015B (공일오비) is a male producer duo under their own label, THE105B. They originally debuted in 1990 as a four-member band.

Following the release of their sixth album, The Sixth Sense - Farewell to the World, 015B disbanded to focus on solo activities in 1996. However in 2006, 015B reformed as a duo consisting of the two brothers.


Name Position(s) Year(s) active
Jang Ho Il (장호일) 1990–1996, 2006–present
Jung Suk Won (정석원) 1990–1996, 2006–present
Cho Hyung Gon (조형곤) 1990–1996
Cho Hyun Chan (조현찬) 1990–1996


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  • "처음만 힘들지" (2008)
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