AQUA (아쿠아) is a six-member project girl group managed by KRAZY Entertainment. They debuted on November 17, 2018 with their first single "Log In".

Formed by gaming company Actoz Soft, they are described as Korea's first Esports girl group who will promote both as gamers and idols.[1]


Name Position(s)
Hyeonju (현주) Sub-Vocalist, Leader
Sua (수아) Main Rapper, Dancer
Haesol (해솔) Lead Vocalist
Seungji (승지) Lead Rapper
Sihyeon (시현) Sub-Vocalist, Dancer
Hyerim (혜림) Main Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae


Digital singles


  • Hyerim and Seungji are members of the duo Limesoda.
  • Sua and Sihyeon were former contestants on Produce 101.
  • Haesol was a former contestant on Produce 48.
  • Sihyeon and Hyeonju were former contestants on MIXNINE.
  • Hyeonju and Sua are members of the upcoming group OAHSIS.


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