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Who are we? B.I.G! Hello, we are B.I.G!
(Who are we? B.I.G! 안녕하세요, B.I.G입니다!)


B.I.G (비아이지) is a four-member boy group under GH Entertainment. They debuted as five on July 9, 2014 with their first single "Hello".

Their name is an acronym for "Boys In Groove".


2014: Debut with "Hello", "Are You Ready?", and "Last Christmas"

2015: "Between Night n Music" and "Big Transformer"

2016: Aphrodite

2017: "B.I.G Rebirth", "Hello Hello", and The Unit

On February 1, 2017, it was revealed that B.I.G was preparing for a single to be released on February 13.[1] On the same day, GH Entertainment announced that Minpyo would be going on a temporary hiatus due to health issues and would be unable to participate in the comeback.[2] On February 13, the group officially made their comeback with the single "B.I.G Rebirth" and the song title "1.2.3".[3]

On April 20, they teased their Asia Tour titled The B.I.Ginning, which would begin in Seoul.[4]

On May 23, B.I.G came back as a five-member group with the sixth single album "Hello Hello".[5]

On September 8, the line up for the 2017 Dream Concert In Pyeongchang was revealed with B.I.G being one of the artists performing. They later performed at the concert on November 4.[6]

2018: First sub-unit

On February 26, Gunmin and Heedo thanked VIXX's Ravi for helping them record a song for their sub-unit.[7] They then made their debut in the first sub-unit Gunmin X Heedo on April 26 with the single "Don't Worry".

2019: Addition of Jinseok and "Illusion"

At a fan sign in January 2019, it was announced that Jinseok would be joining the group as a new member.[8] They would then promote as a five-member group until J-Hoon's return from the military.

On June 26, B.I.G was invited to the Blue House to meet Muhammad bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. They then performed for the people present at the meeting.[9]

On November 4, they released their seventh single album "Illusion". The single marked Jinseok's official debut.[10]

2020: Benji's departure

On October 1, 2020, Benji revealed on his personal SNS that he would be leaving the group. He mentioned that he did not renewed his contract with the company as he wanted to pursue his solo activities.[11]

2021: Minpyo's departure and "Flashback"

On March 31, 2021, it was announced that Minpyo had decided not to renew his contract with the company. The group was to continue as a four-member group with J-Hoon, Gunmin, Heedo, and Jinseok.[12]

On November 14, 2021, B.I.G released a teaser for their upcoming comeback "Mr. Big : Flashback", set to be released on November 23.[13]


Name Position(s) Years active
J-Hoon (제이훈) Vocalist 2014–present
Gunmin (건민) Leader, Vocalist 2014–present
Heedo (희도) Rapper 2014–present
Jinseok (진석)[8] Vocalist, Maknae 2019–present
Benji (벤지) Vocalist 2014–2020[11]
Minpyo (민표) Rapper 2014–2021



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Single albums

Digital singles


  • "Moorim School OST" ("Hey Girl") (2016)


  • The B.I.Ginning (2021)



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