드라지 드라지 1 day ago

Doom Doom Ta critic

So, some people here vote for Doom Doom Ta for the song I critic. So here it is. First of all, let's start with the mv. for me, the mv seems to be perfect, nothing for me to critic the mv. Moving on to the second part, which is the choreography. the first thing I notice is the repetitive same movement. I know, I know. but not that what I meant. this video, the choreography at 00:13, that choreography is repeated. It should be "mirrored" so it'll be better. For example like this. Also at the "triangle" formation, I flashed up with this thought: duet. Really! I think "duet" will be better. That's all for the choreography. And lastly for the line distribution. I don't have any problem with the line distribution, but one thing that can be chan…

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Milago choi Milago choi 1 day ago

Its 4AM

Omg help what the f*ck am i doing up so late ;-;

watching tik tok is fun

anyways bye!

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 1 day ago

inactivity update+quite an angry rant

Hey everyone! I haven't made a post for the last few days, and I guess the reason for that is because I've had about zero, absolutely zero interesting things happen lately. I guess I could always make a post every day talking about what I did, but then that would be boring for me, and it would be a cycle of boringness. That's not a word, but who even cares.

I head the song "Heat Waves" on the radio yesterday.

One of you better know what I'm referring to here -

Anyway, that's not what I'm here to talk about, no, something INTERESTING happened today. Something on the... bad side of interesting. The not so good, makes me want to throw up side of interesting, and that, my friends, the thing that I am utterly DISGUSTED by and what I will be discus…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 2 days ago

Celebrity Review

Hi! As my second review on my blog, I'll be reviewing IU's Celebrity today as requested by @Kookies cookie and mochis jams! But before review, I'll be sharing the criteria first.

  • 1 The Criteria
  • 2 The Review
    • 2.1 Concept
    • 2.2 Song
    • 2.3 MV:
    • 2.4 Styling:

Concept: Do I like the concept and does it fit my taste? Was it executed properly? The more I like the style, the higher points it gets. For example, if the concept is badass, then was it executed properly? If so, it receives a good score.

Song(Title Track Only): Did the song fit the concept of the comeback? Was it good? Does it have decent lyrics? If so, it receives a high score. Song length doesn't matter as long as the song is good and it can relate to the theme of the album. Note that this only applies …

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Milago choi Milago choi 3 days ago

Quick announcement

Hey readers!

I just wanted to say that a new series/VERY fictional story is in the making. The story is called

"The Apocalypse, part.1"

You will be the main character, of course, and it will be like this sort of point of view (POV) thingy!

I really can't wait to post this blog post :)

See ya!


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드라지 드라지 4 days ago

my hope for antertainment

This "crazy" idea is always stuck in my head. All of this flashes in my mind and getting more and more ambitious. I can't stop me for getting more and more ambitious and I also cannot calm down. The idea in my head is like "I want to make Indonesian traditional house avenue in Korea along with introducing Indonesian traditional dance by mixing it with modern dance choreographies, I have to introduce Indonesian culture there..., etc." I know it still long way to achieve that but I hope I could control it. And finally, I almost forgot to tell and I didn't know where to put until I found the correct place to write all of my "fill" on my head. It is about Rose Ice Cream poster, which is the starting of me loving K-Pop and and first time feelin…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 4 days ago

Siren Review

Hi! As I promised, I'll be doing song reviews on my blog now. First, I'll be starting off with P1Harmony's debut, Disharmony: Stand Out as requested by @NeoCityTrash. Before reviewing, here is the criteria. i've changed it a lil, so read it first.

  • 1 The Criteria
  • 2 The Review
    • 2.1 Concept
    • 2.2 Song
    • 2.3 MV
    • 2.4 Choreography
    • 2.5 Styling
    • 2.6 B-sides + some more
    • 2.7 Promotion
    • 2.8 Extra Points
  • 3 Conclusion

Concept: Do I like the concept and does it fit my taste? Was it executed properly? The more I like the style, the higher points it gets. For example, if the concept is badass, then was it executed properly? If so, it receives a good score.

Song(Title Track Only): Did the song fit the concept of the comeback? Was it good? Does it have decent lyrics? If so, it receives a…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 5 days ago

random stuff(almost ot)

Well, this blog will be my last blog before I do my reviews. This is just me throwing in random stuff that are sometimes not even close to K-pop.

