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Stray Kids 'Unlock : Go Live In Life' is the first online concert held by Stray Kids. It was held on November 22, 2020 at 3PM KST via V Live. The concert is part of the Beyond LIVE service.


On October 19, 2020, Stray Kids announced they would hold an online concert on Beyond LIVE on November 22.[1] They are the second JYP Entertainment act and the first JYP boy group to hold a Beyond Live show.

The VOD and Multi-cam VODs of the concert were released on April 9, 2021.[2]

Set list

  1. "District 9" (Multi-cam OFF)
  2. "Victory Song" (Multi-cam ON)
  3. "Question" (Multi-cam OFF)
  4. "Side Effects" (Multi-cam OFF)
  5. "Double Knot" (Multi-cam ON)
  6. "M.I.A." (Multi-cam OFF)
  7. "Wow" (Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix) (Multi-cam OFF)
  8. "My Universe" (Seungmin, I.N. feat. Changbin) (Multi-cam OFF)
  9. "Mixtape#4" (Multi-cam OFF)
  10. "Blueprint" (Multi-cam ON)
  11. "God's Menu" (Multi-cam OFF)
  12. "All In" (Korean ver.) (Multi-cam OFF)
  13. "Ex" (Multi-cam OFF)
  14. "I Am You" (Ballad ver.) (Multi-cam ON)
  15. "We Go" (Bang Chan, Changbin, Han) (Multi-cam OFF)
  16. "Easy" (Multi-cam OFF)
  17. "My Pace" (Multi-cam OFF)
  18. "Back Door" (Multi-cam ON)
  19. "Boxer" (Multi-cam OFF)
  20. "Hellevator" (Multi-cam ON)
  21. "Miroh" (Multi-cam OFF)
  22. "Ta" (Multi-cam OFF)