AOA Black (AOA 블랙) is a subunit of the girl group AOA. They debuted on July 26, 2013 with the single "Moya". They also perform as the band-half of AOA in "Angels' Story" and "Wanna Be", notably having performed band versions of "Elvis" and "Get Out". Their debut song "Moya" was the first AOA song to reach No. 1 on music charts.[citation needed]


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Jimin (지민) Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Guitarist 2013
Yuna (유나) Lead Vocalist, Keyboardist 2013
Youkyung (유경) Drummer 2013[1]
Choa (초아) Main Vocalist, Guitarist 2013[2]
Mina (민아) Bassist, Vocalist 2013[3]




  1. Departed AOA in October 2016 but would continue to participate with the group's band releases as a guest member
  2. Departed AOA in June 2017
  3. Departed AOA in May 2019
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