  • 1 Modern Artists Be Like:
  • 2 Keeho
  • 3 seulgiology
  • 4 debuts
  • 5 My semestral exams
  • 6 conclusion

It'S A waY tO exPrESs EmOtIoN

I've been watching keeho(p1harmony) content so much to the point where i dreamt of him in pd x 101 last night.

just watched a seulgiology stream(4 hrs) the day before yesterday cuz i was pretty bored

anticipating PIXY's debut, love TRI.BE's and Kingdom's debut

really got stressed today in my science/biology exam

math went really well

coding in computer was EXTREMELY easy

Writing essays in Filipino was very easy but needed creative spirit

my week isn't really that of a mess, it's just pretty boring.…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 6 days ago

I'm just DONE

generally, just done with everything. I feel like there are so many things pissing me off today but I don't even know what. I just... I just feel very pissed off. Which is why I've been listening to Cheer Up by Twice ALL FREAKING DAY to calm myself. It's my comfort song. For starters, it's 1:30 AM as I write this, and I've been falling asleep at about 2:30 AM every day. I usually wake up at 11 AM because of the lack of sleep I get. Except on school day, I have to be up at 6:30 AM, so I get four hours of sleep on school days. You would think I prefer weekends, but to be honest, those are just as bad as school days in terms of sleeping. Well, the actual SLEEPING part, I do get a lot of sleep on weekends. But my siblings, oh they really know …

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 7 days ago

I have made a big mistake (traumatizing)

A few weeks ago, I made an account on a website called "Lezhin". If you don't know what this website is, it's like a webtoon website. You can read comics and stuff on it, a lot of them are surrounding kpop because the website is based in Korea. The catchphrase of the website is "Your fantasy, our content", which is just SO promising. I probably should have understood what that really meant and what I was in for before I made an account. Well, the reason I made this account was because I saw a comic in an ad that looked good, so I clicked on it, not knowing that ONLY ONE PART WAS FREE. Which sucked, because it was pretty good, until I couldn't read it anymore. But you need an account to read anything on that website at all, so me, acting on…

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 8 days ago

my head hurts

im having a migraine now my head hurts so bad

so anyway- i was going to tell what happened on my one-day late birthday party earlier. So all the people in my house(ofc, would u expect us to disobey quarantine?)had a party celebrating my sister's 3rd year, 2nd month monthsary and me and my cousin's birthday. we ate fried chicken, spaghetti, roasted pig, sprite, coke, etc., but i only ate chicken, spaghetti, and coke.

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 8 days ago

The Aesthetics wiki - a toxic wasteland

Nothing excited happened today. Same old stuff. A bunch of people streamed tonight and one person made comments about r@pe and s*xual ab*se, and the entirety of Twitter got mad at him. Such a disappointment, I was looking forward to a good, funny, Quackity Jackbox stream, and now one of the guys in that stream is being cancelled on Twitter.

ANYWAY, my point is that today was boring. And I'm feeling nostalgic. So we're going back in time, everyone. Let's go back to around... May of 2020. I was obsessed with the idea of aesthetics and being aesthetic, and I had no idea that Fandom even existed. I took all these quizzes on Buzzfeed and YouTube about what my aesthetic was, I made my siblings take them, and I even made up stories based around an…

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드라지 드라지 9 days ago

Compilation of my dream

  • 1 first dream
  • 2 the picture of them
  • 3 my second dream
  • 4 the third dream
  • 5 The picture of the car
  • 6 The fourth dream

hello, this is my first blog post here. to start off with, I am inspired by kwamiofthefuture's blog post talking about his/her/their dream. first of all, i dreamt about i am taking all BLACKPINK member around Jakarta. I am taking them with my KIA Grand Sedona 4 Row(I think I buy it with Koeran Spec). I take them to famous places like Bundaran HI, then to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah/TMII, then to Ancol Beach and lastly i brought them to around my house. After taking a tour, i brought them to the ultra luxury hotel of Indonesia, the Hotel Indonesia/Grand Indonesia Hotel(I forgot cuz it's already long time ago). The next morning after they a…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 9 days ago

1 AM check -

I can't believe I lost my "contribute to the wiki every day" streak. I was gonna get a badge for a 30 day streak, and now I have to start over. I was at 17 days, too.

