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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 1 day ago

quick blog post before nct 127 comeback!

This is gonna be another kinda short one since usually I spend an hour writing these posts (I get distracted a LOT), and as I'm writing this, there's less than 40 minutes until the comeback and I'm not missing it. I remember missing the premiere for PTD by BTS and my screen freezing so it was just Taehyung making some weird face for like two minutes... I'm not doing that again. Also I missed LALISA, which I was looking forward to.

And then so many groups are having comebacks that come out at like 5 AM EST, which obviously I'm not waking up for. I love all these groups and usually also the comebacks with them, but I'm not getting up at 5 AM to say "Wow, I was there for the premiere of this song. I'm so cool."

When I found out NCT 127's comeba…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 6 days ago

my week was so weird

Ok - so school started for me on Wednesday. I'm 3 days in, and I'm already just done with the whole thing already. Like guys, everything that sucks about school is just all packed in one here at my new school, and I already feel so burned out. My new school has so, so much work, and it's built on a freaking HILL of all things.

I have bruises on my arms everywhere from volleyball, my muscles are tired from the hills, and my shoulders hurt because of my backpack. I'm also so, so tired all the time. I don't know how I'm even gonna survive this year. It's just... too hard. It's too much. And all for a school that I never wanted to go to in the first place.

Gonna keep this post kinda short, because as I've mentioned, I'm super tired, but I don't …

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MizuholiK MizuholiK 18 days ago

Just for an emblem

I just create this page to achieve emblem/badge.

Little thing about me, I like Saerom from fromis_9, I know her since Idol School.

That's it.

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 19 days ago

did not have a good day

(tw: kidnapping, abduction)

hello, everyone ~

Yep, the title is true. My day was honestly kinda sucky. I keep getting notifications from wikis that I haven't been on in months, I got my first warning on this wiki (I kinda deserved it though, so that one's alright), the majority of my family thinks my new purple hair is unethical and is giving people the wrong idea, and last but not least...

I almost got kidnapped tonight.

Yeah, you heard me right. My younger sister and I were almost abducted by this creepy guy today, and it was terrifying. I don't think I'll ever go out late at night again, especially with my younger sister.

Since I'm gonna go to bed soon, this is hopefully gonna be a shorter post, but the experience we had earlier was somethin…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 25 days ago

i'm the mafia ma ma mafia

Yeah, I had no idea what to name this post. ITZY quotes will always come in handy in those cases, I suppose.

I think I'll start aiming to write at least one post per week. That's a pretty achievable goal for me, considering I never stick to any schedules with writing these things.

Does this post have a purpose? No, not really. I'm tying up a few loose ends, telling a story about how I almost died today (I'm not kidding), and talking about whatever I want. No angry rant post, or me randomly writing teeny tiny lines that seem like a really sad poem, or even sticking to one story. Nope, this is one of those fun posts that I do every eternity.

Let's start with the ending of the carpool story. So, it turns out that the girl and her mom who suppose…

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Unnatural Lilacs Unnatural Lilacs 29 days ago

It's been a while


As you can tell, the last time I actually posted something here was in March. A lot of things happened in my life since then, but I obviously won't be resuming all them.

I currently have a blog post in my drafts that I am still writing in since March 14, about a girl in my school named Zoe. I don't want to release it yet, since I still feel like it's uncompleted. It will be posted on its one year anniversary, so you can see how much my writing style and the girl in question's personality changed. Now, let's stop talking about an unfinished project of mine and just, talk.

The last school year was a hell of a ride, and was definitely an interesting experience. But this year, It's going to be my last one this school before finally graduat…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 16 August

what a vibe

I was listening to Alcohol Free by Twice and working on my Girls Planet 999 performance ranking (halfway done let's go) when it occurred to me that it had been a while since my last blog post. So here we are.

I'm not sure why editing on Fandom has been so weird for me recently, but all the lines are super close together when I try to write up something, and then really far apart when I end up finishing editing/making posts. So if the format of this post looks weird for some reason, that's why. I'm not sure how this will end up looking, but it looks weird for me as of writing this.

Alright, well today I'd thought I'd talk about school. Yes, school. Specifically the fact that I will be carpooling with someone that I've never met before. Well, …

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 28 July

this post has no purpose at all

Once again, I've found something to be mad about, so here I am, complaining. No, this isn't gonna be about the BTS wiki again. That ship has sailed, there's been a closure, and everything's fine over there now. Of course, I am still mildly upset with the way the administration has been, but that's not what I'm here to talk about today.

