Bling (블링) was a performance girl group under PS Creative. They made their debut on May 4, 2016, and presumably disbanded in 2018.

Originally Bling was formed as a six-member girl group consisting of Mint, Sia, Rian, Howon, Seo Aerim, and an unnamed girl. Somewhere in 2015, Howon, Seo Aerim, and the unnamed girl left the group and in July, Seohyang made her first appearance with the group.[1] She was officially introduced as a new member of the group in November of the same year, alongside Gaon.[2][3]

They debuted and promoted in the five-member line-up for quite some time until Gaon departed from the group in 2016,[4] and Mint in early 2017. A new member, Shinwoo, started performing with the group in April 2017.[5]

The group's social media became inactive around June 2017, and some of their accounts have since been deleted.[6]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Rian (리안) Leader, Vocalist 2015–2018
Seohyang (서향) Vocalist 2015–2018
Sia (시아) Maknae, Vocalist 2015–2018
Shinwoo (신우) N/A 2017–2018
Mint (민트) Vocalist 2015–2017
Gaon (가온) Rapper 2015–2017
Howon (호원) N/A 2015
Seo Aerim (서애림) N/A 2015


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