I'm currently sitting in my bed at 12:44 AM, by the time this post is done it will be over 1 AM. And I'll still be lying here, and I'll be lying here until my mom comes into my room at 6 AM and yells at me to get up. Our school is 45 minutes away from where we live, and so every day we get up at about 6:30, get everything ready for our day, and drive away. We get to school around 7:45 every day, and school starts at 8. We have to get there a little early because my mom is an English teacher for 7th and 8th grade (yayyyy she gets to teach me woohoo). That's honestly one of the …

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Kwamiofthefuture Kwamiofthefuture 9 days ago

my kpop dreams

ok as youve seen in the title I'll be sharing my recent K-pop dreams:

- In around like august/september last year, I dreamt about being in Korea in a car. Everything seemed normal and it seemed that I was in Seoul. Until I saw NCT 127 members SHIRTLESS. I mean what the heck- The next thing i remember was a random American guy being the ambassador of a pills company idk. The billboard that man was in also included random Korean characters. It then suddenly turned dark and now I see a Jaeguchi Yes Or Yes lyric video playing on an electronic sign.

-In around January, i dreamt about NCT and LOONA collabing. They were sitting on that like thing in the icsm intro where the members have two versions. I remember Kim lip looked like she was in Butter…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 11 days ago

I'm actually in class right now

I forgot to make a post yesterday night so I'm doing it this morning instead, while I'm in IN PERSON class. Latin class, to be exact. I sit in the front row of this class, and there are 6 people behind me right now. It's a pretty small class. My computer brightness is all the way down, so I can barely see what I'm even typing, but I just wanted to make a post and I don't think I'll have time to do it anytime else today. We're doing work on derivatives right now so it's not that important anyway, plus I already know all this stuff. So writing this post will be fine right now.

What just pisses me off is when one of the "groups" (most of the girls + one boy) give each other gifts, like candy and stuffed animals and slap bracelets and all that …

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Milago choi Milago choi 11 days ago

Yesterday, tuesday

Second blog post of the day, still in school as of I'm writing this!

So um yesterday, Tuesday basically, we had no school! I know you wanna know why, since you are reading this and have no clue of my personal life. So, I will now answer your question, child (Just kidding no one is even allowed to be under 13 here). There was a snow day, yesterday. It was a s**t load of snow, I will tell you that!

Today when I arrived at school, there was ice and then a lot of snow under, satisfying country stuff. I'm saying country because there is no way I am going to reveal where I live :)

Back to Tuesday! I learned the proper movement in Minny Parks Boss B!tch choreography, idk what is the line . Bye!

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Milago choi Milago choi 11 days ago

I'm at school lol

Chromebook keyboards are the worst-

But anyways hey, like the title suggest, I'm at school with friends! If i get caught with this I am sooo dead. But I know I won't be since everybody will be thinking I'm either writing on Google Docs or other stuff where I write a lot.

My friend S***** just looked at my screen, I love this girl, even though she is small as heck-

Official dinner for us at school starts at 11:15Am, right now it is 11:00Am perfectly! I have about 15 minutes left to finish this blog post, help please

Everybody right now is doing grammar work from a text and the other half (which I am in) is on the computers. Minnie (Do you remember her, question mark) and I are both in that group :)

Ok what the hell am I even talking about now, I…

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BloomingSereneity BloomingSereneity 11 days ago

Hey :)

I want to write blogs so i will try to write one weekly on mondays or tuesdays just like things that have happened to me in the past week or so but i cant promise it will be interesting im super boring. I just want to use this so you can get to know me better.

BloomingSereneity's Fun Facts

  • My real name is Annalee but you can call me really anything except Anna
  • Im a twin (fraternal)
  • I live in the us
  • As in writing this im listening to 'alright' by Keshi
  • Im non-binary and use they/them pronouns
  • My mbti is Istp
  • I ult 7 groups

So the only thing that happened to me this week that interesting is that i got a Nct album and i just found out that my dad put down his cat.

