caption,[2] this was followed by the second member Jiwon on October 22.[3] Following Jiwon's reveal, no new members were revealed in the following days and no updates were given on the situation until over a month later, on October 3, the third member Bora was revealed.[4] However, yet again, no further news about the group was released after Bora's reveal, hence it was presumed that FNC Entertainment had either delayed or cancelled the group debut.

2018: Preparations for debut

Over a year later, on November 20, 2018, FNC Entertainment revealed a teaser image for a ten-member girl group named "Cherry Bullet" to be revealed on November 21, 2018[5] along with new social media accounts.[6] The first three members Ji Won, May and Yu Ju were revealed on November 21,[7][8][9] members Hae Yoon, Lin Lin and Chae Rin on November 22.[10][11][12] On November 23, the final four members Kokoro, Mi Rae, Re Mi and Bo Ra were revealed.[13][14][15][16] The first episode of their debut reality television series, Insider Channel Cherry Bullet, aired on November 28 at 19:00 (KST) on Mnet.

2019: "Let's Play Cherry Bullet" and "Love Adventure"

On January 4, 2019, a teaser website was launched for the group’s debut, with a clock featuring a count down for the debut and another one for the title track reveal.[17] On January 6, the title track "Q&A" was revealed along with the debut single album name, "Let's Play Cherry Bullet" and the debut date as January 21.[18][19]


The information in the "specialty" and "level" ranks corresponds to their debut as they have not been updated since.

Name Specialty Level Position(s)
Hae Yoon (해윤) Shield 1 Main Vocalist
Yu Ju (유주) Longe-range Missile 1 Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Mi Rae (미래) Happy Virus 1 Leader, Vocalist
Bo Ra (보라) Magnifying 1 Main Vocalist
Ji Won (지원) Machine Gun 1 Main Rapper,

Vocalist, Visual, Center

Kokoro (코코로) Healing 1 Vocalist, Dancer
Re Mi (레미) Rocket Punch 1 Lead Dancer
Chae Rin (채린) Power Booster 1 Vocalist, Dancer
Lin Lin (린린) Hacking 1 Main Dancer, Sub-Rapper
May (메이) X-ray Vision 1 Dancer, Visual, Maknae


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Television shows

  • Insider Channel Cherry Bullet (Mnet, 2018)




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