BOYS24 (소년24) was a pre-debut survival group created by CJ E&M through the survival show of the same name. The final lineup consists of 8 members, upon announcing the winners during the final stage. The final lineup debuted on October 26, 2017, under the name IN2IT.


Final Lineup


  • Hwayoung
  • Doha
  • Louoon
  • Jinkyu
  • Seonghwan
  • Jinseok
  • Jihyeong
  • Chani
  • Jaehyun
  • Minhwan
  • Haejoon
  • Hongin
  • Yongkwon
  • Jaemin
  • Yonghyun
  • Woojin
  • Changmin
  • San
  • Hocheol
  • Sungho - Withdrew from final lineup.

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