Ok so the Nct album first. I got the We Are Superhuman album and it was a joy to open it.…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 12 days ago

I feel like throwing up

this is gonna be really short because I do kind of feel pretty sick and it's 1 AM and my arms REALLY hurt as well. idk why because I barely did anything at all today.

and I have like 4 assignments still to do -

gosh I feel so sick -

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Armysofie Armysofie 12 days ago

Breath - GOT7 Review

Hey party people! In case you didn't know, I'm gonna be doing my review blogs every Sunday weekly. So don't be like "i hOpE sOfiE mAkEs a nEw ReviEw" the day after i released a new one. If i accidently forget to do a review then please remind me or send me a message on my message wall!! i really don't want to forget because i have a whole list of songs/albums i wanna review that are bops or flops. Anyways, i was just notifying yall about this so you don't get your hopes up. I recommend tuning in next week for the Breath (GOT7) review because that song is just a fricking BOP and you can't tell me otherwise. Once again, new review blogs every Sunday!



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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 13 days ago


aw crap forgot to write the blog post for tonight and I've been trying to have a healthy sleep schedule so it's gonna be another short post

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Armysofie Armysofie 13 days ago

Lie - Jimin (BTS) Review

Hello people! This blog is a review of Lie by Jimin of BTS. It is one of my favorite songs of all time. Since this song doesn't have an official music video, I will be doing the music video section off of WINGS Short Film #2: Lie . This review is gonna be my opinion so good luck if you don't like this song. Here is how i'm gonna rate/rank certain parts of this solo:

  1. Concept. Does it fit the album's concept? Does the song properly fit the album? Do I like the concept and does it fit my taste?
  2. Lyrics. Do the lyrics mean something special? Did the artist put thought and personal experiences into the song? Did they make sense?
  3. Music. Did the beat fit the concept of the song? Is the voice blending with the beats and music?
  4. MV/Film. Did the video fi…

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Milago choi Milago choi 13 days ago

H e l p

Ok so today I decided that I was going to learn another dance from 1 Million Dance Studio, if you are all curious it's a learner's class, so basically kind of beginners class, the song is Hey Mama and the choreographer is Minny Park, obviously (I love her so much!!). And I succeeded in learning it! But the thing is that just now, I'm starting to have really bad cramps, but it's not just those usual cramps that seems like there is something stuck in your stomach, no no. These cramps are literal nausea cramps, if you understand what i mean like that? It's basically a mix of the normal cramps you would get, except the add a bigger layer than that of bad waves and there you got it!

✨N a u s e a - C r a m p s✨

I'm gonna post another blog post I'm…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 14 days ago

short post but not a scenario pt 2

I'm watching/listening to a feral boys + BBH stream right now and Quackity's flirting with everyone, as usual. And they're making fun of each other's tweets and it's so funny -

but I also need sleep and I don't know, I'm just not feeling the "let's write about my depressing as heck fandom experience" mood right now, it was a pretty good day and that post is meant for another type of day.

why do they keep bringing up the mug tweet lmao I'm crying right now

anyway night everyone :D

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 15 days ago

a little scenario

I'm going to write this scenario in 2nd person you can really put yourself in it. Also this might stretch over two posts, because it's a long story.

Around the same time school started this school year, early September, you found some people. These people were from many different places, looked many different ways, were different ages, but you all had one thing in common. You all liked a video game called "Flicker". You had been watching these people interact for about a week, and decided you wanted to join them. So you did. You pretended like you had been a part of their community for a while, and you easily slipped in. They accepted you pretty quickly, and since you were such a more outgoing person around them, you became a well known par…

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Milago choi Milago choi 16 days ago


It is 12:50AM now, and i decided to take part in doing one of my favourite things: Writing late at night. My parents don't know i do this kind of stuff help

Tonight i will decide to rant about some stuff, but mostly dance. Let's start our VERY late, late tonight show with Milago Choi.

Today, at school, a friend of mine, let's call her Minnie for the sake of this story. Minnie teached me a dance i always wanted to learn. Yes i am talking about the BBHMM Blackpink Dance Practice Video. THE BBHMM Blackpink Dance Practice Video. Well sh*t it's now 1AM. Anyways, Minnie and i started the process at the sort of "recess" (Basically when we go outside in our giant school yard) we have before we go eat our dinner. Some of y'all may even come out as su…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 16 days ago

stupid freaking gummy bears

I guess it's early Friday morning now -and I don't even have school today :D

We get a day off due to teacher conferences. Usually this would mean good news. I would get to do stuff unrelated to school the whole day, and it would be great. But no. Since my teachers aren't the best at telling you if assignments are missing, they usually don't tell you. In my case, they didn't tell me some assignments were missing for two whole months. And when my parents found out I had missing work - they went kind of ballistic. And they set up conferences with my teachers. So now I have to suffer through a conference while my parents and teachers talk about how disappointed they are in me, and I get to feel like an idiot. Again. I hate conferences. I shoul…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 17 days ago

Kind of in a "frick it all" mood -

gonna rant about someone. not anyone any of you would know, because it's a person in my class. this person... we'll give them a made up name.. how about "Maggie"? Yes, Maggie will work.

