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ARTMS (아르테미스) is a five-member girl group under MODHAUS. They made their debut on May 31, 2024 with their first album <Dall>.

Their name derives from "Artemis", an ancient Greek goddess often associated with the moon.


2023: Creation, "The Carol 3.0", "The Carol 3.0 (Eng Ver.)"[]

On March 17, it was announced that LOONA's HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry have signed exclusive contracts with MODHAUS, the record label founded by their former director Jaden Jeong.[2] In an interview with NME, Jaden Jeong stated the members were already working on new music with Jeong working closely with JinSoul to develop her A&R skills. The action and activities for the four would be referred as the "Artemis Strategy", named after the Greek goddess of the moon. However, Jeong emphasized that it is not a new group name. It was also stated that he is open to the idea of reviving the scrapped album, LOONA the Ballad (La Maison LOONA).[3]

On April 1, it was revealed that they would be taking part in MODHAUS' strategy project ARTMS.[4]

On June 15, MODHAUS announced the return of ODD EYE CIRCLE through their ARTMS project.[5] On June 19, it was reported that the unit will be coming back in mid-July.[6] On June 27, it was announced that they would be coming back on July 12 with the mini album <Version Up>.[5]

On June 20, HaSeul was revealed to have signed with MODHAUS and joined the ARTMS strategy project.[7]

On November 22, it was announced that they would release their first digital single "The Carol 3.0" on December 1.[8]

On December 8, ARTMS announced that they would be releasing the English version, "The Carol 3.0 (Eng Ver.)", on December 11.[9]

2024: Debut with <Dall>[]

Through the release of Heejin's album K on October 31, 2023, it was revealed that ARTMS will debut in early 2024 with the album <Dall>.[10] On February 29, 2024, it was announced that the full-length album will be released on May 31. Additionally, four pre-release singles will be released on March 29, April 11, April 25, and May 10, starting with "<Pre1 : Birth>".[11]


Name Position(s) Color Animal Year(s) active
English Korean Japanese
JinSoul 진솔 ジンソル Rapper, Vocalist      Blue 🐯 2023–present
HaSeul 하슬 ハスル Vocalist      Green 🦊 2023–present
Kim Lip 김립 キムリップ Vocalist, Dancer      Red 🦉 2023–present
HeeJin 희진 ヒジン Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper      Bright Pink 🐰 2023–present
Choerry 최리 チェリ Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae      Purple 🐿️ 2023–present



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  • The teaser photo shows 12 moons, four of them full, representing the members that will start this story.
  • The phrase "We rise together, back to the moon and beyond" lines up with NASA's ongoing lunar exploration program, which will also be attempting to explore the moon with four crewmembers. [12]
  • Their website, launched on April 1, plays an extended version of the audio from the "#" teaser released on the exact same day 4 years ago.






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