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24kumi (Japanese: 24組) is an upcoming trainee group under HYBE Labels Japan. Their debut date is currently unknown.



Hikaru and Gaku were contestants on HYBE Labels Japan's survival show &AUDITION - The Howling - but did not make the final debut lineup. Through videos uploaded to HYBE LABELS+ youtube channel it was revealed that Gaku and Hikaru were in the final stages for preparing to debut in a future group.[1][2]

On September 24, 2023, HYPE Labels Japan announced their upcoming boy group through the opening of their social media accounts on various platforms,[3] revealing the first three members, Gaku and Hikaru,[4] followed by Kyosuke.[5]

On October 12, It was announced that Hikaru would be changing his stage name to Haku.[6]

On October 24, the members Kaiji and Reo were revealed through Twitter.[7][8]

On November 24, Ruka was revealed as a member.[9]

On December 24, Shin and Yuju were revealed as members.[10][11]


Name Nationality Position(s) Year(s) active
English Korean Japanese
Yuju 유주 ユウジュ Japanese N/A 2023-present
Shin シン Japanese N/A 2023-present
Ruka 루카 ルカ Japanese N/A 2023-present
Gaku 가쿠 ガク Japanese N/A 2023–present
Haku 하쿠 ハク Japanese N/A 2023–present
Kyosuke 쿄스케 キョウスケ Japanese N/A 2023–present
Kaiji 카이지 カイジ Japanese N/A 2023-present
Reo 레오 レオ Japanese Maknae 2023-present




  • Gaku and Haku are former &AUDITION - The Howling - contestants.
  • Yuju is a former member of the Jpop boy group VOYZ BOY. He graduated from the group on November 30, 2021.


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