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Amaru (Korean: 아마루; Japanese: アマル) is a Japanese singer under JYP Entertainment. He is a member of the pre-debut boy group JYPE LOUD.


2021: LOUD

On May 20, he was revealed as a contestant for SBS's audition show LOUD.[1] During the tenth episode, which was aired on August 7, he received the casting offer from both P Nation and JYP Entertainment, but ended up accepting the casting offer from JYP Entertainment.[2] In the final round he and the 4 members of Team JYP won the online vote, thus automatically being announced as part of the group.


Other releases


Reality shows

  • LOUD (SBS, 2021) - contestant


  • His MBTI personality type is ENFP.[3]
  • He used to be a YG Japan trainee and trained with Treasure’s Japanese members. A clip of him dancing with the other YG Japan trainees was shown on YG Treasure Box.[4]
  • His mom is a 2PM fan, his pictures as a child attending 2PM concerts in Japan were shown on Loud.[4]
  • His TMI is that he freezes/forgets after walking 3 steps. It is a Japanese proverb pertaining to people who are forgetful since chickens forget after 3 steps. It also fits him since he was born in the year of the chicken.[4]
  • He participated in choreographing on the show.[4]
  • He describes himself as someone who is a hard-working fool.[4]
  • His favorite food is sushi.[4]