Brand New Day (브랜뉴데이) was a three-member girl group under Wannabe Management. They debuted on January 7, 2009 with the mini-album Lady Garden. The group didn't officially disband, but their last activity was in 2009.


2009: Lady Garden, "Mascara" and "Soulmate"

The group debuted in January 2009 under Castle J Entertainment with their first mini-album Lady Garden and the title track "Survivable".[1] On June 9 Member Chae Rin together with the solist Ilac recorded a digital single called "I Have Someone Else".[2] Brand New Day made a comeback on June 16 with the single "Mascara".[3] later the same month they sang an OST for the drama “Boys Before Flowers” titled "Almost Like Love (사랑같은 거)".[4] Their last release was the digital single called "Soulmate" on July 27.[5] Later they were listed under a new company - Wannabe Management.[6]

Present: disbandment, Geum Dan Bi

The group's last known activity was in 2009, so it's assumed Brand New Day disbanded.

In 2011, member Soo Ah debuted as a soloist under the stage name Geum Dan Bi.



Mini albums

Digital singles


  • "Boys Over Flowers OST Part.2" ("어떡하죠") (2009)



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