In fact, this isn't gonna be about Fandom, kpop, or even my personal life. No, it's gonna be about YouTube. Not the platform itself, I love the platform and use it daily, it's great. It's gonna be about a certain comment I made a few days ago on there - and how I'm pissed off at the response to it.

I don't know why I'm upset about this at all, it's not even a huge deal, but I am, and this is honestly the best …

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Ziyonneia.rawlins Ziyonneia.rawlins 27 July

what kpop is about the song iactually listen to




don't play with me i love their songs and that's why im a redvelus fan to them


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to idolize txt what are the steps?

⋆.ೃ࿔*:・⋆.ೃ࿔*:・⋆.ೃ࿔*:・ what are the steps to idolize TxT?’, I know this sounds dumb. but I wanna be educated’⋆.ೃ࿔*:・

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 13 July

i'm still mad

Once again writing a blog post after I told the OT post I was going to sleep, here we go:

So this is part two of the "Yes, I'm mad" blog post. If you haven't read that, please do, or this won't make much sense. Honestly, going back on that one, it didn't make any sense at all, but it's still a foundation if you want to at least try and understand anything going on in this post.

This might be shorter, because I'm trying to get to bed a bit earlier tonight.

Have fun reading about the mess of a wiki that the BTS wiki has become, and how I can't do anything but sit there like a rock. (not even a good simile)

So, when 3 came back from their ban, I noticed a problem immediately, and that was....

3 was no longer a mod.

Now let me tell you, 3 had done a…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 10 July

yes, i'm mad.

I said on the OT post I was going to bed, but not yet. There's something I want to talk about first. Something that's not related to this wiki, but another one. This wouldn't be the first time I rant about another wiki, but it certainly will be the most risky rant.

Today, I'm gonna talk about none other than the BTS wiki.

Now, some of you might be a member of the BTS wiki, you may have been there a few times, or you may have never been there before. Either way, it's important to know for this rant, that I am an admin over there as well. And if you know me, you know I take my job as an admin pretty seriously. Whenever I have free time, I'm usually hanging out on Fandom monitoring the wikis I'm a mod or admin on, which is currently 3. Sure, I …

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what should i do with this blog?

tell me in the comments below :)

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Henriex Delacour Henriex Delacour 27 June

All About Me-2

  • 1 Hello!
  • 2 Facts About Me
  • 3 Top 10 Kpop Ranking
  • 4 My Favorite Kpop Track
    • 4.1 Honorable Mentions:
  • 5 Fandom that I Belong!

Hello I'm Henriex Delacour,I know that this is boring but keep reading!

  • I live in the Philippines
  • Country:USA-South Korea
  • Favorite Color:Purple,Black
  • Favorite Animal: Peacock
  • Favorite Number: 7-4
  • Favorite Food: Caldereta
  • Hobbies: Reading
  • Interests: Science, Aliens, Ancient History
  • Other Likes: Harry Potter, Fanfiction, Adventure, Listening to The Music
  • Other Dislikes: Bullying, Judgemental Person,Hater






EVERGLOW- La di da

BTS-Boy with Luv

TXT ft. Seori -0X1=LOVESONG(I Know I Love You)




EXO- Love Shot

Brave Girls-Rollin'

PURPLE K!SS- Ponzona

PIXY- Hot Moon

WJSN- Unnatural

Red Velvet-Russi…

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Henriex Delacour Henriex Delacour 27 June

All About Me

Hello I'm Henriex Delacour my Cousin is Kwamiofthefuture aka Dylan , I know it's boring but go on read until the end.

Country: Philippines

Favorite Book:Harry Potter


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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 25 June

welcome back to my daily mental breakdown

I have not been officially diagnosed with anxiety, but I am pretty sure I have it, or at least some form of it. What else could explain the random events and situations that have been triggering panic attacks for the past 2 and a half years of my life? I mean, the triggers probably started to form right after... the incident, but I'm not ready to talk about that yet. Maybe at the 3 year mark.

I've tried talking to my mom about the whole anxiety thing, but she refuses to believe that she has two messed up kids. My brother has ADHD (diagnosed by a psychologist that he had to talk to for a week, write essays for, and do other various tests), is probably on the autism spectrum, and has a bunch of stims. I've been diagnosed with ADHD by medical …

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Blueway Blueway 15 June

June 2021: FandomDesktop

Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

At the beginning of June, FandomDesktop is now currently live on this Wiki. You can change the appearance back to the old 'Oasis' style through your user settings though currently FandomDesktop is set to default as part of testing. In the coming weeks, I will also testing new colors/themes for the Wiki based on a community poll and feedback earlier this year. So please stay tuned!