Go to hell, Maggie.

I'm 100% serious.

Are we allowed to swear? I think we are, but I'm gonna censor my really bad swears for the purpose of any children reading this. And because, you know, moderator reputation and all that,

F*ck you, Maggie. You, YOU were the one that caused me that pain in 6th grade. You were the one that made me do that stuff, the stuff that was put on my freaking personal record. When I was 11 years old. You were the one that caused me my trust issues with everyone. You were the one that made me want to k*ll myself for a long time. Not just…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 18 days ago

so watch me bring the fire and set the night alight

Because hey, it's a lyric from Dynamite, which is stuck in my head once again, and I couldn't come up with a post title, so here we are.

Just some random thoughts:

  • I have a mirror in front of my bed. I can see myself when I sit up, and I'm in my bed sitting up right now, my computer screen is pretty bright so I can see my keyboard this late, and it's reflecting on my face. I don't want to look in the mirror, I'll look like a nightmare. A wreck.
  • I've low-key been simping for Quackity recently (not really but he's an amazing person)
  • I just got a notification from ColeyDoesThings called "Ex-God turned sugar baby?" and I'M SCARED
  • I haven't done my science homework
  • It's due tomorrow
  • I'll manage
  • I always do
  • But what if I don't?
  • What if my parents find out…
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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 19 days ago

I want to sleep forever

Wouldn't that be nice? To live in your sleep forever, surrounded by your dreams and nothing else, where literally anything can happen? That would be great... it would be really really great. I'm exhausted, I had 3 1/2 hours of sleep last night because my sleep schedule is the most messed up thing on this god dang planet. Some days, I can get 10 whole hours (weekends, sometimes, never school days), and then other days I can get as little as 2 hours. I've never actually pulled an all nighter, unless travelling on a plane during the night where all the time zones are shifting counts. Which I don't think it does. I could never pull an all nighter, I can stay up insanely late, but for overnight? That long? My body would fall asleep before the m…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 20 days ago

I am awake

Watching a GeorgeNotFound stream right now because it's hilarious - I say this to myself a lot and I try to make it sound as not creepy as possible, but something about watching grown men play minecraft, laugh insanely hard (while making me laugh), and flirt with each other as well (ahem, looking at you, quackity) just - it's a good feeling. It's nice watching people have fun and make me laugh too. No joke though, this stream is hilarious. If you see "Tom Gravy" trending on Twitter, then you can thank this stream for that. IT'S SO CHAOTIC AHHHHH - and I love it :)

And that's why I'm up at 12:26 AM

with school tomorrow

and I have 5 quora notifications


I'll regret staying up tomorrow but THIS STREAM - I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

I mean, it did snow tod…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 21 days ago


What did I do today?

Why can't I even remember most of it...?

Let's see what I do remember:

9 AM (I sleep later on weekends, on school days I get up at 6 AM): My sister played a video of super annoying dogs on her iPad, waking me up.

9:30 AM: I ate breakfast... I think I had an omelet?

10 - 11 AM: I watched MCYT TikToks on YouTube and got obsessed with a particular one for no reason at all.

Noon: I ate a little bit of lunch, but not much.

1 PM: I did some homework while listening to a BadBoyHalo stream.

2:30 PM: I told my parents I was done with my homework (I wasn't), then watched my siblings throw paper airplanes.

