A.KOR (에이코어) was a three-member girl group under Doo Republic. They first debuted on July 25, 2014 as a trio unit with the single "Payday" and before making their official debut with five-members on September 5, 2014 with the single "But Go."

In June 2015, they debuted its first sub-unit A.KOR Black consisting of members Min Ju and Kemy.

They presumably disbanded in 2017 due to inactivity.


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Ji Young (지영) Leader, Main vocals Jul. 2014–2017
Min Ju (민주) Rap Jul. 2014–2017
Kemy (케미) Main rap Jul. 2014–2017
Da Ya (다야) Lead vocals Sept. 2014–2016
Tae Hee (태희) Vocals Sept. 2014–2016



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