Lastly, please report any issues and bugs on this post so that they can be looked into and be fixed.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please leave a message here!

The next regular post will be in August 2021. Until then, thanks for reading and have a good day!

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Chanhhee Chanhhee 10 June

hehe its been a while and its my 6 month anniversary

so wow its been 6 month since i made my first post on here back in december; even though i only became active in late december this was when i made a post so im counting it as december 10th as when i joined. i know a lot of people have been on here longer than me but i have comitment issues so being able to stay here for so long means a lot to me.

so many things have happened within that time period like becoming a mod, making friends and so much more. but what i really got out of this was so many amazing memories with you guys. whether i havent really talked to you that much or i consider you and me close doesnt matter because over that time all of you have made me smile so many times, so here are things im thankful for that you guys have…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 10 June

so this is how it ends

the time is 11:54 PM.

i'm listening to Jump Up Super Star (that nintendo song they used for mario odyssey) as I have been listening to for the past week, and barely anything else.

as of now, I am a graduate of my school.

.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜-: ✧ :-.・゜.・

It feels so weird. Like, it barely even feels like I'm not gonna be in that class ever again, but at the same time, that thought is just engraved in my mind. I'll never take that same 45 minute drive to school in the morning, and the one back. I'll never internally scream at a rude or mean or straight up dumb comment any of these specific classmates make. I'll never have to think of these people as "my class" again.

I can't imagine h…

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Smolwheein Smolwheein 9 June


K-rant is a series where i rant and attempt to bring awareness to bad things in the k-pop industry. Triggering topics WILL be brought up eventually and language IS used.


For anyone who doesn’t know, body shaming is just what it sounds like. Shaming an idol for being ‘too curvy’, ‘too fat’, ‘too skinny’, etc. In no way should body shaming ever be accepted. As long as an idol is healthy, they shouldnt HAVE to change their weight or look.

As an idol, one of your main fears WILL be your weight or figure and how it looks to netizens and so called ‘fans’. Not everyone gets away from the endless cycle body shaming starts. Just a few idols who have been shamed for countless irrational reasons are Hwasa (mamamoo), Wendy (red velvet),…

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Smolwheein Smolwheein 8 June

Im bored

cmon yall know i swear in these

I was bored so i learned the english raps of ddu-du ddu-du, and i love it.

lisa’s is:

I keep it up like a matchstick

bitch i’m a star but no patrick

gettin’ more cake that’s a fact check

hold on a roll like (a) grad jet

these smart mouths bring dumb heat

like ICE-T, i’m OG

i’m demon, like I-T

got more juice than HI-C

pop off queen 💅🏻

i know jennies but i like lisas better lol

Also in my last blog i said i’d learn the cheer up dance but NOPE i cant follow one girl that looks the same as eight others so i did as if its your last. I did rosé and she always is on the ground *beat drop*

it was really fun but the choreographers got lazy at the end :/. it’s really fun and easy so try it sometime!

Hope you liked this blog lol

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Smolwheein Smolwheein 3 June

i just go at it rather than to sit on it


I’m not a once, but later today i’m gonna try to learn the cHeoUr up dance. AE top musics said it was easy so im putting all of my trust in them. I’m probably gonna look at it during my lunch break, but then try it after school if its easy.

Also fandom names are something i think about a lot. How can Play M make the fandom name “Daileee” for Weeekly but Sm can only come up with “MY” for aespa. *insert olivia rodrigo’s ‘what the f**k is up with that’*

I hate how people create kpop playlists with ads. Like how is my mental health benefitting from another “i found a game for baddies” ad.

what the f**k is up with that*

My last topic will be about dating scandals. How is it scandalous for an adult to date another adult with good in…

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드라지 드라지 2 June

you will not believe what my dream was

ok, last night, I went to sleep at 1 am in the morning(I say that is morning, but if you call that night, well, that's your preferences). I sleep well until I dreamt about my mother ask me to accompany her to her friend's house, so I accept that. shortly after walking, we arrived to my mother's friend's house. at there, my mother get inside the elevator/lift to go to 4th floor, where is my mother's friend's house and I asked whether I could wait downstairs or not and my mother allows me. Not long waiting, look who arrived? They are GFRIEND! I was shocked! I couldn't think much about it and greet them(in Korean language obviously) one by one. I say 안녕하세요(annyeonghaseo) to each of them. The one who arrived first is Eunha, followed by Yerin,…

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Smolwheein Smolwheein 28 May

My weird-a** dream

(Re-upload from post) *might include swearing*

So i’m trying to stan loona, but its hard with 12 members. My current bias is chuu so keep that in mind.

