Berry Good (베리굿; also stylized as BerryGood) is a five-member girl group under JTG Entertainment. They debuted on May 22, 2014 with their first single "Love Letter".


2013–2014: Debut with "Love Letter", line-up changes, "Because of You" and "My First Love"

On May 21, 2014, Berry Good made its official debut as a five member girl group group under Asia Bridge Entertainment, with the release of their first digital single "Love Letter". The song is a remake of the track of the same name by South Korean boy band Click-B.[1]

In January 2015, the company released a statement, confirming that members Subin, Iera and Nayeon had left the group to focus on their studies.[2]

On February 9, 2015, the group made its first comeback with the digital single "Because of You" and three new members, Seoyul, Daye and Sehyung.[3]

On September 23, 2015, the third digital single, "My First Love", was released with two music videos, one of which featuring the actress Kim Bo Ra.

2016: Very Berry, Glory and new member

In March, Berry Good launched a crowdfunding campaign on Makestar to fund their first mini album, Very Berry. The campaign raised ₩16,084,438, 160.8% of the original goal, and the mini album was released on April 20, with the title track "Angel".

Their next release was crowdfunded as well. The project started out as a single album but later got upgraded into a mini album,[4] the campaign raised ₩26,896,790, 268.97% of the original goal. On November 1, the mini-album Glory was released with "Don't Believe" serving as the albums title track, and with a new member, Johyun.[5]

2017–2018: "BibbidiBobbidiBoo", first unit, Free Travel and "This Winter"

The third crowdfunding campaign was launched in order to finance their fourth digital single "BibbidiBobbidiBoo". The single was released on April 16, 2017.[6]

In late 2017, members Johyun, Daye and Seoyul became contestants on the survival show MIXNINE. They ranked 24th, 37th and 71st place, respectively.[7]

In March 2018, JTG Entertainment announced that Berry Good would debut it's first sub-unit, Berry Good HEART HEART, consisting of members: Taeha, Gowoon, and Sehyung. On April 27, the unit officially debuted with the digital single "Crazy, Gone Crazy".[8]

On August 16, 2018, the group made a comeback with their first studio album Free Travel. The album had two title tracks: "Green Apple" and "Mellow Mellow". Member Sehyung couldn't participate in the second single promotion due to ankle fracture.[9]

On October 18, 2018, Berry Good held their first concert in Japan, at Shinjuku Blaze in Tokyo.[10]

On December 10, 2018, it was announced that the group would have a special winter comeback with the song "This Winter", which was released on December 15 and received a form of a music video the following day.[11]

2019: Fantastic and Taeha's departure

On January 14, 2019, it was revealed by Gowoon on Arirang Radio's Super K-Pop, that the group was preparing for a comeback.[12] On May 15, the group released a teaser schedule for their third mini album, Fantastic, to be released on May 25.[13] The following day, JTG Entertainment revealed that Daye would be sitting out of the comeback promotions due to health issues.[14]

On May 26, 2019, two days after the mini album's release, Taeha announced her departure from the group and agency following the end of her contract.[15]


Name Position(s) Representing Berry Year(s) active
Johyun (조현) Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual Pink 2016–present
Seoyul (서율) Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer Rasp 2015–present
Sehyung (세형) Lead Rapper, Vocalist Blue 2015–present
Gowoon (고운) Main Vocalist, Maknae Green (Apple) 2014–present
Daye (다예) Lead Vocalist, Rapper Yellow (Lemon) 2015–present
Subin (수빈) Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual N/A 2014–2015
Iera (이라) Main Rapper, Vocalist N/A 2014–2015
Nayeon (나연) Main Vocalist N/A 2014–2015
Taeha (태하) Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer Black 2014–2019



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  • "My Mother Is a Daughter-in-law OST Part.4" (2015)
  • "Bubbly Lovely OST Part.1" (2016)
  • "Our Gap Soon OST Part.15" (2017)
  • "Just Dance OST Part.3" (2018)
  • "Spring Turns to Spring OST Part.1" (2019)



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