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1TYM (원타임) is a four-member hip hop group under YG Entertainment. They made their debut on November 1, 1998 with the studio album One Time For Your Mind. They have been on an indefinite hiatus since January 2006.

Their name stands for '1 Time for Your Mind'


Name Position(s) Years active
Oh Jin Hwan (오진환) Rapper, Dancer 1998-2006
Teddy (테디) Leader, Rapper 1998-2006
Song Baek Kyung (송백경) Rapper 1998-2006
Danny (대니) Vocalist, Maknae 1998-2006


Studio albums

  • One Time For Your Mind (1998)
  • 2nd Round (2000)
  • Third Time Fo' Yo' Mind!! (2001)
  • Once N 4 All (2003)
  • One Way (2005)

Participation releases

  • YG Family - Famillenium ("돈돈돈-Cash It") (1999)
  • YG Family - YG 10th Anniversary (2006)
  • Various Artists - 으랏차차 대한민국 (본격! 응원가 모음집) ("쾌지나 칭칭") (2014)


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