Every summer, (except the last two,) me and my family go to a nice amusement park in Pennsylvania, and for some reason the dream-producer in my head decided to include it in my dream. They also decided to include loona. So i’m running around the park for some reason, and i run into a loona member. There was also some weird thing where i was yeeted of a roller coaster so i dont know why i was worried about loona. Out of anything i could ask, i asked to every member that ISNT CHUU, “are u chuu?” To make this a bit more understandable, its like youre at a loona fansign and you run up to, lets sa…

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Smolwheein Smolwheein 28 May

my first blog post

Hey, i’m trying blog posts. Lets hope this works out well.

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 24 May

my head hurts

I don't really know how to start this post, other than hi, everyone. It's been over a month now since my last blog post, and I'm honestly kind of scared to write this, because I'm gonna be talking about the wiki and how terrified I am for it.

Well, let's clear out the elephant in the room first: SmolStan is coming back, with a bunch of alts behind her. Active alts. Alts that could be the ones commenting and reading this blog post right now. Some that I've built trust in, became friends with, and all that is about to be gone once Smol reveals them. I don't know how easily I'll be able to trust anyone after all this happens, if anything does happen. (which hopefully, it won't.)

I have a pretty bad fear of letting people down here, so I'm terrifi…

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Gili Yisrael Gili Yisrael 21 May

Community Discussion: Lyrics in Song & Single pages

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since I've made a blog, but today, I would like to ask the community and have a discussion about the Wiki/Fandom's future potential to include official song lyrics on the pages of Songs and Singles. Lyrics are a very important part of music releases, but we have yet to include them on our site.

Would you support this decision to include lyrics - why or why not? What pros and cons could you think of to bring up for discussion? What challenges or changes should we implement to already-existing pages before including lyrics?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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PurrincessNoire PurrincessNoire 4 May

First Blog Post!

Hey guys!

This is my first blog post, I don't really know what to write, but hi!

What are your favorite groups/songs?

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TheCrazyDiamond9 TheCrazyDiamond9 28 April

All BTS Dynamite Milestones (100M to 1B)

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Helen3112021 Helen3112021 24 April

Helen’s blog

Welcome to my Blog

What will I be doing:

I will create posts almost every day.

I will edit my post almost every day.

I will reply to other people.


My favourite artist:





Red Velvet


Girls Generation.







Brave Girls

I will post things about these groups.


Please fallow me. Thanks


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Julijur Julijur 22 April



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First blog post: Basically all the groups I got into since 2015

  • 1 2015
  • 2 2016
  • 3 2017
  • 4 2018
  • 5 2019
  • 6 2020
  • 7 2021


- BTS (at first I was not a huge fan of them but now I am :))


- 2NE1

- (G)I-DLE



- GOT7

- Girl's Generation


- BTS (Becoming a huge fan of them!)


- Boy Story

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Chuuphoria Chuuphoria 14 April

Cultural Reset

Well nobody is gonna see this but I would like to list all of the songs that were “cultural resets” in my opinion (in Kpop)

- Bad Girl, Good Girl by Miss A (helped people recognize Kpops existence)

- Gee by Girls Generation (Hugely popular, also helped show kpops potential)

- So Hot by Wonder Girls (Another widely recognized song)

- Gangnam Style by PSY (Everyone, and I mean everyone was listening to this back then)

- Gentleman by PSY (Another huge song by PSY that people were playing a ton)

- Bang Bang Bang by Bigbang (One of Bigbangs most popular songs to date, was later featured in popular video game Just dance)

- Dope, I Need U by BTS (Start of BTS)

- Like Ooh-Ahh by TWICE (Start of TWICE)

- Russian Roulette, Psycho and Bad Boy by Red Velvet

- I’…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 11 April

Let's talk about Kingdom performances cuz that's the only reason I watch it

  • 1 You've read the title, so I hope this is what you signed up for....
  • 2 first *official* performances(100 secs)
    • 2.1 BTOB
    • 2.2 IKON
    • 2.3 TBZ
    • 2.4 SKZ
    • 2.5 SF9
    • 2.6 ATEEZ
  • 3 Second performances(to the world)
    • 3.1 BTOB
    • 3.2 IKON
    • 3.3 TBZ
  • 4 Conclusion

In case you didn't know Kingdom is a competition sorta show aired by MNET where 6 groups(ikon, btob, the boyz, skz, ateez, and sf9) compete to be the king. The boyz actually participated in a previous show called Road to kingdom where unpopular/underrated groups will compete to earn a spot for this show. now since its mnet, i have a lil feeling its rigged, but its just a gut one. Now let's talk about the performances shall we?

