365 Practice (365일 매일) is a female trainee group under RBW. Part of the agency's RBW-I trainee program, 365 Practice originally began as a YouTube channel to highlight a number of RBW's trainees and therefore a rotating line up of trainees can be viewed on their official channel. It morphed into a channel to promote their upcoming, as yet unnamed, 6 member girl group.


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Lee Ye Sol (이예솔; Yesol) Vocal, dance 2018–present
Park Ji Eun (박지은; Jieun) Vocal 2018–present
Na Go Eun (나고은; Goeun) Vocal 2018–present
Jang Eun Seong (장은성; Eunseong) Vocal, dance, rap 2018–present
Mori Koyuki (もうりこゆき; Yuki) 2018–present
Park Su Jin (박수진; Sujin) Vocal 2018–present
Former (pre-debut)
Kim Young Seo (김영서) 2018
Kim Sung Eun (김성은) 2018
Jung Do Hae (정도해) 2018
Mo Mo (모모) 2018
Seo Ji Heun (서지흔) 2018



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