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One! Two! We Link! Hello, we are &TEAM!
(One! Two! We Link! こんにちは &TEAMです!)
(One! Two! We Link! 안녕하세요 &TEAM입니다!)


&TEAM (Korean: 앤팀; Japanese: アンドチーム) is a nine-member multinational boy group under HYBE Labels Japan. Formed through the reality show &AUDITION - The Howling -, they made their debut on December 7, 2022 with the mini album First Howling : ME.


2021: HYBE LABELS JAPAN Global Debut Project[]

HYBE Labels Japan boy group profile photo (January 1, 2021)

Profile photo as Big Hit Japan Global Debut Project (January 2021)

On January 1, 2021, HYBE Labels Japan announced its "Big Hit Japan Global Debut Project" (later renamed as "HYBE LABELS JAPAN Global Debut Project") to produce artists who will make their start in Japan before going on to perform on the world stage. It was announced that I-LAND contestants K, Nicholas, EJ, Kyungmin and TAKI would be part of the project with auditions to be held for additional members before the group debuts sometime in 2021 (later revised to 2022).[2][3]

On April 26, 2021, K and EJ made a cameo on labelmate and senior group ENHYPEN music video for "Drunk-Dazed" as the mysterious werewolfs.

&AUDITION Boys group profile photo (November 4, 2021)

Profile photo as &AUDITION Boys (November 2021)

However, on May 31, 2021, it was announced by HYBE Labels Japan that Kyungmin would depart from company after discussing and realizing there were differences in the directions being sought.[4]

On November 4, 2021, HYBE Japan announced that the audition show &AUDITION - The Howling - would be broadcast in Japan and streamed worldwide on YouTube in 2022 with K, Nicholas, EJ, and TAKI to make an appearance on the show. An official Twitter account for the four members (under the name "&AUDITION Boys") also launched on the same day.[5][6] On March 9, 2022, it was confirmed that the show would be airing on July 2022 through Nippon TV, Hulu and Hybe Label's YouTube channel.[7]

2022: &AUDITION - The Howling -, Debut with First Howling : ME[]

&TEAM First Howling ME group concept photo (Isolated ver

Concept for First Howling : ME

&AUDITION - The Howling - premiered on July 9, 2022 and the contestants who ranked in the top five (along with K, Nicholas, EJ and TAKI) would debut in the group.[8] The finale aired on September 3, 2022 where their final nine-member lineup was announced. It was also revealed the group would be called &TEAM and will make their debut on December 7, 2022.[9] On September 26, their fandom name was then announced to be LUNÉ.[1]

On November 11, a trailer was released for their debut mini album First Howling : ME.[10]

2023: First fanmeeting, "W.O.L.F. (Win Or Lose Fight)", "Blind Love" and First Howling : WE, First Howling : NOW[]

&TEAM 2023 &TEAM FANTOUR LUNÉ MARE promo photo

Poster for 2023 &TEAM Fantour Luné Mare : Tsuki-Nami

On March 2, it was announced the group will hold their first ever Japanese fanmeeting tour, titled 2023 &TEAM Fantour Luné Mare : Tsuki-Nami, from May 27 to June 16.[11]

On March 2, it was announced the group will release an official soundtrack for their original story Dark Moon: The Grey City sung by EJ, K, Nicholas and TAKI.[12] The song is titled "W.O.L.F. (Win Or Lose Fight)" and will be released on March 16.[13]

On April 5, 2023, the group hinted at an upcoming release.[14] On April 6, it was announced that &TEAM will release their second mini album on June 14.[15]

On April 21, it was announced that &TEAM would be singing "Blind Love", the theme song of the NTV's drama Dr. Chocolate that will premiere on April 22.[16] The song was released on May 7.[17]

On May 2, a teaser was released for their second mini album First Howling : WE, set to be released on June 14.[18] The comeback is set to promote in South Korea for three weeks through various activities, including TV music programs and online variety shows.[19]

&TEAM First Howling NOW group concept photo (Startline ver

Poster for First Howling : NOW

On July 31, it was announced that &TEAM will hold their first anniversary event, titled &TEAM 1st Anniversary [縁 Day], on September 3 in Japan.[20] On August 6, it was announced that will also be hold in Seoul on September 9.[21]

On September 3, &TEAM announced that they will release their first full-length album in November 2023.[22] On October 11, a teaser was released for their first full-length album First Howling : NOW, set to be released on November 15.[23]

2024: "Samidare", "Aoarashi"[]

On March 12, &TEAM announced that they will be releasing their first single on May 8.[24] On April 6, the title of their first single was revealed to be "Samidare".[25]

On June 14, &TEAM announced that they will be releasing their second single "Aoarashi" on August 7.[26]


Name Nationality Position(s)[27] Year(s) active
English Korean Japanese
K 케이 ケイ Japanese Performance Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist 2021–present
Fuma 후마 フウマ Japanese Sub-Leader, Vocalist 2022–present
Nicholas 니콜라스 ニコラス Taiwanese Rapper, Vocalist 2021–present
EJ 의주 ウィジュ Korean Leader, Vocalist, Rapper 2021–present
Yuma 유마 ユウマ Japanese Main Vocalist, Rapper 2022–present
Jo ジョウ Japanese Vocalist, Visual 2022–present
Harua 하루아 ハルア Japanese Vocalist, Visual 2022–present
TAKI 타키 タキ Japanese Vocalist 2021–present
Maki 마키 マキ Japanese-German Main Vocalist, Maknae 2022–present
Kyungmin 경민 ギョンミン Korean N/A 2021


Studio albums[]

Mini albums[]

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Digital singles[]




  • 2024 &TEAM Concert Tour 'First Paw Print' (2024)
  • 2024 &TEAM Concert Tour 'Second to None' (2024)

Concert participation[]


Fan concerts[]

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Variety shows[]


Web novels[]

  • Dark Moon: The Grey City (2022–present)[n 2]


  • Dark Moon: The Grey City (2022–present)[n 2]


  • &TEAM Memories : Our First Link (2024)


On April 10, 2023, Torriden, a skincare brand, announced that they have selected &TEAM as their advertising models.[33]

  • Torriden (Japan) (2023)


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