BTOB really has something different. Although they offered a ballad type of song(which i don't particularl…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 11 April

oh look a blog post

Had a random burst of motivation, plus it's been a week since I wrote a post last. We're long overdue. I have things I want to talk about. Although my week has been mildly uneventful, there's still stuff. There's always stuff.

༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶༶•┈┈⛧┈♛ ♛┈⛧┈┈•༶

I'll start off with the big event of Friday, because there was news that pretty much made my whole class upset. You see, at my school, they have an "outdoor education" program, which doesn't sound bad when you think about it. It SOUNDS LIKE having classes outside, taking care of the plants and gardens at school, and learning about the outdoors. But no, it's not really any of that. At my school, outdoor education means sending the entire grade on a camping tri…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 6 April

idk what to title this

  • 1 ummmmmm some random thoughts
  • 2 Searching my username
  • 3 about lyric of the day
  • 4 random questions to ask myself
    • 4.1 What is my favorite shade of green?
    • 4.2 What is the current song i'm addicted to? After School by Weeekly
    • 4.3 Does K-pop suck? NO
  • 5 i got a confession
  • 6 bye bye

  • im to lazy to complete the wannabe review so heres a blog post in return. :)
  • im in physics class rn but im typing an essay for philosophy class. i am an expert multitasker(sorry im too lazy to have correct capitalization and punctuation).
  • I fix my userpage EVERYDAY like it's my paradise lmao.
  • So, you might've just seen my bio and have wondered what wikis I'm actively(or almost always) on. those are the Just dance wiki, this, and the miraculous ladyb…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 3 April

colon slash

Fandom won't let me put the actual emoticon in the title, but it's this one: :/

Yep, starting out the new blog post with my new favorite and most used emoticon, the colon slash thing. The one that expresses discomfort and disappointment. Which is basically why I've been using it recently. There have been a lot of scenarios that using this emoticon in would be a good place for it. I'm just gonna say it right here: I'm a full mess right now. It's 2 AM, I'm listening to Hi High on repeat after having another panic attack, and I have to worry about so many things right now.

。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・  ・゚゚・。。・゚゚・

Mainly, I have to worry about this wiki.

Discussions are a mess right now, and you can…

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Blueway Blueway 1 April

April 2021: Fandom updates

Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

As of April 1, 2021, Fandom enacted a new Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy globally. Because of this, this Wiki's blocking policy has now been updated to better define the policy, made easier for users to find it, and also not violate Fandom's Terms of Use. If you have questions or need clarifications on the policy, please message me on my wall.

Recently a poll was conducted on what color theme would fit best for the Wiki. The results were too close as it was a 3-way tie between the choices (excluding the recommendations down in the comments) so no decision was made then. However, Fandom recently announced that they are creating a new desktop skin called FandomDesktop to improv…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 30 March

i'm here again

16 days since I've done a blog post... yikes. I'm gonna try getting better about writing these, but my life has just been so insanely stressful that I can't even believe it anymore. I thought a 2-week spring break from our school would do the trick but no, I'm still just has wound up as ever. And to make matters worse, I'm definitely not mentally ok anymore, even my mom has said she wants to get me tested for some stuff. Even my very own mother, who thinks depression in teenagers doesn't exist and bisexuality is fake, thinks I have some sort of mental illness.

She might be the only one in my family that recognizes that, my brother is well... my brother. He's too naive to really pay attention. Then my sister, I've already done a mini rant ab…

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TabbyCallie TabbyCallie 27 March

ATEEZ's Jongho...

I just noticed that photos for both Into the A to Z and the latter half of the Zero : Fever Part.2 concept photos were not updated for Jongho like they were for all the other (active) members. I'm aware that this probably isn't very serious and it's possible the uploader (I don't want to accuse them) just didn't remember or got tired before they finished all members. But it's something I've been a bit aware of in the fandom. Jongho is not one of the popular members within the fandom despite his popularity outside of the fandom.

