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CRAXY (크랙시) is a five-member girl group under S.A ITAINMENT. They debuted on March 3, 2020 with the full-length album My Universe.


2018: Winter project 'Wish For You'

In December 2018, CRAXY, then known by their pre-debut name Wish Girls, was introduced through their winter project. To celebrate Christmas, the members recorded "Wish For You", a song made out of several remade popular Christmas songs. They also shot a music video for the song inspired by The Little Match Girl story.[2]

The song would not be released on music sites until June 27, 2019.[3]

2019: Pre-debut solos, summer project "Yours Is Mine", WTW project, and winter project "WishXMas"

In 2019, S.A ITAINMENT revealed their plans to give all members a solo song before debuting the group. They started with the release of the music video for Woo-Ah's "Issue" on May 18,[4] followed by Hyejin's "Boyfriend" on August 10, ChaeY's "Sixteen" on August 30, Swan's "My Soul" on September 25, and Karin's "Ka Ka Ka" on October 24.

On May 21, the company announced Wish Girls were going to do a summer project. Similar to their winter project, the group will film a music video, but this time related to summer.[5] For this project, they teamed up with the Indonesian actor Glenn Alinskie and his wife actress and singer Chelsea Olivia. The couple worked as co-producer on this project for nearly a year, before the music video for "Yours Is Mine" was finally revealed on July 12.[6] The single would be released on music sites a month later on August 21.[7]

On July 22, S.A ITAINMENT announced an international cover contest for "Yours Is Mine". Two days later, on July 24, the company revealed the prize for the winners: a trip to Korea, recording a song with Wish Girls and shooting a music video.[8]

On August 31, the winner of the dance cover contest was announced: Indonesian dance team I'GENERATION[9]

On September 6, the winners of the vocal cover contest were announced: Diva from Russia, Gigi from Hong Kong, Aaliyah from Belgium, Laras from Indonesia, and Yoerich from Indonesia.[10] For reasons unknown, however, Gigi and Laras did not participate in the shooting.

On December 9, the music video for "We The WishGirls" was released.[11]

On December 13, Wish Girls announced their winter project through the "WishXMas" music video teaser featuring all the girls from the WTW project.[12] The music video was released on December 18. At the end of the music video, the group revealed their debut date had been set and coming soon. The date was not revealed,[13] but was shared to fall into the first half of 2020.[14]

2020: "My Universe", official name, and debut

On January 10, S.A ITAINMENT uploaded a music video teaser for Wish Girl's final pre-debut single "My Universe". With this teaser, they revealed the group's official name to be CRAXY.[15]

On January 16, the music video for "My Universe" was released.[16] One month later, on February 16, the single was officially released on music sites.

In February, the group also revealed they were planning to release their debut album on March 1. The album would consist of ten tracks, including the solo and pre-debut songs. The title track was revealed to be "Aria".[17]

On March 1, the company posted on their social media that due to internal issues, they were postponing CRAXY's debut until March 3.[18]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Woo-Ah (우아) Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist 2019–present
Karin (카린) Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper 2018–present
Hyejin (혜진) Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist 2019–present
Swan (수안) Main Vocalist 2019–present
ChaeY (채이) Lead Vocalist, Maknae 2018–present
Yujin (유진) Vocalist 2019
Hana (하나) Vocalist 2019


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