ALLS-GIRL (올에스걸) was the tentative name for All-S Company's upcoming girl group. They were expected to debut sometime in 2019, however have been inactive on their SNS since June 2019 and presumably disbanded.


2018–2019: Pre-debut

On July 6, 2018, All-S Company announced that their upcoming boy group D-CRUNCH would pre-debut a special sub-unit called Geupsik-Dan, featuring Karam and Hyeon Shin (Yu Ha), with the digital single "Geupsik". The music video teaser was released the same day. The single was released on July 10.

On October 24, 2018, All-S Company introduced their first girl group, tentatively named ALLS-GIRL.[1] They are yet to be officially named and are looking for suggestions on group names and a concept they would like to be seen doing.

On February 28, 2019, due to reasons that have not been announced, Karam and Yu Ha departed the group and agency.[citation needed] Later on, member Seo Young left the group lineup and joined ANS Entertainment to debut in a new girl group called ANS.



Name Position(s) Years active
Ria (리아) N/A 2018–2019
Yeon Chae (연채) N/A 2018–2019
Yu Jin (유진) N/A 2018–2019
Karam (가람) N/A 2018–2019
Yu Ha (유하) N/A 2018–2019
Seo Young (서영) N/A 2018–2019


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