Idk. I'm uploading the photos for Jongho (as well as a couple more group concept photos for Zero : Fever Part.2 that weren't uploaded) so it's fixed now...I'm just continually disheartened by this trend. Fancam views, sns…

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Sunbinkyul Sunbinkyul 25 March


Years Active
Leader, Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist
Main Rapper, Lead Dancer
Main Vocalist, Rapper
Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper
Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Visual
Main Rapper, Vocalist
Main Vocalist
Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

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Kim maya soo Kim maya soo 25 March


Well, I'm here to discuss about which kpop is good taehyung or zhan xiao everyone like their own or have their own choices I also want to be a kpop and I'll be but I need friends and support

I have a lot dreams but one goal I want to be an korean actress too as well as a adventuring girl , I really need cute and good trustworthy friends. And a cool movie , I am a comic writer as well as story writer a dancer a singer and many other things , at present I'm working on the " the real culprit " comic so please keep supporting and if u want to see this go on my Instagram page . Thanks a lot

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Sunbinkyul Sunbinkyul 25 March


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Sunbinkyul Sunbinkyul 24 March

Clio Yeon

Gold|name=Clio Yeon|occupation=Rapper, singer|height=162 cm ( 5 ft 4 in)}}
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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 23 March

a rant based off this thread:

  • 1 References
  • 2 The Rant
  • 3 Credits
  • 4 Conclusion

"My problem with these characters are that they were all created based off the Korean beauty standards(unrealistically slim, perfect body ratio, etc.) and that is why they all look THE SAME. Also, the music isn't bad, but the mixing could be improved."

"Also, those faces just looked like they were copied from another and just stamped onto their heads lmao"

"Uhhh that video scared me"

"It's creepy, but I cant take it seriously either"

"The voice though... It sounds unreal"

"They sound perfected, but somewhat childish"

"Haha imagine if they get a win and need to perform"

"Imagine they just get footage of an empty stage a…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 19 March

discovering something

I hate how I only discovered this ART right over here:

WJSN's lightstick when lit is so COOL

I love the colors, the everything.

It's pretty visually appealing too.

The concept is AMAZING and fits the group

and the colors are so well blended

AND that is why I love it...

Definitely gonna buy it...

AND that WJSN x Ujung is also admirable....

Honestly, I still love SEVENTEEN's better than this, but whoever designed this, I'm proud of u....

I'm gonna update u when I'm gonna buy it(maybe in Christmas)

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Damitinha Damitinha 16 March

Which member of IZ * ONE do you think will be very successful after the end of the contract

I bet on Wonyoung

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Unnatural Lilacs Unnatural Lilacs 14 March

The Apocalypse, part.1

On the way of coming back to school, I was feeling really inspired and creative then decided that when I'm home after doing my back from school routine, I'd have to write a blog post with a VERY fictional story. Well well, where are we now, huh? But anyways for some context, this is going to take a few days before I post this online, gosh I wish we could have drafts then publish them when we want to. This was started on February 23, 2021 at 4:05 PM. And another thing:

This is going to be sort of like your point of view (POV) of stuff in the story, and it will also have this kind of "Journal" thingies, so basically when the date is written! This will either be my best series, or my worst one.

~August 19th, 2023~

Your 18th birthday is right aro…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 13 March

I am quite tired

Very, very, quite tired. It's 2:04 AM and I forget what I was even doing the past few hours but I was doing something. Like I seriously can't even remember, that might be a problem. Also I've been listening to So What by Loona on repeat for a while now. Maybe I've just been lying in bed. I actually can't remember. I'm not sure why this is or why it's happening but I guess I must have not been doing anything important. Oh well.

+:。⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。:+**+:。⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。:+**+:。⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。:+*

My computer battery's almost dead. So I'm gonna end the post here.

See y'all later, stay safe

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 12 March

predicting STAYC's comeback

Hi there Fandom user! Since STAYC are yet to announce their comeback, it's the perfect time to predict their awesome comeback! Here are some of my thoughts and how I predict them. Now you can continue reading...

  • 1 Thought Process
  • 2 The 1st prediction
    • 2.1 Concept
    • 2.2 Song
    • 2.3 MV
      • 2.3.1 Vibe
      • 2.3.2 Elements
  • 3 Places where I got some of the pics
  • 4 Conclusion

First of all, I need to conceptualize what i think would:

  • fit STAYC(compatible with members)
  • be as great, if not better, than So Bad
  • be a great comeback song-wise
  • be a great comeback success-wise

I also make sure to have fun and be creative cuz of course, i wouldn't waste my time doing this if i don't have some fun.

In the end, I have 2 main predictions. I'll be sharing different aspects of my predictions(concept, …

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