3 PM: Watched YouTube with my sister.

4 PM: Went to my cousin's house for like 5 minutes and I got a headache.

I don't really remember t…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 22 days ago

I have too many notifications

this is gonna be a really short post because I'm exhausted and I want sleep and IT'S THE WEEKEND WOOOOO

anyway that's it ;-;

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 23 days ago

short post because sleep

Hey! This post is gonna be pretty short because for once I don't have much homework and I would like to go to sleep earlier tonight, but I still want to keep up my streak of making blog posts. How exactly do I make a post without going into much detail... eh I'll just rant about the BTS wiki and spill some tea because it's not like anyone from that wiki reads these posts anyway. I'm FED UP with that wiki. Some new user joined, and they are obsessed (like sasaeng level obsessed) with Changbin from Stray Kids. I really should take some screenshots in case I'm testifying against her, because I could get some good dirt. She's disgustingly obessed with him. Sometimes we'll be talking about like, Jimin, or anything BTS related and she'll be like…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 24 days ago

Wrap up to the crepe story and other bits and pieces

I remembered after I made that post that I also suck at drawing. So I had no idea what to do for that project. Plan 3 comes in right at the moment: make a mood board with crepes on it. Since it was like, 12 AM and I had just watched a stream where a bunch of people literally acted like crackheads for an hour straight, my brain wasn't in the best of places. I could have taken out a piece of paper and scribbled some stuff down that looks kind of like a crepe, then call it a day, but no. I decided to make a freaking mood board, which I had never even done in my life. Turns out, it wasn't that hard. It took longer than it should have because I was sleep deprived and dead tired, but it turned out ok. Actually, I think it turned out quite well f…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 25 days ago

a post with a title

Welcome back to day 2 of me making an effort to write one of these dang posts. Why am I doing this? Constant stress is stressing me out (bonus points if you get that reference), and I think maybe it would be better for me if I wrote down whatever the heck I was thinking at the end of the day every day? Like a coping mechanism of sorts, you know? It's currently 9:49 PM EST, and I have 2 assignments left to do today. Knowing me, I will NOT get those assignments down. Wait scratch that - I have 3 assignments, one of which I have to draw something. Which is super fun, I love drawing, I do it all the time, but it's dark in my room, and if I turn on any lights, my parents will yell the heck at me. So no drawing, or lights, until they go to sleep…

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PusheenPoprocks PusheenPoprocks 26 days ago

um... long time no see

how has my day been?

it's been good

there was a snow day today

there's a snow day tomorrow

is it really a snow day if we still have to do schoolwork?

i still can't believe I'm a discussion moderator around here... mind blowing, really...

i need to do my science homework still

it's 12:44 AM

why am I writing this, it's been forever since I made a freaking blog post

i wonder why I started to write this...

i need somewhere to write my thoughts I guess

i hate school

i hate everyone at school

why did they have to ruin it all...

why did that wiki get taken down, the wiki I had so many friends on...

someone took away my family, I'm never forgiving them for that.

in the meantime, I guess I'll try to find a new home

and this wiki better not be torn apart, not if I h…

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ImasimpforBakuguo ImasimpforBakuguo 28 January


BTS have been getting rude comments stop hating on bts they did nothing to you I cried my heart out because I saw BTS crying the army(fan name) are leaving because they are tried of getting hate on like some haters of BTS fans be saying ¨i don't know why you like K-pop it's weird you don't even know what they are saying¨ just because we don't know what they are saying don't mean nothing I'm sorry BTS for all the hate you Kings are getting you need better(btw if you watch run BTS they made a new one (yeasterday)

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Nab7 Nab7 17 January

I'm new here

Hi Kpop fans, I'm new here.

My name is Nabiha, but I'm better known as Nab.

My top three favourite kpop groups are:

  1. Stray Kids
  2. NCT
  3. (G)I-DLE

I absolutely love Hyunjin and Lee Know from Stray Kids.


Oh and my favourite kpop music video is IDOL from BTS...

Hope you guys have a lovely day.


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NeoCityTrash NeoCityTrash 12 January

My Mum and Ko Ko Bop

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Shooksy Shooksy 12 January

Your daily dose of me being annoying

Day 2 of doing this!

Anyways, Korean in a couple of minutes (maybe 30 or 40 idk). Onionhaseyo! I'm right now streaming my mix made by YouTube. An AD. Like, come on. Best of Me's coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Wait, it never turned on. Okay, NOW. There. AHH it is so good!

