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Bang Ye Dam (Korean:방예담;Japanese:バンイェダム) is a South Korean singer-songwriter under YG Entertainment. He is a member of the boy group TREASURE.

He made his solo debut on June 5, 2020 with the digital single, "Wayo".


2012: K-pop Star 2

In 2012 participated in the second season of the reality show "K-Pop Star" finishing in second place and signing a contract with YG Entertainment.[1]

2018–2019: YG Treasure Box and TREASURE 13

In 2018, Bang Ye Dam participated in YG Entertainment's new survival show, YG Treasure Box. On the final episode, he was announced as the second member of the boy group, later called TREASURE.

On January 29, 2019, YGE announced that he would form a second group from the show, called MAGNUM and together with TREASURE, they would promote together as TREASURE 13. Unfortunately, due to scandals surrounding the agency, the debut was postponed.

2020: New debut plans, first solo single, debut with TREASURE

On January 6, 2020, YGE posted a notice on their official website stating the group's future plans. This included re-organizing as a 12-member group and the integration of the two units, TREASURE and MAGNUM, into only one group named simply as TREASURE.

On May 21, YG Entertainment officially announced that Bang Ye Dam’s solo single will be released in June through a fan announcement. YG explained, “We’ve been preparing Bang Ye Dam’s solo music before TREASURE was formed” and added, “We’ve decided that it would be a good decision to release a song that was completed in June, prior to TREASURE’s debut, as a surprise gift for the fans”.[2] On May 27, the first promotional photo for the song was revealed through YG Enterteinment's social networks. In the photo, Yedam presented sentimental vibes. Him staring at somewhere with an expressionless face passed on lonely emotions to the viewers, raising curiosities on the song.[3]

On May 28 it was announced that the single would be called "Wayo" along with a second promotional photo posted on YG Enterteinment's social networks.[4]

He officially debuted as a member of TREASURE on August 7 with the group's first single album "The First Step : Chapter One".

Personal life


On February 5, 2021, Ye Dam graduated from the School of Performing Arts Seoul's department of practical music.[5]

On May 27, 2022, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE will temporarily promote with 10 members as Bang Ye Dam wishes to focus on studying music for the time being in order to improve his potential as a producer and Mashiho is currently resting in Japan.[6]


Digital singles

Producing and writing credits

Artist Song Album Credit
TREASURE "Darari"[7] The Second Step : Chapter One Writing
Kang Seung Yoon "Born to Love You"


Reality shows

Variety shows

  • Winner TV (Mnet, 2014) - episode 8

Web shows

Web reality shows

  • Treasure - T.M.I (YouTube, 2020)
  • Treasure Map (YouTube, 2020)


  • His MBTI personality type is INFP.[8]
  • His nicknames Dami and Yedami.[9]
  • He can speak Korean and a bit of English.[9]
  • He composes songs with Doyoung and says that Doyoung is his best partner.[9]
  • His attractive point is that he’s goofy and has a great voice.[9]
  • His 3 phrases to describe himself are “17 years old”, “Searched 2000 times”, and “Magically sweet voice”.[9]
  • He performed Pay Me Rent for his introduction video.[9]


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