Be MY æ! Hello, we are aespa!


aespa (에스파; also stylized as æspa) is a four-member girl group under SM Entertainment. They debuted on November 17, 2020 with the digital single "Black Mamba".

Their name is a combination of "æ", which means 'Avatar X Experience', and "aspect", which means double-sided. Together it means that you would being able to experience a new world through another avatar of yourself.[1]


2020: Debut with "Black Mamba", fandom name

On October 26, 2020, an intro video was released on aespa's social media announcing the name and logo.[2] Later that day, it was announced that SM would be debuting a new girl group in November.[3][1] The next day, the group's first member, Winter, was officially revealed.[4][5] On October 28, the second member, Karina, was revealed.[6][7] The same day, a video shown during a press conference featuring Lee Soo-Man revealed the group will have four members, including Giselle and Ningning.[8] On October 29, Ningning was officially revealed as the group's third member.[9][10] On October 30, Giselle was revealed as the group's fourth and final member.[11][12]

On November 2, it was announced the group will debut on November 17 with the digital single "Black Mamba".[3][13][14]

On November 17, on their debut day, the group's fanclub name was announced to be "MY (마이)" which is the word used to mean "the most precious friend" in KWANGYA where aespa's avatar æ lives.[15]


Name Avatar Symbol[16] Animal[16] Position(s)[17] Year(s) active
Karina (카리나) æ-Karina Heart Whale Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Center 2020–present
Giselle (지젤) æ-Giselle Moon Unicorn Main Rapper, Vocalist 2020–present
Winter (윈터) æ-Winter Star Siberian Husky Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual 2020–present
Ningning (닝닝) æ-Ningning Butterfly Tiger Main Vocalist, Maknae 2020–present


Digital singles


  • Each member has a digital version of themselves, referred to as avatars.[18]
  • "Black Mamba" has a dictionary, in which you won't get the song without.
SYNK the connection between the members and their avatars (an app)
REKALL the time the members spend with their avatars
FLAT the place where the members could co-exist with their avatars
NAVIS the guide/system that connects the girls and avatars
KWANGYA the place where avatars live
BLACK MAMBA the virus or villain that disconnect the connection between members and avatars





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