I will simp right now to BTS's beautiful beauty. Just saying, Jimin's angelic voice-THE PART THAT I LIKE AHHH. BVFFGFTYFCY I'm dying. Sorry, continuing on with what I was saying..."You got the best of me!" ugh, for real, Jimin's angelic and Tae's deep vocals really suit each other! Finally! Ahh, Hobi's rapping now! And...NOW!!! EEeeeeee I love this part UwU! "You got the best of me!" "You say that you love me" oh my god imma die right...now. Why ya gotta do this to me?

Boy with …

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Shooksy Shooksy 12 January


I got inspired by PusheenPoprocks to make a blog post daily! It's going to be kind of like my diary.

No music playing sadly :( parents in the other room ugh. I'm really excited for Yoongi's new mixtape! And Tae's dropping a new one to, so very excited to hear that! I got a concept for this collab while scrolling through Koreaboo, I think Tae should collab with Billie Ellish for a new song on the mixtape! It's too much, yes, I know it's not happening, but they both have this "vibe", like their music is low-toned and mysterious, if you know what I mean.

Also, TXT is releasing a Japanese version of Blue Hour! I don't know if it's the song or the whole mini-album, but whatever it is to come, I'm really excited for it. Is it going to have a diffe…

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AestheticallyKpop14 AestheticallyKpop14 9 January

hi i'm maya

14 years old

kpop fan

huge fan of groups and soloists (mostly soloists but i do love groups)

favorite boy group: SHINee

favorite girl group: MAMAMOO

favorite female soloist: BoA

favorite male soloist: Baekhyun (EXO)

favorite song right now: 9LIVES - Hyolyn

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Hey guys! I am new here!

I'm new here and I love kpop!

Multistan right here :D. My ults are Dreamcatcher, Stray Kids, Oneus, and CLC

Stan all talented yet dorky groups.

Stan Dreamcatcher

Anyways, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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CuteKawaiiSunset CuteKawaiiSunset 20 December 2020


Hi, I'm new to the wiki and my favorite k-pop groups are BLACKPINK and BTS

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Blueway Blueway 8 December 2020

December 2020: Bug fixes and new mod

Hello everyone and welcome to this Wiki's bi-monthly update post.

Over the past few months, the Wiki has experienced some bugs related to migrating to the new Unified Community Platform (UCP). As of now, it looks like they have been fixed including the crucial one where links under captions did not work. Hopefully no more will surface but if you spot any, please contact Fandom directly so that they can get it fixed.

I would like to welcome Vanxlla as our Wiki's discussions/thread moderator. They have demonstrated through their application that they are passionate on making the discussions board a better place by making sure that users follow the rules and resolve conflicts to their best of their ability. Their addition will be of great help …

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SlytherinCapricorn SlytherinCapricorn 7 December 2020

Ateez Fanfiction +updates

Heyy so I'm back after a ~long~ pause from writing blog posts. To be fair, I wasn't very consistent with my posts in the first place but I enjoyed making them, so I guess it wasn't a break? It was a time in which I was not wanting to write a blog post, but now I do. Like, I suddenly felt the urge to write a blog post, so here I am..writing a blog post :P

Ateez fanfiction

Hehe, it's nothing weird, just a harmless fanfiction about Vampires and Ateez. Seonghwa is the protagonist and you, y/n, or Aera, are the other protagonist. I was consistent with updating it for a good week but then I felt my sleep schedule was becoming worse (I updated it at night before sleeping) and it sure did, I now sleep at around 12 (which I'm partial-heartedly trying…

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Elevenmyeggo110meh Elevenmyeggo110meh 26 November 2020

friends (KPOP Only ppl)

If u a kpop fan chat here!

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Milago choi Milago choi 18 November 2020

Coming in December

Coming in December!

I'm still thinking about the date, since don't want to come out with a big blog post as a Christmas gift, and that would kinda of suck in my opinion. But that could also do the trick! But here what it's SUPPOSE to contain in it:

  • AESPA!!! Gosh i love them so much, been there since they announced that SM will be debuting a new girl group this year. GOSH AESPA ROTY 2021
  • STAYC!!!
  • And last but not least, BLINGBLING!! Their debut was just PERFECTION!!

And for other contents, i will also be talking about MAMA 2020, since i will probably not release a real blog post before the 6th of December. I guess we all already know kinda of what the results are going to be like! BTS will obtain SOTY (Wish it was something else, since Dynamite …

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