Champs was a K-pop-inspired Brazilian boy group formed by JS Entertainment in 2013. Champs consisted of five members: Diego, Ricky, Kenji, Shi and Iago.

Champs made ​​his first appearance of pre-debut in October 2013 at Arirang TV in Seoul, South Korea, in November 2013 appeared on PlayTV in São Paulo. In June 2014 the group began its official activities. In 2015 the group came to an end.

In January 2013 JS Entertainment recruited four members through auditions in October of the same year the agency announced a new hearing where recruited another member. The group has been named by the media and fans as a "B-pop band" due to its influences in music and South Korean musical groups and the term for pop music in the country, although the term "B-pop" I have never been used by other artists. the group spent two months in Seoul and took classes with the hit choreographer "Gangnam Style" Ju Sun Lee. The person responsible for group formation and owner of JS Entertainment company was Alex JS Lee.


Stage Name Real Name Birthdate Position
Iago Iago Aleixo 29/01/1996 Main Dancer, Rapper and Lead Maknae
Kenji Kenji Kodama 21/09/1993 Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Rapper and Visual
Shi Shi Bessat 13/04/1993 Main Rapper and dancer Lead
Ricky Richardson Hotz 02/04/1993 Leader and Main Vocalist
Diego Diego Mendeiros 20/09/1991 Dancer and Rapper


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