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Black Eyed Pilseung (블랙아이드필승) is a South Korean producer duo made up of producers Rado and Choi Kyu Sung. In 2017, they established their own record label, High Up Entertainment, in partnership with CJ E&M.[1]


Rado and Choi started their composing careers in separate around 2009. In 2014, they united under the name "Black Eyed Pilseung".[2] Together they wrote and composed songs for groups such as GOT7, SISTAR,[3] and Apink.[4]

In 2017, they joined Mnet's survival show Idol School as their music producer.[5] That same year, the duo created their own record label, High Up Entertainment, and started holding auditions in 2018.[6]

Producing and writing credits

  • All credits adapted from KOMCA, unless stated.[7]


Artist Song Album Type
Taegun "Finally" The 3rd Mini Album Writing, composing
Brian "Dreaming" Manifold Composing
Hwanhee "...While" H-Hour Writing, composing
Anna "Live Because I Can't Die" "5 Minutes"
BEAST "Breath" Mastermind
"Lightless" Lights Go On Again
"I'm Sorry"
NAVI "I Am Again Today" "Hello" Writing, composing
DMTN "That Man Opposed" Dalmatian 1st Mini Album Composing
BEAST "You" Fiction and Fact Writing, composing, arranging
Huh Gak "In 忍" First Story Composing
"Hello" Writing, composing, arranging
United Cube "Christmas Song" "Christmas Song" Writing, composing, arranging
god "Stand Up" Chapter 8 Writing, composing, arranging
SISTAR "Wow" Touch N Move
"Touch My Body"
TEEN TOP "Missing" Éxito
"Cry" Composing, arranging
"I'm Sorry" 20's Love Two Éxito Writing, composing, arranging
Hyolyn & Jooyoung "Erase" (feat. Iron) "Erase" Composing, arranging
Niel "Only You" oNIELy Writing, composing, arranging
"Lovekiller (feat. Dok2)
"Lady" (feat. L.Joe)
Miss A "Only You" Colors
TEEN TOP "Hot Like Fire" Natural Born TEEN TOP
TWICE "Like Ooh-Ahh" The Story Begins Writing, composing
AOA Cream "I'm Jelly Baby" "I'm Jelly Baby" Writing, composing, arranging
TWICE "Cheer Up" Page Two Composing
Babylon "Between Us" (feat. Dok2) "Between Us" Writing, composing
SISTAR "I Like That" Insane Love Writing, composing, arranging
BTOB-BLUE "Stand By Me" "Stand By Me"
Apink "Only One" Pink Revolution Writing, composing
TWICE "TT" TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 Composing
Apink "Only One (R&B ver.)" Dear Writing, composing
SISTAR "Lonely" "Lonely" Writing, composing
WJSN "Happy" Happy Moment
Idol School "'Cause You're Pretty" Idol School
Davichi "To Me" "To Me"
TWICE "Likey" Twicetagram
Chung Ha "Roller Coaster" Offset Writing, composing
KHAN "I'm Your Girl?" "I'm Your Girl?"
Apink "I'm So Sick" One & Six
Hyolyn "See Sea" "See Sea"
Chung Ha "Gotta Go" "Gotta Go" Writing, composing
Apink "Eung Eung (%%)" Percent
TWICE "Fancy" Fancy You
RUANN "Beep Beep" "Beep Beep"


Artist Song Album Type
Apink "Dumhdurum" Look Writing, composing
Refund Sisters "Don't Touch Me" "Don't Touch Me"
STAYC "So Bad" "Star To A Young Culture"
"Like This"
STAYC "ASAP" "Staydom" Writing, composing
"So What"
"Love Fool (사랑은 원래 이렇게 아픈 건가요)"



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